List of works by Gabriel Fauré

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Opus# Year Genre Title Notes
Op.1 songs 2 Mélodies
  1. Le Papillon et la Fleur (1860/1869)
  2. Mai (1871)
Op.2 songs 2 Mélodies
  1. Dans les ruines d’une Abbaye (1869)
  2. Les Matelots (1876)
Op.3 songs 2 Mélodies
  1. Seule (1871)
  2. Sérénade Toscane (1879)
Op.4 songs 2 Mélodies
  1. Chanson du pêcheur. Lamento.
  2. Lydia (1871)
Op.5 songs 3 Mélodies
  1. Chant d’automne (1879)
  2. Rêve d’Amour (1875)
  3. L’Absent (1871)
Op.6 songs 3 Mélodies
  1. Aubade
  2. Tristesse (1876)
  3. Sylvie
Op.7 1870-78 songs 3 Mélodies
  1. Après un rêve (Levati sol que la luna è levata)
  2. Hymne (1871)
  3. Barcarolle (1871)
Op.8 songs 3 Mélodies
  1. Au bord de l’eau (1871 ?)
  2. La Rançon
  3. Ici-bas!
Op.9 (not used)
Op.10 songs-duets 2 Duos
  1. Puisque ici-bas... (1874)
  2. Tarantelle (1874)
for 2 sopranos or soprano and tenor
Op.11 1865 choral Cantique de Jean Racine (1863-64), pour chœur mixte et piano ou orgue
Op.12 choral Les Djinns for Mixed Chorus & Piano or Orchestra
Op.13 1875-76 chamber Violin Sonata No.1 in A Major
Op.14 1878-79 concerto Violin Concerto unfinished
Op.15 1876-79 chamber Piano Quartet No.1 in C minor
Op.16 1878-79 chamber Berceuse for Piano and Violin
Op.17 1863 piano 3 Romances sans paroles for Piano
Op.18 1878 songs 3 Songs
  1. Nell (de Lisle)
  2. Le voyageur (Silvestre)
  3. Automne (Silvestre)
Op.19 1881 concert piece Ballade for Piano & Orchestra. Piano Solo Version also
Op.20 1865-74 orchestra Symphonic Suite in F Major
Op.21 1878 songs Poème d'un jour Song Cycle
Op.22 1881 choral Le Ruisseau for 2-part Female Chorus & Piano
Op.23 1879 songs 3 Songs
  1. Les Berceaux (Prudhomme)
  2. Notre amour (Silvestre)
  3. Le Secret (Silvestre)
Op.24 1883 concert piece Elegie for Cello & Orchestra
Op.25 1881 piano Impromptu No.1 in Eb Major for Piano
Op.26 1881 piano Barcarolle No.1 in A minor for Piano
Op.27 1882 songs 2 Melodies
  1. Chanson d'amour (Silvestre)
  2. La feé aux chansons (Silvestre)
Op.28 1877 chamber Romance for Violin & Piano
Op.29 1882 choral La Naissance de Vénus
Op.30 1882 piano Valse-Caprice No.1 in A Major for Piano
Op.31 1883 piano Impromptu No.2 in F minor for Piano
Op.32 1875 piano Mazurka in Bb Major for Piano
Op.33 1875-83 piano 3 Nocturnes
  1. in Eb minor (1875)
  2. in B Major (1881)
  3. in Ab Major (1883)
for Piano
Op.34 1883 piano Impromptu No.3 in Ab Major for Piano
Op.35 1883 choral Madigral quartet with piano
Op.36 1884 piano Nocturne No.4 in Eb Major for Piano
Op.37 1884 piano Nocturne No.5 in Bb Major for Piano
Op.38 1884 piano Valse-Caprice No.2 in Db Major for Piano
