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Here you can post scores that you are (or will be) scanning, to prevent redundancies.

  • Bassmajor
    • Otto Tiersch - "System und Methode der Harmonielehre" (1868, original print)
    • Otto Tiersch - "Kurze praktische Generalbass- Harmonie- und Modulationslehre" (1876, original print)
    • Otto Tiersch - "Kurzes praktisches Lehrbuch für Contrapunkt und Nachahmung" (1879, original print)
  • Coulonnus
    • A. de Cabezòn - Will retypeset some keyboard pieces from Spanish tablature.
    • George Onslow - Will retypeset some piano pieces.
  • Generoso
    • Servais - Grand Fantaisie Op.6 for cello and piano
  • Goldberg988
    • Medtner: Complete Works
    • Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2 (Parts)
    • Scriabin: Symphony No. 1
  • Homerdundas
    • (various) - Contemporary French Recital Pieces for flute Vol.1 & 2 (publisher: International)
    • (various) - Menuets Celébres (publisher: Litolff)
    • Crusell - Quatuor Op.8 in D
    • Dunhill - Friendship's Garland - Suite of Five Miniatures Op.97
    • Loeffler - Two Rhapsodies
    • Mozart - Opera full score: Don Giovanni - Breitkopf
    • Roussel - Divertissement Op.6
    • Reinecke - Sextet Op.271
    • Stamitz - Symphonias Op.9 (typesetting)
    • Telemann - Sonate in Hmoll Tafelmusik I Nr.5
  • Horndude77
    • Handel - The Messiah (Schirmer 1912 vocal score + piano accomp.)
  • Peter
    • Mozart - Symphonies transcribed for piano four hands (idem)
    • Mozart - Piano Sonatas (19the century Peters edition by Köhler & Ruthardt)
    • Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue (one-piano version)
    • Ysaye - complete works available (2009)
  • SarekOfVulcan
    • R.B. Hall - approx 4 dozen part sets. If nothing else, I'll make sure I get The New Colonial March up. This will probably be a very slow project of mine...
  • Schissel
    • Several typesetting projects longterm. (for now extracting parts to a couple of string quartets only here in score.)
      • Not a scan per se - had planned to scan Emanuel Moór's suite Op.109 for violin and cello (which I have on loan until the end of this month 10/14 from U Hartford), but as it is too fragile and its pages too large for my scanner, attempting to typeset it instead. ... well, so far so good. (Violin part of 1st mvt typeset, so far. Will upload as score(s), though, not as parts.)
  • TenderHooligan
    • Rossini Tancredi Vocal Score (Ricordi, 1854)
    • Stephen Storace Siege of Belgrade VS.
  • Varnis
    • Typesetting Choir Part to Mahler's Symphony No. 2
    • Typesetting Pini di Roma for orchestral parts
  • Will W W
    • Gallay - 30 Studies, Op. 13
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