Meister-Schule der alten Zeit (Moffat, Alfred)

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General Information

Work Title Meister-Schule der alten Zeit
Alternative Title Sammlung klassischer Violin (Violoncell)-Sonaten berühmter Componisten des 17ten und 18ten Jahrhunderts
Composer Moffat, Alfred
Movements/Sections 30 pieces
1. Purcell: Sonate in G minor
2. Händel, Georg Friedrich, Sonate in A major
3. Veracini, Francesco Maria, Sonate (Dm.)
4. Leclair, Jean Marie, Sonate (D)
5. Mossi, Giovanni, Sonate (Cm.)
6. Francoeur, François, Sonate (Em.)
7. Locatelli, Pietro, Sonate (G)
8. Melande, Georgio, Sonate (Am.)
9. Aubert, Louis, Sonate (G)
10. Vivaldi, Antonio, Sonate (Gm.)
11. Tessarini, Carlo, Sonate (C)
12. Jones, Richard, Sonate (Am.)
13. Corelli: Sonate in E minor
14. Nardini, Pietro, Sonate (D).
15. Porpora, Niccola, Sonate (Gm.)
16. Somis, Lorenzo, Sonate (G)
17. Valentine, Robert, Sonate (Am.)
18. Tartini, Giuseppe, Sonate (A)
19. Barbella, Emanuele, Sonate (Gm.)
20. Senaillé, Jean Baptiste, Sonate (G)
21. Loeillet, Jean Baptiste, Sonate (Em.)
22. Benda, Franz, Sonate (A).
23. Geminiani, Francesco, Sonate (Hm.)
24. Mascitti, Michele, Sonate (A)
25. Nardini, Pietro, Sonate (D)
26. Senaillé Sonate (D)
27. Porpora, Niccola Sonate(D)
28. Abaco Sonate (A)
29. Giardini, Felice, Sonata (Em.)
30. Senaillé Sonate (Gm.)
For Cello
1 Sonata in G: Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)
2 Sonata in Am: Jean Pierre Duport (1741-1818)
3 Sonata in Em: Joh. Adan Birkenstock (1687-1733)
4 Sonata in G: Jean Baptiste Breval (1756-1825)
5 Sonata in F: Johann Ernst Galliard (1687-1749)
6 Sonata in Cm: Stefano Galeotti (1745- )
7 Sonata in F: Henry Eccles (1670-1742)
8 Sonata in F: Wilhelm de Fesch (1695-1758)
9 Sonata in Am: Caix d'Hervelois, Louis de
10 Sonata in G: G. B. Cervetto (1682-1783)
11 Sonata in Dm: Andrea Caporale ( - 1746)
12 Sonata in A: Gasparo Visconti
13 Sonata in D Jean Barrière (ca.1725)
14 Sonata Ab; Giuseppe Valentini (1660- )
15 Sonate in Dm Stefano Galeotti (1725-)
16 Sonata in G La Chasse: Alex. Canavasso (ca.1725)
17 Sonata in Am: Joh. Ernst Galliard (1687-1749)
18 Sonata in C "La Sampogna": Giuseppe Dall'Abaco (1710-1805)
First Publication 1899
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation violin piano, cello piano

Misc. Comments

Violin first 24 items Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1899), p.149
pub Berlin, Simrock.
Cello started 1904
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