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The English firm Lengnick was founded in 1893 by Alfred Lengnick, but later joined Schott shortly after the latter's demise while retaining its name. It promoted the Simrock catalogue (Brahms Dvorak etc) in the UK and also published contemporary British composers such as Arnold and Rubbra. The firm was acquired in 1991 by Complete Music Ltd. as its classical division.


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses




  • In South Croydon, Surrey, Greater London
  • Many of its imprints just have London: Lengnick (at least in card catalogs. How about on covers/title pages? This information will help with date ranges, which is why one includes locations/addresses here - when did the ocmpany move, to where, etc.) In the late 20th century (or even 1948) one sees South Croydon again (in card catalogs; again- title pages?)

Plate Numbers

Prefix is often A.L. & Co. or A.L. & Co.Ltd.

Plate Composer Work Year
2392 Chopin Polonaises, Op.40 (no.1, ed. Thomas Dunhill) 1916
2775 Byng Harlequinade, Op.61 1919
2776 Byng In the meadows, Op.64 1920
2980 Lee 3 Sketches (for vn/pf. Plate for vn.pt.) 1925
3001 Dvořák 8 Humoresques, Op.101 (no.1, arr. Moffat) 1922
3111a Dvořák Gypsy Songs, Op.55 (ed. Percy Pinkerton) 1912
3458 Proctor, Charles Violin Sonata in A minor (sc&pt?) 1945
3472 Wordsworth, W.B. Violin Sonata in B minor (score & part) [1946]
3473 Wordsworth, W.B. Cello Sonata, Op.9 (score & part) [1946]
3525 Wordsworth, W.B. String Quartet No.2 (score & parts) 1948
3547 Reizenstein Violin Sonata, Op.20 (sc&pt?) 1947
3551 Rubbra String Quartet No.1, Op.35 (score) 1947
3556 Stevens, Bernard Ricercar for Strings (score) 1948
3579 Wordsworth, W.B. String Quartet No.1 in D, Op.16 (score) [1949]
3599 Rubbra Festival overture, Op.62 (score) 1948
3601 Dohnányi Suite en valse, Op.39a 1948
3627 Stevens, Bernard Sinfonietta (score) 1948
3672 Reizenstein Piano Quintet, Op.23 (score & parts, ed.Keller) 1951
3686 Wordsworth, W.B. Piano Quartet, Op.36 (score & parts) [1950]
3694 Rubbra Symphony No.5, Op.63 (min.score) 1949
3721 Rubbra Symphony No.3, Op.49 (min.score) (1950)
3727 Rubbra Symphony No.1, Op.44 (m.sc.- repr. 1937 UEd sc.) 1949
3736 Bate, Stanley Violin Sonata No.1, Op.47 1951
3751 Wordsworth, W.B. Piano Trio in A (score & parts) [1952]
3810 Rubbra Viola Concerto in A, Op.75 (m.score) 1953
3813 Simpson, Robert String Quartet No.1 (score & parts) 1954
3867 Simpson, Robert String Quartet No.2 (score & parts) 1956
3869 Rubbra Fantasia on a theme of Machaut, Op.86 (score & parts) 1956
3890 Rubbra Piano Concerto in G, Op.85 (m.score) 1959
3896 Simpson, Robert String Quartet No.3 (score & parts) 1957
4043 Dohnányi String Quartet No.2, Op.15 (parts) 1954
4098 Rubbra Cantata di camera, Op.111 (score) 1961
4366 Rubbra Fanfare for Europe on the notes E-E-C, Op.142 (score) 1973
4504 Rubbra String Quartet No.4, Op.150 (score) 1977
4525 Rubbra Agnus Dei, Op.143 (score) 1978
4580 Rubbra Symphony 11, Op.153 (score) 1980
4587 Rubbra Duo for cor anglais & piano, Op.156 (sc&pt) 1981
4684 Rubbra Canzona for St. Cecilia's Day, Op.158 (score and parts) 1985

Authority control

VIAF (Lengnick Alfred -1904)

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