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Karl Ferdinand Heckel (1800-1870) founded a shop for musical instruments in Mannheim in 1821. Soon afterwards, he added a music publishing branch to his firm. In 1823 he acquired the music publishing company G. Kreitner from Worms. In 1857, his son Emil Heckel (1831-1908) became partner of the company.
After Karl Ferdinand Heckels death in the year 1870, his two sons Emil Heckel and Karl Heckel (1858-1923) lead the firm together under the same name (K.F. Heckel). Karl Heckel left the company soon afterwards for other projects. In 1895 the firm purchased all compositions by Hugo Wolf of B. Schott's Söhne in Mainz. Henceforth Emil Heckel edited Wolf's complete songs, whereby also reprinting former editions of Schott, Wetzler and Lacom. In 1902 and 1903, six orchestrated editions of Hugo Wolf were published. After Emil Heckels decease in 1908, the Goethe-Songs, the Mörike-Songs as well as the Italian Songbook of Wolf passed to C.F. Peters in Leipzig.


  • 1827-1830: piano scores of Mozart operas: "Wohlfeile Ausgabe von W.A. Mozarts sämmtlichen Opern", with the first complete edition of "La finta giardiniera" (vol. 6, 1829)
  • starting 1832: edition of an organ journal together with Jakob Vierling (1796-1867)
  • 1840 (ca.?): pocket scores of chamber music by Beethoven, Haydn und Mozart
  • 1888: first edition of Wagner’s "Die Feen"
  • 1895: acquisition of the complete compositions by Hugo Wolf from B. Schott's Söhne (Mainz)
  • 1896: piano score of Der Corregidor (Wolf), Italienisches Liederbuch, Vol. 2 (Wolf)
  • 1897: Drei Gedichte von Robert Reinick (Wolf), Drei Gesänge auf Ibsens Das Fest aus Solhaug (Wolf), Vier Gedichte nach Heine, Shakespeare und Lord Byron (Wolf), piano score of Manuel Venegas (Wolf)
  • 1898: Drei Gedichte von Michelangelo (Wolf)
  • 1902: orchestrated version of Dem Vaterland (Reinick/Wolf), Wo find ich Trost? (Mörike/Wolf), Der Rattenfänger (Goethe/Wolf), Anakreons Grab (Goethe/Wolf), Prometheus (Goethe/Wolf)
  • 1903: orchestrated version of Gebet (Mörike/Wolf), Gesang Weylas (Mörike/Wolf)

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • Mannheim, K. Ferd. Heckel (Hofmusikalienhandlung S.K.H. des Grossherzogs v. Baden.)

Engraving and Printing Partners

Plate Numbers

Examples for the stucture of Heckel's plate numbering:

  • H.6 W.E. = Heft 6, Wolf, Eichendorff
  • H.16 W.M. = Heft 16, Wolf, Mörike

Sources Consulted

  • Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. 2., neu bearb. Ausg. ed. Ludwig Finscher. Kassel: Bärenreiter, Stuttgart: Metzler 2002. Personenteil Bd. 8, S.1135-1137
  • Oxford Music Online, Heckel (ii)

Authority control

  • VIAF (K. Ferd. Heckel (Mannheim))
  • VIAF (Heckel, K. Ferd. (Karl Ferd.), 1800-1870)
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