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Sergio De Liso (Naples, 1964), electrician, never attended any regular music learning; in spite of this he's going to share on IMSLP a large number (more than 500) of Neapolitan songs of the 19th or early 20th century. His editions propose scores faithful to the original and moreover a "revised" edition: more detailed, turned (when possible) in more modern language, provided with modern Neapolitan pronunciation and with an audio file: The complete list of his editions is available by clicking here. On March 2014 he ended his project of typesetting and sharing the three volumes of Eco di Napoli by Vincenzo de Meglio. On May 2014 he ended the creation of audio files for the collection Passatempi musicali by Guillaume Louis Cottrau, issued from 1825 to 1847 (reprinted in 1865) and started collecting more Neapolitan songs by various XIX century composers, as scanned by the National Library of Naples (Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli "V. Emanuele III"). All his works are under "Creative Commons" license (CC BY or CC BY-SA).

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