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Naudot, Jacques-Christophe (1690–1762)

  • 2 Gavottes from Sonata in D, Op.1 No.3
the Gavotte en rondeau, I think, from the 6 Flute Sonatas, Op.1 -- we already have this.

Naujalis, Jouzas (1869–1934)

  • Svajonė for quartet (ca.1921)
  • Ruduo/Autumn (symphonic poem) (ca.1930) (PD-CA)
  • Missa in honorem St. Casimiri (pub. Pustet, 1896)

Naumann, Ernst (1832–1910)

  • Viola Sonata, Op.1 (pub.mid-1850s judging from B&H plate no. 8983)
  • String Quartet, Op.9 (pub.1877 by Breitkopf&Härtel)
  • Serenate (Nonett) fuer 2 violinen, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, bassoon & horn, Op.10 (p1872)

Naumann, Johann Gottlieb (1741–1801)

  • Messe in d-Moll, 1794
  • Missa in c-Moll
  • Missa in a-Moll
  • La passione di Gesù Cristo, 1767
  • Davide in Terebinto, 1794
  • I pellegrini al sepolcro di Nostro Signore, 1798
  • Orchestral works in minor keys
  • Keyboard and Organ works in minor keys

Navrátil, Karel (1867–1936)

  • Opera Hermann (manuscript)
  • Opera Salambo
  • Symphony in G minor (Op.4) (1902? manuscript. At Free Library of Philadelphia. However, they also attribute the String Quartet Op.18 and Quartet No.2 Op.21 by Nawrátil in their collection to Navrátil. So, attribution - ??)
  • Piano Concerto in F minor
  • Violin Concerto in E minor
  • Violin Sonata
  • Viola Sonata

Nawrátil, Karl (1836–1914)

  • Concert overture, Op.5 (pub.1872)
  • Piano Trio No.1 (in E?), Op.9 (pub.1881)
  • String Quartet No.1 in D minor, Op.18 (pub.1888)
  • Cello sonata in D minor, Op.24 (pub. 1903)
  • Grosses Messe, Op.26 for soli, chorus, and orchestra
  • Psalm 30 for soli, chorus, and orchestra

Neglia, Francesco Paolo (1874–1932)

  • Menuet im alten Stil, Op.14 (for strings, piano ad.lib. pub.1912)
  • Intermezzo breve for orchestra, op.3 (date not on score?)

Neitzel, Otto (1852–1920)

Works first published after 1964 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Piano Concerto [Full Score or 2-piano reduction]

Nepomuceno, Alberto (1864–1920)

  • Piano Trio in F minor (pub.ca.1920)
  • Symphony in G minor

Neuhoff, Ludwig (1859–1909)

  • Violin Sonata in E minor, Op.3 (pub. 1890)
  • Festklänge, Fantasiestück für Orchester, Op.6 (pub.1897)
  • String Quartet, Op.10 (pub.1894)
  • Sonatas Opp. 11 (organ) (pub.1895, Fritzsch), 21 (pub.1898)

Neukomm, Sigismund (1778–1858)

  • Concerto, Op.12
  • Fantasies, Op.9 and 11

Neumann-Cordua, Theodor (1860–1914)

see Information (born 1860 in Suriname, died 1914 or 1917? in Venezuela.)

  • Piano Trio, Op.6 (pub.1885, Schlesinger)
  • String Quartet, Op.7 (pub. 1885, Schlesinger)

Neunhaber, Andreas (1603–1663)

  • Chorale settings for Organ

Nevin, Gordon Balch (1892–1943)

  • A Moonlight Serenade (organ, pub. 1914)
  • L'Arlequin (Staccato Etude) (organ, pub. 1917)
  • Sketches of the City, Suite (organ, pub. 1917)
  • Will 'o the Wisp (organ, pub. 1914)

Neymarck, Jean (1889–1913)

  • String Quartet in C minor (pub.posth.1914?) (Juilliard copy says @1913 Demets, so maybe copyright before or just after his death?)

Nicolai, Otto (1810–1849)

  • Overture on "Von Himmel Hoch" - full score

Nicou-Choron, Stéphane-Louis (1809–1886)

  • Cantatas "Bonheur! victoire!" and "Les couronnes" (pub.1840, chez Nicou-Choron & Canaux, brought out in a package with a cantata by Sigismund Neukomm)

Nielsen, Carl (1865–1931)

Works first published after 1964 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Ved en ung Kunstners Baare (At the Bier of a Young Artist), op.58 (?? that's Op. for Commotio. FS 58?) - available from DKB, see link)
  • Aladdin Suite, Op.34 (we may have this under Aladdin -see "7 Orchestral Pieces")
  • Maskarade Overture – full score. (full score of opera _is_ available, along with parts to overture)
  • Serenata in vano parts uploaded
  • String Quartet No.1 (p.1902) - imported from Sibley Aldona 11:13, 27 January 2012 (UTC)

Nielsen, Ludolf (1876–1939)

  • Symphony No.3 in C major for Orchestra, Op.22 (1911)

Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844–1900)

  • Ermanarich - Symphonic Poem (piano piece)
  • "Nachlang einer Sylvestenacht" duet for violin and piano (January 2 1864)

Nisle, Johann Martin Friedrich (1780–1861)


  • String Quintets, Op.21, Op.30 (Gran Quintetto)
  • Due Quadri (string quartets)
  • Grosse Sonata, Op.41 (Duet) (pub.1837)

Nivers, Guillaume-Gabriel (ca. 1632–1714)

  • Observations sur le toucher et jeu de l'orgue (1665, included in Livre d'orgue contenant cent pièces). Available on : GALLICA
  • Méthode facile pour apprendre à chanter la musique (1666, also attributed to Charles le Maire[1]). Available on : GALLICA
  • Traité de la composition de musique (1667)
  • Dissertation sur le chant grégorien (1683)
  • L'art d'accompagner sur la basse continue (1689, included in Motets а voix seule)
  • Méthode certaine pour apprendre le plain-chant de l'Église (1698)
  • Complete Liturgical Editions
  • Passiones D.N.J.C. cum benedictione ceres Paschalis (1670)

Nixon, Henry Cotter (1842–1907)

4th son of Henry George Nixon.

  • Piano Trio No.1 (composed ca.1879)
  • Violin Sonata

Nohr, Christian Friedrich (1800–1875)

  • String Quartets Op.4
  • String Quintet Op.7

Noren, Heinrich Gottlieb (1861–1928)

  • Kaleidoskop, Variations and Double Fugue, Op.30 (pub.1908)
  • Vita: Sinfoni für modernes Orchester, Op.36 (pub.1911)
  • Symphonische Serenade, Op.48 (pub.1915)

Norman, Ludvig (1831–1885)

  • Violin Sonata in D minor, Op.3 (Kistner, 1852).
  • Piano Trio in D major, Op.4 (pub. Kistner, 1853).
  • Piano Quartet in E minor, Op.10 (pub. Kistner, 1862).
  • Cello Sonata in D, Op.28 (pub. Kistner, 1876).
  • String Quartet No.2 in E, Op.20 (pub. Bagge, 1882.)
  • String Quartet No.4 in D Minor, Op.24?? (not sure. from Wikipedia but not positive where that part of the list was from, and I think I helped compile it, too. likewise quartet 4 in C. must check.- Schissel) (actually, given as "quartet 4" here, though opus 42 is also called quartet 4 in some sources. It's probably quartet 5 ...)
  • Piano Trio No.2 in B minor, Op.38 (pub. by 1911.)
  • Symphony No.2 in E major, Op.40 (pub. Musikaliska Konstföreningen, 1873.)
  • Symphony No.3 in D minor, Op.58 (pub. Musikaliska Konstföreningen, 1885.)
  • String Quartet no.4 in C major, Op.41/2 (poss. unpublished??)
  • String Quartet no.5 in A minor, Op.65 (pub.Bagge, 1887.)
  • Jordens oro viker, 4-part mixed choir

Nováček, Ottokar (1866–1900)

  • Concerto Eroica for piano & orchestra [Full Orchestral Score]

Novák, Vítězslav (1879–1941)

  • Serenade in F major (not opus 9 though often given that opus number. opus 9 is the Serenaden: 4 Piano pieces, or Serenades, Op.9 (Novák, Vítězslav), a much much briefer work than the 40-minute serenade in F.)
  • Violin concerto in E minor (Sibley has piano reduction)

Nowakowski, Józef (1800–1865)

  • Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Op.17 (pub.1841)
  • Duo for violin and piano, Op.18 (pub.1841)
  • Trombone concertino (op.posth.? Pub.1905, Bremen: Fischer)

Nowowiejski, Feliks (1877–1946)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • organ works
  • Legend for violin and orchestra (or piano) , op.32 (p. 1914, piano ed., full score also)
  • Orchestral symphonies (so far as PD-CA)

Oberleithner, Max von (1868–1935)

(some sources omit the von according to VIAF, which has both. Max Heinrich von Oberleithner.)

  • 2 Symphonies (no.2 pub. by 1905) (parts, all 4 movements (it seems?) of Sym. in F (no.1?), which was pub. in Signale Oct. 9 1901, in ms-copy @ SBB acc. to RISM)

Ockeghem, Johannes (ca.1410–1497)

Oechsner, Andreas Johann Lorenz (1815–1886)

  • Pastoral-Mass, Op.5 (pub.1845)

Oelschlegel, Alfred (1847–1915)

  • 2 String Quartets, Op.113 (pub.1901)

Offenbach, Jacques (1819–1880)

  • Les Larmes du Jacqueline
  • La Perichole, vocal score
Now uploaded here.
  • La Vie Parisienne, overture in full score
  • Grand duo Concertante for two cellos, parts
  • Complete Piano Solo Works
  • Concerto militaire for cello and orchestra
  • Grand Duchess of Gerolstein Overture - full score
  • Orphée aux enfers Full Score (not just Overture, but entire work)

Oley, Johann Christoph (1738–1789)

  • Chorale Prel.

Ollone, Max d' (1875–1959)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Lamento pour Orchestre (1908)

Olsson, Otto (1879–1964)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • String Quartet No.2, Op.27 (1906?1907; pub.1913) in G/ G minor


  • Second Symphony - Credo Symphoniacum Op. 50 (1918, pub.1927)
  • String Quartet in A minor (1947, pub.1979)
  • Organ Symphony No. 1 in E Op. 15 (1902) (it seems, first pub.2005??)

Onslow, George (1784–1853)

  • Cello Sonata - which one? we have Op.16 sonatas
  • String quintet 26, opus 67, in C minor (1844, pub.1845)
  • Symphony No.2 in D minor op.42 (pub. Kistner ca.1832, republished recently)
  • Symphony No.4 in G major op.71 (pub. Kistner 1800s - manuscript at Free Library of Philadelphia.)
  • Violin Sonatas op. 11/1 and op. 11/2
  • Piano Trios op. 3/1 and op. 3/2

Onslow, Maurice (1786–1834)

  • Cantate "Le Sacre de Charles X" (pub.1826) (BdlF has just "Onslow" for composer, Worldcat has Maurice Onslow- his only composition?)

Oppel, Reinhard (1878–1941)

  • Solo violin sonata in D minor op.12 (pub.1912, Tischer&Jagenburg, and earlier self-published in 1910. BSB has- unscanned in, of course for now - this latter edition) (appears in HMB under "Oppel, Reinhold" but assuming that the composer is the same-Schissel)
  • Suite in E minor for solo violin op.19 (pub. 1913. self-published in Kiel apparently? also at BSB.)
  • String Quartet "No.4" in F minor, Op.33 (pub.1929, Peters) (his other quartets are in ms e.g. here)

Orefice, Giacomo (1865–1922)

  • Il gladiatore : dramma lirico in un atto (libretto by Pietro Cossa (1830–1881), pub. 1897? by Bologna: A. Tedeschi.)

Orellana, Ignatius de (1860–1931)

  • String Quartet in G major (pub.1890s)

Ornstein, Leo (1893–2002)

All works under copyright worldwide. No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Dance of the Fates (S822)
  • Piano Concerto (S824)

Ortells, Antonio Teodoro (1649–1706)

  • Oratorio sacro a la Passione de Christo

Ortiz, Diego (1510–1570)

  • Balleto et Corrento per il violoncello agitona la spinetta

Ortner, Anton (1823–1900)

  • String Quartet in G minor, Op.28 (Falter, 1862)

Oswald, Henrique (1852–1931)

  • Piano Quintet in C major (pub.1937) (@FLP main lib.)
  • Berceuse No.2 for violin & piano (©1922, Composer's Music)

Otaka, Hisatada (1911–1951)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Sonatine for piano (Op.13?) (pub.1965?)
  • Flute concerto (if possible)
  • Symphony No.1 (if possible)

Pabst, Paul (1854–1897)

  • Six Morceaux Caracteristiques for piano, Op. 84

Pachelbel, Johann (1653–1706)

  • Ciacona (Chaconne)in D minor
  • Ciacona (Chaconne)in D major
  • Organ Works --> most (or all?) of the organ works are here!
    • Magnificats
    • Chorale Preludes
    • Preludes & Fugues
  • Any Preludes, Toccatas, Fantasias, Fugues, Chaconnes, Chorale preludes, Chorale variations, etc. not in DTB.
  • Preludes and Fugues and other works from Mylau Tabulature
  • Works from the Weimarer Orgeltabulatur
  • Sacred Concertos
  • Deus in adjutorium meum intende, ingressus, SSATB, 2vn, 3va, b.c., d minor P 92, T 396 & 382, WPC 426
  • Deus in adjutorium meum intende, ingressus, SATB, 2vn, fg, b.c., g minor (no. 1) P 95, T 399, WPC 428
  • Deus in adjutorium meum intende, ingressus, SSATB, 2vn, va, 2vg, fg, b.c., g minor (no. 2) P 96, T 400, WPC 429
  • Deus in adjutorium meum intende, ingressus, SSATB, 2vn, 3va, fg, b.c., a minor P 98, T 402, WPC 431
  • Deutlich Anweisung. Wie man durchs ganze Jahr bey wehrenden Gottesdienst, so wohl in den Vespern als Tagambt, bey S. Sebald m. der Orgel zu intonieren und zu respondiren sich zu verhalten habe.
  • Fantasia (Weimar copy, details unknown)
  • Fantasia (Weimar copy, details unknown)
  • Alle Menschen müssen sterben P 377a T 82 WPC 124

Pachelbel, Wilhelm Hieronymus (1686–1764)

Pacius, Fredrik (1809–1891)

  • Violin concerto (comp.1845)
  • Opera Kung Karls jakt (1852)

Paderewski, Ignacy Jan (1860–1941)

Paganini, Niccolò (1782–1840)

  • Duetto Amoroso per violino e chitarra
  • Variation on "God Save the Queen", Op. 9
  • Violin Concerto No. 1 in D (Eb) Major, Op. 6 (Score)
  • Violin Concerto No. 2 in B Minor, Op. 7 (Score)
  • Violin Concerto No. 3 in E Major, MS 50
  • Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Minor (Score and a better quality version of violin part)
  • Violin Concerto No. 6 in E Minor (Score and a better quality version of violin part)
  • Caprice no. 24 for violin and piano (Auer/Schumman)
  • Violin Concerto No.1 in Eb Major, Op. 6 First Version
  • Three Duets For Violin And Bassoon, MS 130
  • Couvent Du Mont St. Bernard for violin, orchestra and male chorus, MS67
  • Polacca con variazioni in A major, MS 18
  • 3 Duetti for Violin & Cello, MS 107

Pahnke, Woldemar (1871–1934)

  • String Quartet in A minor (perf. 1905? Not published until 1934, it seems. Ah well. PD-CA, anyway, if renewed.)

Paine, John Knowles (1839–1906)

  • String Quartet, Op.5 - manuscript uploaded. Published score and parts should be PD-US (govt. publication and/or no renewal)
  • An Island Fantasy, Op. 44 - Full Score/Orchestral Parts. (Op.44 Poseidon & Amphitrite? or something else??)

Paisiello, Giovanni (1740–1816)

  • Il Barbiere di Siviglia, vocal score and full score
  • La Molinara, vocal score
  • Nina, ossia la pazza per amore, vocal score
  • R 3.02 - La Passione di Nostro Signor Gesù Cristo
  • R 3.03 - Passio secundum Mattheum
  • R 3.04 - Passio di San Giovanni
  • R 3.05 – Il transito di San Luigi Gansaga
  • R 3.06 – Cantata fatta in occasione della transalazione del sangue di S. Gennaro
  • R 3.07 – Baldassare
  • R 3.08 – Cantata per la Sollenità del SS. Corpo di Cristo
  • R 3.09 – Cantata per la transalazione del sangue del glorioso martire S. Gennaro
  • R 3.11 - Passio per la domenica delle Palme
  • R 3.12 - Passio per il venerdi Santo
  • R 4.05 - Veni ferox, veni in G minor
  • R 4.13 - Messa in Pastorale per il Natale in G major
  • R 4.14 - Mass for Passion and Palm Sundays in F major
  • R 4.20 - Sitibundi desolati in D minor
  • R 4.47 - Laudate pueri in E minor
  • R 5.01 - Missa Defunctorum in C minor
  • R 5.58 - Stabat Mater del Pergolese in C minor
  • R 5.59 - Libera me Domine in D minor
  • R 6.17 - Psalm: Laetatus sum in D minor
  • R 6.21 - Responsoria Nativitatis Domini in E minor
  • R 6.22 - Responsori per la settimana santa
  • R 6.23 - Responsori per Giovedi Santo
  • R 6.24 - Responsori per Venerdi Santo
  • R 6.25 - Lamentazione prima in C major
  • R 6.26 - Lamentazione seconda in G major
  • R 6.26 - Lamentazione terza in F major
  • R 6.28 - Lezione per la sera del Giovedi Santo
  • R 6.29 - Christus factus est in A minor
  • R 6.30 - Miserere a 5 in D minor
  • R 6.31 - Hymn: Pange lingua in C minor
  • R 8.10 - Keyboard Concerto No.1 in C major
  • R 8.11 - Keyboard Concerto No.2 in F major
  • R 8.14 – Collection of rondos and capriccios for keyboard
  • R 8.15 - Keyboard Concerto No.3 in A major
  • R 8.16 - Keyboard Concerto No.4 in G minor
  • R 8.17 - Keyboard Concerto No.5 in D major
  • R 8.18 - Keyboard Concerto No.6 in B flat major
  • R 8.19 - Keyboard Concerto No.7 in A major
  • R 8.20 - Keyboard Concerto No.8 in C major
  • R 8.22 – Marche funèbre pour le Général Hoche in C minor
  • R 8.25 - Symphony in C major
  • R E.02 - Sinfonia in E major

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da (1525 or 1526–1594)

Palicot, Georges (1863–1921)

  • Grand Solo pathétique (Sapho) for cello and piano (pub.1893, Paris: Voiry)
  • Other cello/piano works

Palmgren, Selim (1878–1951)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Ungarischer Tanz for Piano (may be in copyright, since it may be posthumous?)
  • Rondo a Capriccio, Op.49b or Op.53 (Published ca.1930 by London : Augener)
  • Ballad with Theme and Variations for Piano, Op.18 (lost? I know it was published because it is mentioned in literature, but not even WorldCat has it, and I can find no signs that it exists today.)
  • Preludietto, Op.84 No.1 (Published ca.1927 by London : Augener)
  • En pastoral i 3 scener, Op.50 (piano/orchestra versions) (Piano version published ca.1920 by Kbh. (also Leipzig or Frankfurt) : Wilhelm Hansen)

Pals, Leopold van der (1882–1966)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

(also Leopold van Gilse van der Pals)

  • Concertpiece in B minor, Op.10 (©1912)
  • Rhapsodie Op.73 (published n.d.1931 (see HMB 1931, 90))

Pape, Ludwig (1809–1855)

  • String Quartet No.1 in F, Op.6 (p.1833)
  • String Quintet (2 Vcl.) (1834)
  • Quartet No.2, Op.10 (1841) (Hofmeister 2587)
  • Quartet No.3 (pub.1845)
  • 4 Works for 4 Cellos (posthumous?)
  • Elegie for Cello and Piano (at Universiteit van Amsterdam, Centrale Bibliotheek)
  • Symphony in D major (Detmold Library) if possible

Pâque, Désiré (1867–1939)

  • Violin Sonata No.2, Op.32, p1898
  • Symphonie No.1 for organ, Op.67, p1911
  • Piano Sonata No.1, Op.68, p1912
  • Piano Sonata No.3, Op.70, p1912
  • Requiem, Op.41, p.1912
  • 2 petits quatuors pour quatre voix de femmes, Op.120 (p.1933, Schneider)
  • 10 Atonal pieces for piano for youth, Op.106 (p.1930, Schneider)

Paradies, Pietro Domenico (1709–1791)

  • Keyboard music
  • Cantatas
  • Organ works

Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings (1848–1918)

  • I was glad (see CPDL)
  • Blest pair of Sirens (full score)
  • Symphony no. 4
  • Any Organ Works (Fantasias, Chorale Preludes, etc)
  • Manuscripts of the 3 string quartets and quintet

Pasquini, Bernardo (1637–1710)

  • Keyboard works
  • Organ works
  • Oratorios
  • Sonate per gravecembalo (1702) composte dal Sig. Bernardo Pasquini, e scritte di sua mano in questo libro.

Pasquini, Ercole (ca.1560–1619)

  • 6 Toccatas
  • 2 Durezze
  • 9 or 10 Canzonas
  • 5 sets of variations
  • 3 dances
  • an intabulation of Cipriano de Rore's madrigal Ancor che co'l partire.

Pauer, Ernst (1826–1905)

  • Cello Sonata, Op.45 (1853, pub.1855)
  • Deux Sonates pour le piano, à l'usage des commençants, Op.38 (pub.1855, Schott)

Paumgartner, Hans (1843–1896)

  • Piano Quartet (pub.1888)

Pazdírek, Bohumil (1839–1919)

  • Piano Quintet in E major, Op.60 (p.1870 - pseud. as J.P. Gotthard)

Pejačević, Dora (1885–1923)

  • Piano Trio No.2, Op.29 (pub.1913 by Rózsavölgyi, plate 3589)
  • Sonate Slave (vn/pf), Op.43 (pub.1919)
  • Violin Sonata, Op.26 (1909, pub.1911. Repub.1995.)
  • Symphony Op.41 (pub. by 1923 but n.d.?)
  • Canzonetta for violin, op.8 (pub. by Budapest: Harmonia, ca.1901 judging from plate?)
  • Walzer-capricen, Op.28 (pub.1912 by Rozsavolgyi)

Pepusch, John Christopher (1667–1752)

  • Keyboard works
  • Organ works
  • Sacred Vocal works
  • The Death of Dido
  • Menaloas
  • Chamber music in minor keys
  • Orchestral music in minor keys

Peraut, Mathieu (fl.1797–1804)

  • Méthode pour la Flûte (Paris, c.1800)

Perger, Richard von (1854–1911)

  • Serenade for Cello and String Orchestra, Op.21
  • Violin Concerto in C minor, Op.22 (at FLP)
  • Operas

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710–1736)

  • Stabat Mater (orchestra parts) - Manuscript now available
  • Sonata (in stile di Concerto) in Eb Major for Violin with accomp. of 2 Violins, Viola and Basso continuo
  • "Tilge, Höchster, meine Sünden" (Bach arrangement of Stabat mater), BWV 1083 (Full Score and Manuscript).
  • Orfeo altrimenti noto come Nel chiuso centro - Cantata per soprano e archi. Talvolta attribuita anche a Benedetto Marcello.
  • Salve Regina in Do minore, mottetto per soprano, archi e basso continuo.(*)
  • Salve regina in Fa minore, mottetto per contralto, archi e basso continuo.
  • Miserere II in Do minore.
  • Violin Concerto in B Flat Major-string orchestra
  • Violin Sonata in E major

Perinello, Carlo (1877–1942)

  • Piano Quintet in B minor, Op.7 (pub.1911)

Perosi, Lorenzo (1872–1956)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • La Passione di Cristo (1897)
  • La Trasfigurazione di Cristo (1898)
  • La Risurrezione di Lazzaro (1898)
  • La Risurrezione di Cristo (1898)
  • Il Natale del Redentore (1899)
  • La Strage degli Innocenti (1900)

Perti, Giacomo Antonio (1661–1756)

  • Oratorio della Passione, 1685
  • La Passione di Cristo, 1694
  • Cristo al Limbo, 1698
  • Gesù al Sepolcro, 1703
  • La Sepoltura di Cristo, 1704
  • La Passione di Cristo, 1721
  • Oratorio della nascita del Signore, no date
  • La sepoltura di Cristo, non datato (differente da Bologna, 1704; attribuito a Perti, possibile rielaborazione di un lavoro di Giacomo Cesare Predieri; tramandato anche col titolo spurio di San Giovanni)
  • 28 Masses
  • Sonatas and Sinfonias for Instruments

Pescetti, Giovanni Battista (1704–1766)

  • Conquista del vello d'oro (published 1739, London, as The conquest of the golden fleece.)
  • 4 lavori per organo
  • 2 Sonate per clavicembalo
  • Lezione per tastiera

Pessard, Émile (1843–1917)

  • 2nd Grande valse de concert, Op.99 (pub.1893); similar works
  • Tartarin sous les alpes, entr'acte symphonique pour orchestre (pub.1890, Margueritat) (also generally Emile Pessard's incidental music for Charles de Courcy and Henri Bocage's comedy "Tartarin sur[?] les Alpes" (some published also in 1888))

Peters, Guido (1866–1937)

  • Symphonies (no.1 in E "Landliche" 1889/90, no.2 in Em. 1900–1903 (manuscript), no.3 in F minor 1914–18, pub. 1920) (acc. ÖBL)

(symphony 3 only currently available from Fleisher Collection)

  • Cello Sonata in F minor (Universal Edition, ©1921)

Petersenn, Georg von (1849–1930)

  • Piano Sonata, Op.3 (ca.1883)

Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm (1867–1942)

  • Frösöblomster II and III (Piano parts)
  • Symphonies
  • Various piano works published by Hachette of Paris in 1907 (Esquisses musicales, Op.13 ; Morceaux lyriques; Canzonetta ; 4 Poèmes de danse)

Petrali, Vincenzo Antonio (1830–1889)

  • Any organ works - Please, look again!

Petrini-Zamboni, Nicola (1785–1849)

  • 3 String Quartets (pub. under Zamboni) (published Hofmeister, 1845)

Petrucci, Ottaviano (1466–1539)

  • Canti B
  • Canti C

Pfeiffer, Georges Jean (1835–1908)

  • Sonata for 2 Pianos, Op.65 (pub.1879)
  • Piano Concerto No.1, Op.11 (pub.1859)
  • Piano Concerto No.2, Op.21 (pub.1864 by Gambogi)
  • Piano Concerto No.3 in C minor, Op.86 (ca.1875)
  • Piano Trio No.1, Op.14 (pub.1862 by Brandus & Dufour) (Sibley has. Plate 10479)
  • Marine, étude symphonique, Op.131 (pub. in arrangement in 1893 by Dupont)

Pfitzner, Hans (1869–1949)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Cello Concerto in A minor (1888–89)
  • Op.43 - Duo for violin, cello and orchestra or piano (1937)

Philipp, Isidor (1863–1958)

Piazzano, Geremia (1841–1921)

  • Note Radioattive, Capriccio per Pianoforte

Piazzolla, Astor (1921–1992)

Under copyright worldwide.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

The earliest that scores by Piazzolla can be hosted by IMSLP (Canada) is 2043.
Please do not bother adding any items to this wishlist until 2041 at the earliest; they will simply be deleted without comment.

Piccinini, Alessandro (1566–1639)

  • Toccata für Laute Nr. 13
  • Intavolatura di liuto, et di chitarrone, libro primo - Bologna 1623

Piccone, Francesco (1685–1745)

Piel, Peter (1835–1904)

  • Op.6 - Vorspielbuch enthaltend Orgelvorspiele zu den gebräuchlichsten katholischen Kirchenliedern insbesondere zu sämtlichen Gesängen des Kölner Diözesanbuches. CVK No.209 Band 1. & Band 2.-(Cöln: Tonger 1873); Band 3.-(Düsseldorf: Schwann 1895).
  • Op.37 - 12 Orgel-Trio zum Studium und zu kirchlichem Gebrauche. (Düsseldorf: Schwann 1884).
  • Op.75 - 12 Orgel-Trio über Motive aus liturgischen Gesängen. Zum Studium u. zu kirchlichem Gebrauche. (Düsseldorf: Schwann 1895). CVK No.1766
  • Op.76 - 64 Stücke in den alten Tonarten f. Org. od. Harm. zum Studium u. zu kirchlichem Gebrauche. (Düsseldorf: Schwann 1896). CVK No.1918
  • Op.113 - Kurze Orgelsätze. CVK No.3143

Pierné, Gabriel (1863–1937)

Pischna, Josef (1826–1896)

  • Preparatory Exercises
  • The Little Pischna

Piutti, Carl (1846–1902)

  • Choralbearbeitungen op. 34 for organ (first print 1900)

Pixis, Johann Peter (1788–1874)

  • Piano Concerto in C, Op. 100 [Full Score or 2-piano reduction]
  • Double Concerto for Violin & Piano [Full Score or parts] (see Pixis category for notes on this "piece")

Plaidy, Louis (1810–1874)

  • Der Clavierlehrer

Planchet, Dominique Charles (1857–1946)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Capriccio for violin and piano (pub.1888)

Platen, Horst (1884–1964)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Opera "Heilige Morgen" (©1919)

Platti, Giovanni Benedetto (1697–1763)

  • Stabat Mater Dolorosa
  • Concerti grossi, after op. 5 of Arcangelo Corelli
  • Concerto in C minor for piano, strings and orchertra
  • 6 sonatas for harpsichord op. 4
  • 6 „Sonates pour le clavessin sur le goût italien“, op.1 (Nürnberg, 1742)
  • Konzert für Oboe, Streicher und b.c.
  • 16 Konzerte für obligates Violoncello, Streicher und Bass
  • 9 Konzerte für Violoncello concertato, Streicher und Bass
  • 2 Oratorien, Franchonia cristiana und Sant'Elena a calvario, 1732
  • Sonatas for cello and B.C.

Pleyel, Camille (1788–1855)

  • Thème varié pour le piano et violoncelle ou violon (co-composed poss. with Charles-Nicolas Baudiot acc. to BNF?) (pub.1819)
  • Op.1 - Rondeau parisien, pour le pianoforte (pub. by I[gnaz?] Pleyel)
  • Op.1 - 3 Piano Trios (pub. by I. Pleyel)
  • Op.2 - Violin Sonata
  • Op.3 - Piano Quartet (pub. by I. Pleyel)
  • Cello Sonata (Op.6?) (pub.1821 by I. Pleyel)

Plumhof, Henri (1836–1914)

  • Ode helvétique, Op.14 (pub.1887)
  • String quartets in G minor and D major (autographs at Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire, Lausanne)

Polignac, Edmond de (1834–1901)

  • String Quartet No.2 (pub.1864, Richault)

Pollini, Francesco (1762–1846)

  • Methodo del clavicembelo (c.1811)

Ponce Cuéllar, Manuel María (1882–1948)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Estrellita for piano solo

Popper, David (1843–1913)

  • Requiem, Op.66 (full orchestra score and orch. parts)
  • Concerto No. 4 Op. 72 (Full orchestra score and parts, published 1900)
  • Concerto No. 2 Op. 24 (Orchestra parts, published 1880)

Porpora, Nicola Antonio (1686–1766)

  • Gedeone
  • Il martirio di Santa Eugenia
  • I martìri di San Giovanni Nepomuceno
  • Il verbo incarnato
  • Davide
  • