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Typical cover (ca.1880)
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In 1881 the violinist and composer Franz Ries (1846–1932) founded, together with the publisher Hermann Erler (1844–1918), the music publishing house 'Ries & Erler' in Berlin. After Erler’s death Franz Ries continued the business alone, and proceeded to take over smaller publishers such as Jatho, Sulzer and Hermann Löffler. In 1924 he gave the management to his son Robert. From 1942 on the latter's two daughters, Waltraud and Ingrid, became proprietors of the publishing house.

During World War II the home of the company in Berlin was destroyed, but it was reconstructed again in the following years. After Waltraud Ries's death Ingrid Meurer continued with the business. In 1997 her son Andreas took over the publishing house. Today the company's focus is among others on contemporary music.

(A note on founding: there are several sources which say of this or that score, "Published by Robert Seitz (date before 1881) (later Ries & Erler)", etc. at least strongly suggesting that Seitz's catalog was purchased by Ries and Erler when they began their joint concern or sometime in that vicinity; it would be interesting to know the details.)


  • Recently: Editions of symphonies and other works, including a number of Complete Works series - including the complete works of Wilhelm Furtwängler, Ferdinand Ries, and others. Quite a few perhaps notable gesamtausgabe(n) on the Ries & Erler imprint/from their publishing house in the last few decades- worth listing here?...

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Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
00100 Jungmann Suite for Flute, Violin and Viola, Op.21 1871
00242–43 Hofmann Cello Concerto, Op.31 (cello pt & pf red) 1875
01024 Brüll 3 Piano Pieces, Op.28 (1882)
01083 Huber Violin Sonata No.1, Op.18 1877
01896 Wilm 18 Russian Folk Songs, Op.15 (books 5 and 6) 1882
02047 Chopin Piano Concerto No.1, Op.11 (arr. piano solo by Tausig) (1885)
02542 Paderewski Tatra Album, Op.12 (1888)
02650 Bernard Violin Concerto, Op.29 (New edition, vn/pf) (1885)
04077 Wilm 2 Charakterstücke, Op.60 (No.1) 1887
04765 Ashton Suite, Op.50 1892?
05162 Raff Aus Thüringen, WoO.45 1893
05445 Stavenhagen Piano Concerto No.1, Op.4 1894
06186 Moszkowski 6 Piano Pieces, Op.56 1896
07210 Hausegger Dionysische Phantasie 1902
07708 Rössler Fantasy 1905
07877 Pfitzner Das Käthchen von Heilbronn, Op.17 (overture, full score) 1905
07993 Pfitzner Das Christ-Elflein, Op.20 (overture, arr. piano solo) 1906
08014 Hadley Salome, Op.55 1906
08155 Taubert Suite No.2, Op.70 1908
08178 Rössler Passacaglia 1908
08581 Schumann Lebensfreude, Op.54 (1911)
08683 Braunfels Carnevals-Ouverture, Op.22 1912
08686 Braunfels Lyrischer Kreis, Op.16 (f.s.) 1912
08764 Lévy, Henriot Violin Sonata, Op.6 (score) [1913]
08808-8811 Langgaard Blumenvignetten 1913
08853 Fiedler Lustspiel Overture, Op.11 1914
09561 Ries La capricciosa (sc&pt) 1925
10209 Faltis Lieder fernen Gedenkens, Op. post. (1939)
24037 Genzmer Little Symphony (f.s.) 1995
51162 Furtwängler Complete Works, Series 1, Bd.6 (early orch. wks. Ed. Albrecht) 2006

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