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This list is manually maintained, therefore some of the available pieces may not yet be linked from this page. For an automatically generated alphabetical list of all available pieces, please see Category:Andreasyan, Artem.
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Pieces for Piano solo

(in chronological order)

No. Title and key Year of composition
1 Impromptu in C minor 2009
2 Etude in D minor 2009
3 Prelude in D minor 2010
4 Impromptu in C minor 2010
5 Etude in C minor 2010
6 Impromptu; atonal 2010
7 Fughetta in B flat major (Good morning to all) 2010
8 Fughetta in F major (Jingle bells) 2010
9 Fughetta in B flat major (We wish you a Merry Christmas) 2010
10 Fughetta in G minor 2011
11 Etude in C major 2011
12 Etude in C minor 2011
13 Impromptu in D minor 2011
14 Prelude in C major 2011
15 Fughetta in C major 2011
16 Etude in F major 2011
17 Toccata in D minor 2011
18 Prelude in A minor 2011
19 Prelude in F major 2011
20 Prelude in C minor 2012
21 Fughetta in C minor 2012
22 Prelude in D minor 2012
23 Etude in G major 2012
24 Etude in F major 2012
25 Toccata in E minor 2012
26 Prelude in G minor 2012
27 Toccatina in D minor 2012
28 Etude in D minor 2012
39 Prelude in C major 2012
30 Prelude in D minor 2012
31 Etude in A minor 2012
32 Toccatina in G minor 2012
33 Fughetta in C minor 2012
34 Etude in C minor 2012
35 Etude in C major 2013
36 Prelude in G minor 2013
37 Fugue in A minor 2013
38 Impromptu in D minor 2014
39 Impromptu in A major 2014
40 Il Bambolotto di Legno 2014

"School album" of Pieces for Piano Solo

(Sketches from 2012, in original order)

  1. Moderato in C major (6.II)
  2. Moderato in C major (10.I)
  3. Moderato in C major (10.I)
  4. Allegro moderato in C major (6.II)
  5. Marcato non assai in A minor (10.I)
  6. Allegro moderato in C major (14.II)
  7. Minuet in C minor (14.II)
  8. Gigue in C major (23.II)
  9. Moderato in A minor (23.II)
  10. Presto in G minor (26.II)
  11. [Allegro moderato] in F minor (2.III)
  12. Larghetto in G minor (6.III)
  13. Allegro moderato in D minor (17.III)
  14. Gigue in E minor (17.III)
  15. Allegro in F major (29.III)
  16. Prestissimo in F major (31.III)
  17. Presto in F major (31.III)
  18. Allegro marcato in G major (31.III)
  19. [Moderato] in C major (31.III)
  20. Grave in G minor (2.IV)
  21. Moderato in A minor (2.IV)
  22. Allegro in B flat major (2.IV)
  23. Moderato in C minor (6.IV)
  24. Allegro in F major (6.IV)
  25. Presto in F major (6.IV)
  26. Moderato in C minor (6.IV)
  27. Andante in D minor (6.IV)
  28. Allegro in F major (6.IV)
  29. Largo in D minor (10.IV)
  30. Presto in A minor (10.IV)
  31. Andante in C minor (10.IV)
  32. Allegro assai in A minor (10.IV)
  33. [Allegro] moderato in B flat minor (10.IV)
  34. [Allegro] in A minor (10.IV)
  35. Allegro in D minor (11.IV)
  36. Presto in D minor (11.IV)
  37. Gigue in D minor (13.IV)
  38. Allegro in C major (17.IV)
  39. Allegro in C minor (17.IV)
  40. Allegro in C major (17.IV)
  41. Etude in G major (17.IV)
  42. Allegro in F minor (17.IV)
  43. Presto in B flat minor (28.IV)
  44. Allegro moderato in C minor (16.V)
  45. Allegro in C minor (22.V)
  46. Allegro in F minor (22.V)
  47. Allegro assai in G minor (22.V)
  48. Allegro in G minor (22.V)
  49. Andante in C minor (23.V)

(2014 revision)

  1. Allegro moderato in C major
  2. Moderato in D major
  3. Allegro marcato in A minor
  4. Allegro in A minor
  5. Presto in G minor
  6. Allegro in F minor
  7. Scherzo in D minor
  8. Allegro moderato in F minor
  9. Allegro in C minor
  10. Moderato rubato in C minor
  11. Allegretto in F minor
  12. Marcato in G major
  13. Moderato in C minor
  14. Allegro assai in G minor
  15. Presto in C major

Suites for Piano Solo

(in chronological order)

No. Title and key Movements Year of composition
1 "Una gutta mellis" in C minor
  • I: Prelude
  • II: In villa
  • III: Una gutta mellis
  • IV: Ante bellum
  • V: Bellum orbis
  • VI: Post bellum
2 "Haec sunt scholae nostri!"
  • I: "Ante lectionem"; C minor
  • II: "Sic tincidunt lectiones nostris"; A minor
  • III: "Aliquis respondeat lectio"; E minor
  • IV: "Relinquit nos magister"; E major
  • V: "Ruptura ut lectionem secundum"; atonal
  • VI: "Post lectionem"; A major
3 "l'Amoroso" in G minor
  • I: Una confessione
  • II: I emozioni spezzati
  • III: Dimmi, come dimenticare te
  • IV: In seguito
  • V: Ti conosco
  • VI: Son' attesa di te
4 Theme and variations in G minor
  • Theme: Grave
  • Var.I: Allegro
  • Var.II: Andante
  • Var.III: Presto
5 "l'Addio" in F minor
  • I: Fugue a 3: Andante
  • II: Fugue a 3: Moderato
  • III: Fughetta a 3: Largo
  • IV: Allegro a 3
  • V: Fughetta a 3: Allegro
  • VI: Ballada (Impromptu): Meno cantabile

Fragmentary and Incomplete Works for Piano Solo

(in chronological order) Composer's note: here, the original status of the pieces is represented; I am currently completing them.

No. Title and key Date Misc. notes
1 Prelude in F minor "Perpetuum mobile" September 2010 3 fragments rewritten from memory on 31.VII.2014
2 Fughetta in C minor March 2011 exposition only; rewritten from memory on 31.VII.2014
3 Prelude in C minor June 2011 incomplete; rewritten from memory on 31.VII.2014
4 Prelude in D minor "a la Bach" 17 March 2013 incomplete
5 Prelude in C minor 8 July 2013 incomplete
6 Allegro in C major May 2014 incomplete
7 Prelude in C minor 12 June 2014 incomplete

Arrangements and transcriptions

No. Title Composer Date Instrumentation
1 Time, Forward March! - Rumba Georgi Sviridov 2011-05-09 2 Pianos
2 Money, money, money... ABBA 2010-10-09 SA and Piano solo
3 Jingle Bells! James Lord Pierpont 2010-12-30 Piano solo
4 We wish you a Merry Christmas! Traditional English carol 2010-12-31 Piano solo
5 National Anthem Barsegh Kanachian 2010-01-21 SATB mixed chorus
6 Soldier's song Ashot Sattian 2011-01-21 TBar and Piano solo
7 Anthem of Armenian Army Robert Amirkhanian 2011-01-22 SATB mixed chorus
8 Time, Forward March! - Rumba Georgi Sviridov 2011-04-25 Solo violin and piano
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