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Founded between 1878 and 1895 by Edouard Salabert (1838-1903). His son, Francis (1884-1946) took over in 1901. Salabert "was among the first to internationalize popular music"1—film music included. Salabert continued to expand throughout the twentieth century, publishing music of Les Six, and absorbing A.Z. Mathot (1930), Rouart, Lerolle et Cie. (1941) and Maurice Senart (1941) and Raymond Deiss (1946). Mme. Salabert continued to run the firm upon Francis's death.

The company was sold to BMG (Bertelsmann) in 1994, who subsequently acquired Durand/Eschig/Amphion (2000). In 2007 BMG then sold its entire music publishing business (including Ricordi and Editio Musica Budapest, in additon to Durand/Salabert/Eschig) to the record label Universal Music Publishing Group (no relation to Universal Edition Vienna).


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
Enescu Impressions d'enfance, Op.28 1952
Enescu Symphony No.2, Op.17 (score) 1965
E.A.S. 07488 Bach Passacaglia in C minor, BWV 582 (arr. for piano by Szántó) 1932
E.A.S. 07837 Dyck Kadisch pour violon et piano (sc&pt) 1932
E.A.S. 08819 Honegger Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher (vocal score) 1939
E.A.S. 15589 Lipatti Sonatina for the Left Hand 1953
E.A.S. 15615 Honegger Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher (study score) 1947
E.A.S. 15711 Lipatti Roumanian Dances (arr. for 2 pianos) 1954
E.A.S. 15999 Enescu Chamber Symphony, Op.33 (score) 1959
E.A.S. 16135 Loucheur Symphony No.2 (study score) 1958
E.A.S. 17021 Satie Relâche (extract arr. for piano solo) 1972
E.A.S. 17127 Maderna Oboe Concerto No.3 (f.s.) 1973
E.A.S. 17245p Xenakis Empreintes: pour orchestre (score) (1975) 1987
E.A.S. 17251 Xenakis Phlegra : pour onze instrumentistes (score) 1976
E.A.S. 17298 Takemitsu Quatrain II (score) 1984
E.A.S. 17313p Xenakis Jonchaies: pour grand orchestre (score) 1977
E.A.S. 17329 Landowski Concerto for trumpet, orchestra and electronics (f.s.) 1976
E.A.S. 17369 Landowski Un enfant appelle (concerto) (f.s.) 1982
E.A.S. 17436 Rivier 3 Espaces sonores (sc&pts) 1979
E.A.S. 17547 Xenakis Orkos: pour chœur mixte (ed. def.) 1990
E.A.S. 17622p Xenakis Pour les baleines (score) 1982
E.A.S. 18764 Satie Nouvelles pièces froides (reprint) 1989
E.A.S. 18764 Satie Gnossiennes (reprint of nos.4-6) 1989
S.6617 Honegger Pastorale d'Été (reprint)
S.8676 Blanchet Exercises en Forme Musicale, Op.54

Sources Consulted

  • 1. The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, edited by Stanley Sadie.
New York and London: Macmillan Publications, 1980.

Authority control

  • VIAF (Editions Salabert)
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