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Gall's hit song 1892
Late cover 1928



In 1857 Polish-born Gustav Gebethner (1831-1901) and Robert Wolff (1832-1910) started their Warsaw bookselling and music publishing company, which flourished in the peaceful and increasingly prosperous Eastern Europe of the second half of the 19th century. They specialized in contemporary Polish composers such as Moniuszko, in addition to the first Polish complete Chopin edition. There was a prodigious output, about 7000 works in all. Finally the company was nationalized after the second world war, becoming part of Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


Gebethner & Co. (1857–1860s?)
Gebethner and Wolff (1860s–?)



Plate Numbers

Gebethner and Wolff's plate numbers were issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion. Plate numbers are in the format of G.&C. ### for early publications and G. ##### W. for latter ones.

G.&C. ###

Plate Composer Work Year
6b Modzelewski Valse, Op.10 (score and part) 1858
8-30 Moniuszko Halka (Polish/Italian vocal score) 1858
78 Nowakowski Fantaisie sur l'opéra 'Halka', Op.51 1860

G. #### W.

Plate Composer Work Year
278 Moniuszko Halka (arr. for solo piano) 1864
878 Moniuszko Pieśń Wieczorna (arr. for solo piano)
1185 Godard Suite de danses anciennes et modernes, Op.103 (No.4) 1889
1247 Gall 5 Lieder, Op.1 (No.3) 1892?
1378 Ślaski Trzy piosenki ludowe 1892
1640 Gregh Je pense à vous, Op.42 1895
1881 Navrátil 3 Ballades, Op.14 (No.3) 1897
1913 Żeleński 25 Preludes, Op.38 1897?
1920 Navrátil 3 Ballades, Op.14 (No.1) 1897
1922 Chopin Preludes, Op.28 (No.7 arr. for violin/cello and piano) 1897?
1929 Chopin Mazurkas, Op.7 (No.2 arr. for violin/cello and piano) 1897?
1932 Goltermann 2 Pièces de Salon, Op.13 (No.1)
1943 Hauser Mes adieux a Varsovie, Op.5
1960 Moniuszko Prząśniczka 1897
1981 Chopin Piano Sonata No.2, Op.35 (Marche funèbre arr. for violin/cello and piano) 1897?
2090 Schytte 6 Instruktive Vortrags-Studien, Op.90 (Nos.1 & 2) 1898
2119 Wolff L'Ami Musical (Book 1) 1898
2121 Wolff L'Ami Musical (Book 3) 1898
2185 Wolff L'Ami Musical (Book 2) 1898
2658 Gurlitt Feuilles volantes, Op.112 (selections)
2658-2659 Gurlitt Kleine Blumen, Op.205 (selections)
2659 Gurlitt Album pour la jeunesse, Op.140 (No.20)
2759 Moniuszko Gwiadzka (arr. for solo piano) 1903
2775 Berlioz La damnation de Faust, H 111 (Ballet des Sylphes arr. for solo piano) 1903
2791 Rosen Gammes et exercises journaliers 1903
2862 Löw Douces vacances, Op.433 No.3 1904
2962 Martini Plaisir d'amour (arr. for solo piano) 1904
2991 Jadassohn 3 Morceaux de salon, Op.25 (No.3) 1904
3421 Grieg Lyric Pieces, Op.12 (No.7 arr. for violin/cello and piano) 1905
3761 Schytte Jugendfreuden, Op.97 (No.1) 1905
4889 Karłowicz Stanisław i Anna Oświecimowie, Op.12 (full score)
5059 Chopin Impromptu No.1, Op.29 (arr. by Michalowski) 1912?
5079 Karłowicz Smutna opowieść (Preludia do wieczności), Op.13 (full score) 1912?
5082 Szymanowski Violin Sonata, Op.9 1911
5326 Chopin Polonaises, Op.40 (No.2 arr. for violin,cello, and piano) 1912?
5334 Karłowicz Violin Concerto, Op.8 (for violin and piano) 1912?
6131 Chojecki Niech żyje niepodległa zjednoczona Polska
6156 Chopin Waltzes, Op.69 (No.2 arr. for violin and piano) 1920
6531 Szymanowski 6 Songs, Op.20 1925
6534 Melcer-Szczawiński Stary Kapral 1925
6544 Szymanowski 3 Fragments, Op.5 (No.3) 1928

Sources Consulted

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