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This list is manually maintained, therefore some of the available pieces may not yet be linked from this page. For an automatically generated alphabetical list of all available pieces, please see Category:Ansorge, Conrad.
A list of works in the composer category that are not included here can be found on this page.


Works with Opus number

  • Op.1 - Piano Sonata No.1 in F minor (published Leipzig: Licht & Meyer, 1884)
  • Op.2 - Amaranth's Waldeslieder (after Otto v. Redwitz) (first published as Zwei Gesänge f. 1 Singst. m. Pfte. by Leipzig: Licht & Meyer in 1885)
  • Op.3 - Traumbilder for piano (published 1889)
  • Op.4 - Ballade for Piano (may be the same as the Ballade without opus number published in 1889 by Hans Licht of Leipzig and by Edward Schubert & Co. of New York, then republished by Kistner in 1891.)
  • Op.5 - Symphony Orpheus
  • Op.6 - Valse-Impromptu for Piano (published 1898)
  • Op.7 - 2 Lieder (after N. Lenau) (Verlag Dreilien, 1906, or earlier?)
  1. Bitte: "Weil' auf mir, du dunkles Auge"
  2. Stille Sicherheit: "Horch, wie still es wird"
  • Op.8 - Traumbilder for Piano (first published 1891 without opus number - see below- then published 1897 with)
  • Op.9 - String Sextet
  • Op.10 - 8 Songs (after R. Dehmel, A. Holz, Fr. Nietzsche) (published 1897)
  • Op.11 - 7 Songs (after D. v. Liliencron, Fr. Nietzsche, F. Evers, Dehmel, A. Mombert) (published 1898)
  • Op.12 - Vigilien (after St. Przybyszewski)
  • Op.13 - String Quartet in A major (by 1904)
  • Op.14 - 5 Songs (after S. George) (published 1900)
  • Op.15 - 5 Songs (after Dehmel, Evers, M. Dauthendey, Liliencron) (published 1900)
  • Op.16 - Weidenwald (after Dante Gabriel Rosetti)
  • Op.17 - 5 Songs (after Dehmel) (published Berlin: Deneke, 1902)
  1. Ansturm: O zürne nicht, wenn mein Begehren
  2. Waldseligkeit: Der Wald beginnt zu rauschen
  3. Auf See: Doch hatte niemals tiefre Macht
  4. Himmelfahrt: Tauchst du nieder aus den Weiten
  5. Letzte Bitte: Lege deine Hand auf meine Augen
  • Op.18 - Erntelieder (after Evers)
  • Op.19 - Urworte und andere Gedichte von Goethe (by 1904)
  • Op.20 - String Quartet in A major
  • Op.21 - Piano Sonata No.2 in E minor
  • Op.22 - Lieder und Gesänge (after Nietzsche, Elka, E. Schnur, Liliencron)
  • Op.23 - Piano Sonata No.3 in A major
  • Op.24 - Cello Sonata in D minor
  • Op.25 - Requiem for male Choir, Tenor Solo and Orchestra
  • Op.26 - Lieder und Gesänge (after E.L. Schellenberg and others)
  • Op.27 - Traumbilder for Piano
  • Op.28 - Piano Concerto

Works without Opus number

  • Ballade (by 1889) (same as Opus 4??)
  • Setting of Mombert's Sie wandeln durch des Waldes grün (manuscript?) (see RISM 453003826) (by 1910) (possibly from Opus 11 of 1898)
  • Traumbilder for piano (Erinnerung. Vergangenheit. Zu spät.)(published 1891 by Kistner - revised as Op.8 in 1897)
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