Deborah, HWV 51 (Handel, George Frideric)




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PDF scanned by D-Mbs
Ivdruiz (2008/7/14)

Editor Friedrich Chrysander (1826–1901)
Publisher. Info. Georg Friedrich Händels Werke. Band 29
Leipzig: Deutsche Händelgesellschaft, 1869. Plate H.W. 29.
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PMLP44562-HG Band 29.pdf

Vocal Scores


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Carolus (2010/4/19)

Arranger Vincent Novello (1781–1861), piano reduction
Language English
Publisher. Info. London: Novello, n.d.(ca.1860)
Reprinted New York: Edwin F. Kalmus, n.d.(1933-70).K 6871. (#39721)
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PMLP44562-Handel--Deborah--vocal score, K 6871, Novello's edition.pdf


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Massenetique (2011/11/7)

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Massenetique (2011/11/7)

Editor Ebenezer Prout (1835-1909)
Publisher. Info. Songs and Airs by George Frideric Handel, Volume II: For Low Voice.
Boston: Oliver Ditson Company, 1905. Plates ML-1129-8 and ML-1130-2.
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PMLP44562-Handel - Deborah - In the battle VS.pdf
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General Information

Work Title Deborah
Alternative. Title
Composer Handel, George Frideric
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. HWV 51
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 3 Acts
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1733-02-21 (end date)
First Performance. 1733-03-17 in London: King's Theatre in the Haymarket
Librettist Samuel Humphreys (1698-1738), from 'Judges'
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation Vocal soloists (3 sopranos, 2 altos, tenor, 3 basses), Chorus, Orchestra

Misc. Comments


  • Deborah
  • Barak
  • Jael
  • Abinoam
  • Israelitish Woman
  • Sisera
  • Herald
  • Chorus: Priests of Baal, Priests of the Israelites, People and Army of Israel


  • Part 1
  • Scene 1: Mount Ephraim (Deborah, Barak, Israelitish Priests, People)
  • 1. Overture
  • 2. Double Chorus: Immortal Lord of earth and skies
  • 3. Recitative: O Barak, favour'd of the skies (Deborah, Barak)
  • 4. Duet: Where do thy ardours raise me? (Barak, Deborah)
  • 5. Chorus: Forbear thy doubts!
  • 6. Recitative: Since Heav'n has thus his will express'd (Barak)
  • 7. Soloists and Chorus: For ever to the voice of pray'r
  • 8. Recitative: By that adorable decree (Deborah)
  • 9. Double Chorus: O hear thy lowly servants' pray'r
  • 10. Recitative: Ye sons of Israel, cease your tears (Deborah)
  • 11. Chorus: O blast, with thy tremendous brow
  • 12. Recitative: To whomsoe'er his fate the tyrant owes
  • 13. Aria: How lovely is the blooming fair (Barak)
  • Scene 2: Kedesh Napthali
  • 14. Recitative: O Deborah! where'er I turn my eyes (Jael, Deborah)
  • 15. Aria: Choir of angles, all around thee (Deborah)
  • 16. Recitative: My transports are too great to tell (Jael)
  • 17. Aria: To joy he brightens my despair (Jael)
  • Scene 3: Kedesh (Abinoam, Barak, Israelites)
  • 18. Recitative: Barak, my son, the joyful sound (Abinoam)
  • 19. Aria: Awake the ardour of they breast (Abinoam)
  • 20. Recitative: I go where Heav'n and duty call (Barak)
  • 21. Aria: All danger disdaining, for battle I glow (Barak)
  • 22. Chorus: Let thy deeds be glorious
  • Scene 4: Mount Tabor (Deborah, Barak, Israelites, Herald)
  • 23. Recitative: My charge is to declare (Herald, Barak, Deborah)
  • 24. Chorus: Despair all around them
  • 25. Chorus: Allelujah!
  • Part 2
  • Scene: Mount Tabor (Deborah, Barak, Abinoam, Israelites)
  • 26. Chorus: See, the proud chief advances now
  • 27. Recitative: That here rebellious arms I see (Sisera)
  • 28. Aria: At my feet extended low (Sisera)
  • 29. Recitative: Go frown, Barbarian, where thou art fear'd (Deborah)
  • 30. Aria: In Jehovah's awful sight (Deborah)
  • 31. Recitative: Yes, how your God in wonders can excel (Sisera)
  • 32. Aria: Whilst you boast the wondrous story (Sisera)
  • 33. Aira: Impious mortal, cease to brave us (Barak)
  • 34. Recitative: Behold the nations all around (Chief Priest of Baal)
  • 35. Chorus: O Baal, Monarch of the skies (Priests of Baal)
  • 36. Recitative: No more, ye infidels (Chief Priest of the Israelites)
  • 37. Double Chorus: Load of Eternity (Israelites)
  • 38. Chorus: Plead thy just cause
  • 39. Recitative: By his great Name (Deborah, Sisera)
  • 40. Soloists and Double Chorus: All your boast will end in woe (Deborah, Sisera, Priest of Baal, Baal's Priests, Israelites)
  • 41. Recitative: Great Prophetess, my soul's on fire (Barak)
  • 42. Aria: In the battle, fame pursuing (Barak)
  • 43. Recitative: Thy ardours warm the winter of my age (Abinoam)
  • 44. Aria: Swift inundation of desolation (Abinoam)
  • 45. Recitative: O Judah, with what joy I see (Isrealitish Woman)
  • 46. Aria: No more disconsolate I'll mourn (Israelitish Woman)
  • 47. Recitative: Now, Jael, to thy tent retire (Deborah)
  • 48. Aria: O the pleasure my soul is possessing (Jael)
  • 49. Recitative: Barak, we now to battle go (Deborah)
  • 50. Duet: Smiling freedom, lovely guest (Deborah. Barak)
  • 51. Chorus: The great King of Kings will aid us to-day
  • Part 3
  • Scene: Kedesh
  • 52. Chorus: Now the proud insulting foe (Israelites)
  • 53. Recitative: The haughty foe whose pride to heav'n did soar (Israelitish Woman)
  • 54. Aria: Now sweetly smiling peace descends (Israelitish Woman)
  • 55. Recitative: My pray'rs are heard (Abinoam, Barak)
  • 56. Aria: Tears, such as tender fathers shed (Abinoam)
  • 57. Recitative: O Deborah, my fears are o'er (Jael)
  • 58. Chorus: Doleful tidings, how ye sound (Priests of Baal)
  • 59. Aria: Our fears are now for ever fled (Isrealitish Woman)
  • 60. Recitative: I saw the tyrant breathless in her tent (Barak, Jael)
  • 61. Aria: Tyrant, now no more we dread thee (Jael)
  • 62. Recitative: If, Jael, I aright divine (Deborah)
  • 63. Aria: The glorious sun shall cease to shed (Deborah)
  • 64. Recitative: May Heav'n with kind profusion (Barak)
  • 65. Low at her feet he bow'd, he fell (Barak)
  • 66. Recitative: O great Jehovah! may thy foes thus perish (Deborah)
  • 67. Double Chorus: Let our songs to heav'n ascend
  • Chorus: O celebrate his sacred name
  • Chorus: Allelujah

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