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typical cover 1890
Merry Widow cover 1906
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This Viennese firm was founded by Ludwig Doblinger in 1857 with the purchase of the music lending library of Friedrich Mainzer (founded 1817). It was sold on August 1, 1876 to Bernhard Herzmansky (1852-1921), whose descendants continue to manage the firm to the present day. In 1890, Herzmansky obtained the publishing company of Emil Wetzler.

Doblinger was the initial publisher for a number of works by Anton Bruckner, Gustav Mahler, J. P. Gotthard and others in the late 19th century. Many of these titles were licensed to Universal Edition after its founding in 1901, which allowed Doblinger to concentrate on publishing operettas - notably Franz Lehar's huge success Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow).

After setbacks during the WW II era, an emphasis on earlier classical repertoire surfaced after WW II with the series Diletto Musicale (1958-present). The firm also supports 20th century and contemporary Austrian composers (including emigres) such as Erich Zeisl (1905-59).

Important Acquisitions

  • Emil Wetzler, Vienna (1890)

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Ludwig Doblinger
  • L. Doblinger
  • Ludwig Doblinger (Bernard Herzmansky)


Wien (Vienna) - Main office
  • I. Dorotheergasse No.10 (1890-1928)

Also a secondary office in Munich (modern scores, e.g. from the 1960s, have "Verlag Doblinger, Wien-München" on title pages, the same with slash instead of comma on cover pages.)

Plate Numbers

Doblinger plate numbers were often preceded with a simple prefix: D. #### or L.D. ####. Plate numbers in 5 digits sometimes, as with some other European publishers, used a "." separator, e.g. D. ##.###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
1636 Fischhof Violin Sonata No.1, Op.47 (score&part) 1890
1729-30 Brüll Rhapsodie, Op.65 (solo pt, 2 piano arr) 1892
1866 Bruckner Mass No.3 in F minor, WAB 28 (full sc.) 1894
2085 Bruckner Mass No.2 in E minor, WAB 27 (vocal sc.) 1896
2248 Bruckner Im April, WAB 75 1899
2300 Bruckner Symphony No.6 in A major, WAB 106 (first edition pts) 1899
2866 Dohnányi String Quartet No.1, Op.7 (complete score) 1903
3117-20 Dohnányi 4 Rhapsodien, Op.11 1904-05
3211-14 Dohnányi 4 Klavierstücke, Op.2 1905
3461 Dohnányi Waltz, Op.3 1908
3942 Brandts Buys Suite for String Quartet, Op.23 (Pts.) 1908
4277 Stojanović Piano Quintet, Op.9 (sc, pts) 1909
5926 Kornauth Piano Sonata, Op.4 1917
6239 Kornauth Piano Quartet, Op.18 (sc,pts) 1921
6484 Grünfeld Kaiser-Walzer, Op.62 1926
6597 Braun 3 Klavierstücke für die linke hand 1928
6710 Schmidt String Quartet No.2 in G (score) 1930
6794 Bach, Maria Wolgaquintett (Piano Quintet. Score) 1930
7744 Uhl, A. Kleines Konzert (sc & pts) 1938
8136 Bortkiewicz 4 Klavierstücke, Op.65 1947
8357a Jettel, R. String Quartet in C (pts) 1949
10097 Angerer, P. Gloriatio (for Contrabass & Chamber Orch.) (sc) 1967
10816 Csermák, Antal String Quartet (parts, ed. Ferenc Bónis) 1963
10824 Wellesz Rhapsody, für Viola solo, Op.87 1963
10855 Schollum Clarinet Sonata, Op.42/1 (sc&pt) 1963
10942 Rubin, M. 1.Streichquartett (parts) 1964
11012 Leukauf, R. Wind Quintet, Op.25 (parts) 1965
12177 Wellesz Musik für Streichorchester : in einem Satz, Op.91 (StP.101) 1965
12178 Wellesz Duineser Elegie, Op.90 (full study-score, "StP.100") 1965
12286 Hartzell Monologue 2 for Oboe Solo 1966
12426 Eder Impressioni für Streichquartett, Op.43 (sc) 1966
12452 Takács, J. Sonata capricciosa, Op.81 (sc&pt) 1967
12521 Wellesz Partita in honorem J. S. Bach, Op.96 1967
12600 Schollum String Quartet No.2, Op.72 (sc. StP 194.) 1970
12679 Schollum Symphony No.1, Op.50 (score. StP 104.) 1967
12689 Wellesz Vision, Op.99 (English/German vocal score, completed by Hartzell) 1982
12825 Wellesz Mirabile mysterium, Op.101 (vocal score) 1970
13002 Wagenseil Symphony in D, WV 374 (first pub. score, ed. Paumgartner) 1978
13180 Doppelbauer, J. 1.Streichquartett (1968) (score) 1970
13510 Vogel, E. 2.Streichquartett (parts) 1974
13747 Dallinger, F. Deutsche Messe (score) 1971
13974 Djambazian, A. 2.Bläserquintett, Op.13 (pts) 1972
14108 Eder Wind Septet, Op.55 (sc) 1972
14263 Heiller Konzert fur Cembalo, Orgelpositiv & Kammerorchester (solo parts) 1978
14491 Vogel, E. Motivation I-V for piano 1974
14870 Doppelbauer, J. Miniaturen für Flute, Br. und Vlc. (sc, "StP.336") 1977
15271 Rubin, M. Symphony No.6 (full, "StP.355") 1976
15551 Dallinger, F. Flute/guitar sonatina (parts, ed. Scheit) 1978
16780 Doppelbauer, J. Duo-Sonate (clarinet & bassoon) (sc&pts) 1985
17064 Eder, H. String Quartet No.3, Op.84 (sc (StP 551) &pts) 1986
17164 Doppelbauer, J. Sonate für Bratsche 1988
17467 Rubin, M. Symphony No.10 (full, "StP.656") 1988
17632 Schollum Adagio für Karin : Konzertstück III, Op.114 1993
17779 Eder, H. String Quartet No.4, Op.94 (sc&pts, "StP.563"/06 158) 1991
18103 Dallinger, F. Tageszeiten for solo flute 1994
18108 Dallinger, F. Suite for flute and guitar (ed. Kirsch) 1996
18390 Dallinger, F. Guitar sonatina (ed. Jungwirth) 1997
18607 Brand (Mosonyi), M. String Quartet No.7 (op.posth.) (score) (ed. Bonis) 1998
19244 Dallinger, F. Prelude and Toccata for organ (1981) 2003

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