Op.39 1884 songs 4 Songs
  1. Aurore (Silvestre)
  2. Fleur jetée (Silvestre)
  3. Le pays des reves (Silvestre)
  4. Les roses d'Ispahan (de Lisle)||
Op.40 1884 orchestra Symphony in D minor MS destroyed; material re-used in Op.108 and Op.109
Op.41 1885 piano Barcarolle No.2 in G Major for Piano
Op.42 1885 piano Barcarolle No.3 in Gb Major for Piano
Op.43 1885-86 songs 2 Songs
  1. Noël (Wilder)
  2. Nocturne (de l'Isle-Adam)||
Op.44 1886 piano Barcarolle No.4 in Ab Major for Piano
Op.45 1885-86 chamber Piano Quartet No.2 in G minor
Op.46 1887 songs 2 Songs
  1. Les présents
  2. Clair de lune
Op.47 songs-duets 2 Songs
  1. O Salutaris
  2. Maria, Mater Gratiae (1887)
duets with organ or piano
Op.48 1877 choral Requiem in D minor
Op.49 1888 chamber Petite Piece in G Major for Cello & Piano, lost
Op.50 1887 orchestra Pavane in F# minor
Op.51 1888 songs 4 Songs
  1. Larmes (Richepin)
  2. Au cimetière (Richepin)
  3. Spleen (Verlaine)
  4. La Rose (de Lisle)
Op.52 1888 choral-incidental music Caligula women's chorus, unison & a 2
Op.53 (not used)
Op.54 1890 Choral-motet Ecce Fidelis Servus motet for STB
Op.55 1890 choral-motet Tantum Ergo Tenor solo, chorus, organ & harp
Op.56 1894-97 piano 4 hands Dolly Suite for Piano Four-Hands
Op.57 1889 incidental music Shylock Suite songs excerpted
Op.58 1891 songs Chansons de Venise Song Cycle
Op.59 1887-93 piano Valse-Caprice No.3 in Gb Major for Piano
Op.60 (not used) was used to refer to an early version of Op.89
Op.61 1892-94 songs La Bonne Chanson Song Cycle
Op.62 1893-94 piano Valse-Caprice No.4 in Ab Major for Piano
Op.63 1894 piano Nocturne No.6 in Db Major for Piano
Op.64 1890-94 chamber Piano Quintet No.1 in D minor revised as Op.89
Op.65 1894 choral-motets 2 Offertories, Op.65
  1. Ave verum
  2. Tantum ergo
Op.66 1894 piano Barcarolle No.5 in F# minor
Op.67 1894-95 songs 2 Songs, Op.67
  1. Salve Regina
  2. Ave Maria
Op.68 1895 piano 4 hands Allegro Symphonique for Piano Four-Hands
Op.69 1894 chamber Romance in A Major for Cello & Piano
Op.70 1895 piano Barcarolle No.6 in Eb Major for Piano
Op.71 cello Papillon for Cello; solo version of Op.77?
Op.72 song-duet Pleurs d’or Soprano & baritone
Op.73 1895 piano Theme & Variations for Piano
Op.74 1897 piano Nocturne No.7 in C# minor for Piano
Op.75 1897 chamber Andante for Violin & Piano
Op.76 1897 songs 2 Songs
  1. Le parfum impérissable (de Lisle)
  2. Arpège (Saiman)
Op.77 1894 chamber Papillon for Cello & Piano; cello and piano version of Op.71?
Op.78 1898 chamber Sicilienne for Cello & Piano
Op.79 1898 chamber Fantaisie for Flute and Piano
Op.80 1898 orchestra Pelléas et Mélisande
Op.81 (not used?)
Op.82 1900 incidental music Prométhée chorus soloists & orch
Op.83 1894 songs 2 Songs
  1. Prison (Verlaine)
  2. Soir (Saiman)
Op.84 1869-1902 Piano 8 Pièces brèves
  1. Capriccio
  2. Fantaisie
  3. Fugue
  4. Adagietto
  5. Improvisation
  6. Fugue
  7. Allegresse
  8. Nocturne
Op.85 1902 songs 3 Melodies
  1. Dans le forêt de Septembre (Mendès)
  2. La fleur qui va sur l'eau (Mendès)
  3. Accompagnement (Samain)
Op.86 piano Impromptu No.6 in Db Major for Piano
Op.87 1904 songs 2 Songs
  1. Le plus doux chemin
  2. Le ramier
Op.88 1901 orchestra Le Voile du Bonheur
Op.89 1890-94 chamber Piano Quintet No.1 in D minor revised version of Op.64
Op.90 1905 piano Barcarolle No.7 in D minor for Piano
Op.91 1905 piano Impromptu No.4 in Db Major for Piano
Op.92 1906 song Le Don Silencieux
Op.93 1906 song-duet Ave Maria arr. of opus 67 for 2 Sopranos and Organ
Op.94 1906 song Chanson ("Que me fait toute la terre")
Op.95 1906-10 songs La Chanson d'Ève Song Cycle
Op.96 1906 piano Barcarolle No.8 in Db Major for Piano
Op.97 1908 piano Nocturne No.9 in B minor for Piano
Op.98 1908 chamber Sérénade for Cello and Piano
Op.99 1908 piano Nocturne No.10 in E minor for Piano
Op.100 (not used)
Op.101 1908-09 piano Barcarolle No.9 in A minor for Piano
Op.102 1909 piano Impromptu No.5 in F# minor for Piano
Op.103 1909-10 piano 9 Preludes for Piano
Op.104 1913 Piano 2 Pieces
  1. Nocturne No.11 in F# minor
  2. Barcarolle No.10 in A minor
Op.105 1913-15 piano Barcarolle No.11 in G minor
Op.106 1914 songs Le Jardin Clos Song Cycle
Op.106bis 1913-15 piano Barcarolle No.12 in Eb Major
Op.107 1915 piano Nocturne No.12 in E minor for Piano
Op.108 1916-7 chamber Violin Sonata No.2 in E minor
Op.109 1917 chamber Cello Sonata No.1 in D minor
Op.110 1918 harp Une châtelaine en sa tour for harp
Op.111 concert piece Fantaisie in G for Piano and Orchestra
Op.112 orchestra Masques et Bergamasques
Op.113 1919 songs Mirages Song Cycle
Op.114 1919 song C'est la paix!
Op.115 1919-21 chamber Piano Quintet No.2 in C minor
Op.116 1921 piano Barcarolle No.13 in C Major for Piano
Op.117 1921 chamber Cello Sonata No.2 in G minor
Op.118 1921 songs L'Horizon chimérique Song Cycle
Op.119 1921 piano Nocturne No.13 in B minor for Piano
Op.120 1922-23 chamber Piano Trio in D minor
Op.121 1923-24 chamber String Quartet in E minor
(none) 1870 ca. song L'aurore s'allume
(none) 1871 choral-motet Ave Maria
(none) 1880 ca. Benedictus
(none) 1927 piano Cadenza for Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.3, Op.37
(none) 1902 piano Cadenza for Mozart's Piano Concerto K.491
(op.117) 1921 funeral music Chant Funéraire military band. for celebrate the centenary of the death of Napoleon I. original of 2nd movement in cello sonata No.2 op.117
(none) 1890 song En prière
(none) 1894 choral-unison Hymne à Apollon harmonization for harp of the 2c Delphic hymn
(none) 1888 choral-unison Il est né le divin enfant harmonization for organ of the carol
(none) 1907 choral Messe basse women's vv & org; 2nd version of Messe des pêcheurs de Villerville
(none) 1881 choral Messe des pêcheurs de Villerville women's vv, harmonium, & violin or women's vv, harmonium, violin, & orchestra; 1st version of Messe basse
(none) chamber Morceau de concours for Flute and Piano
(none) 1890 song Noël d’enfants
(none) 1913 opera Pénélope
(none) chamber Pièce melody instrument & piano
(none) 1862 song Puisque j’ai mis ma lèvre
(none) choral Salve Regina
(none) 1893 song Sérénade du Bourgeois gentilhomme
(none) 1888 piano 4 hands Souvenirs de Bayreuth
(none) 1904 choral-motet Tantum ergo sacramentum
(none) 1865 ca. song Tristesse d’Olympio
(none) 1872 choral-motet Tu es petrus
(none) 1906 song Vocalise-étude
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