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The firm was founded in Munich by Joseph Aibl (1802-1834), a lithographer who had studied with Theobald Boehm. At that time, the firm also sold instruments. Upon his death in 1834, his widow took over management of the company. The firm's management again changed hands in 1837, this time to Eduard Spitzweg (1811-1884). His son Eugen (1840-1914) acquired the smaller Munich publishers Falter & Sohn (1888) and Alfred Läuterer (1892) but ultimately sold the firm to Universal Edition in 1904. Composers published by the Aibl firm include Theobald Boehm, Hans von Bülow, Peter Cornelius, Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, Alexander Ritter, Max Reger, and Richard Strauss.

(A notice in Hofmeisters Monatsbericht, 1904, p.182, under Verlags-Veränderungen: "Aibl-Verlag, Jos., in München, jetzt: Universal-Edition in Wien.")


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Jos. Aibl
  • Jos. Aibl Verlag
  • Joseph Aibl

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
323 Eichheim, Carl Theodor Deutsche Messe 1842
359 Heydenreich, Christian Der 130. Psalm : im Style früherer Zeit 1843
578 Lacombe L'aurore, Op.22 1847
1211 Kolb Festmarsch, Op.9 1853
1770 Behr Rose d’amour, Op.60 1866
2083 Rauchenecker Charakteristische Tonbilder, Opp.24-29 (op.24) 1877
2084 Rauchenecker Charakteristische Tonbilder, Opp.24-29 (op.25) 1877
2089 Buonamici 2 Sacred Choruses, Op.3 (No.2, Ave Maria, sc&pts) [1873]
2248 Rauchenecker Charakteristische Tonbilder, Opp.24-29 (op.26) 1877
2249 Rauchenecker Charakteristische Tonbilder, Opp.24-29 (op.27) 1877
2250 Rauchenecker Charakteristische Tonbilder, Opp.24-29 (op.28) 1877
2251 Rauchenecker Charakteristische Tonbilder, Opp.24-29 (op.29) 1877
2259 Bronsart von Schellendorff Piano Trio, Op.1 1877
2279 Kistler Festmarsch No.1, Op.41 (pf4h arrangement) 1877
2292 Bülow Lacerta, Op.27 (2nd edition) 1880
2313 Kistler 3 Männerchöre, Op.42 1878
2328 Wolfrum Organ Sonata No.1, Op.1 1879
2482 Wolfrum Organ Sonata No.2, Op.10 1882
2645 Wilm Violin Sonata No.1, Op.83 1890
2738 Wilm Cello Sonata, Op.111 1893
2793 Pembaur Organ Sonata, Op.51 1893
2899–2900 Weber Violin Concerto in G minor (piano red.&pt.) 1899
2948 Reger 8 Ausgewählte Volkslieder (1899)
2975b Reger 6 Intermezzi for Piano, Op.45 1900
2992 Lazarus Piano Trio, Op.55 1901
3005 Reger Der evangelische Kirchenchor (1901)
3013 Bach Toccata in D minor, BWV 913 (Transc. by Reger) 1902


Authority control

  • VIAF (Aibl, Joseph 1802-1834)
  • VIAF (Jos. Aibl (München))
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