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I am looking for an entry point for exploring the inclusion of tablature on the IMSLP site. Here is a typical example: [1] That's derived from scans of a Ferrabosco II facsimile.

Numerous other examples can be found on the site, [2]. I would like to begin posting that material in a more organized manner, perhaps by relying mostly on IMSLP. I do see that there is some precedent on the site, music for lute I just noticed that has been posted by my good friend, Roman: [[3]] Thanks for any advice. David Saphra / --Dsaphra 15:23, 4 November 2010 (UTC)

Sorry about not getting back to you right away. I appreciate your having responded to my own posting so quickly. I'm especially interested at this point in posnnting lyra viol music, particularly duos & trios, but viol music that's not in tablature would be great as well. It was on account of having spotted the Ferrabosco quintet / pavans that got me excited initially. If you are still actively working on "typesetting" (presumably using one of the well-known programs, ie. Finale or Sibelius - which one?) perhaps you might consider working on something else that's currently in tablature, like duets attributed to William Byrd contained in the John Merro collection, (Bodleian Library Oxford, MSS Mus. Sch. D. 245-247)? These are excellent duets, readily accessible since they are in plainway tuning, and it might be help bring some much-needed attention on this all-important collection, which should have been published long ago.

Re - Susato, maybe we could get all the 3 and 4 part stuff into modern form one day. I am gradually working through Danserye as you will have seen, but I load up my old manuscripts where I see a gap in the collection. MartinY 08:42, 14 October 2011 (UTC)


I have created categories for Tablature (strings) and Tablature (keyboard), which should make finding such works easier.--Fynnjamin 18:06, 15 February 2013 (EST)