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The company was founded by Max Brockhaus (1867-1957) in 1893. Early that year, he acquired the catalogs of Hermann Brockhaus Haesse, Edward Wedl, and part of the catalog of Joseph Roth. Several operas have been added to his catalog, including Der arme Heinrich. In 1976 the company was merged with the Bonn publisher, Joachim von Roebel (1945-2004). In 2006 there was a major revision to the company that resulted in several reprints of public domain works.



  • Max Brockhaus Musikverlag

Plate Numbers

M.B ###. Some works, presumably taken over from Edward Wedl are marked E.W.W.N.##, as here.

Plate Composer Work Year
M.B.001 Brüll Serenade No.3, Op.67 (arr. piano 4 hands) 1893
M.B.138 Pistl Praktischer Lehrgang für den Unterricht im Orgelspiel 1894
M.B.256-258 Brüll 3 Duets, Op.74 1895
M.B.271 Bach Trio Sonata in G major, Wq.157 (H 583) (arr. by Fuchs) 1896
M.B.285 Humperdinck Königskinder (act 3 intro for piano and harmonium arr. Lange) 1897
M.B.291 Humperdinck Albumblatt (various arr. by Hermann) 1896
M.B.309 Leoncavallo Sérénade 1898
M.B.353a Wagner Der Bärenhäuter, Op.1 (overture) 1899
M.B.393 Wagner Herzog Wildfang, Op.2 (Kermess-Walzer) 1901
M.B.416 Humperdinck Cradle Song 1901
M.B.434 Humperdinck Dornröschen (complete work) 1902
M.B.434 Humperdinck Dornröschen (excerpts) 1902
M.B.466 Humperdinck Die Heirat wider Willen 1905
M.B.468 Humperdinck Die Lerche 1912
M.B.520 Pfitzner An den Mond, Op.18 1906
M.B.558 Humperdinck Was ihr wollt (vocal score) 1908
M.B.576 Humperdinck Königskinder (vocal score) 1911
M.B.577a Humperdinck Königskinder (Zwei Orchesterstücke) 1910
M.B.589 Humperdinck Dornröschen (For 2 voices and piano) 1911
M.B.591 Humperdinck Königskinder (for piano arr. Rödelberger) 1911
M.B.598 Pfitzner Die Rose vom Liebesgarten (vocal score Wolfes ed.) 1901
M.B.600 Pfitzner String Quartet No.1, Op.13 (full score) 1903
M.B.610 Wagner Sonnenflammen, Op.8 (vocal score) 1913

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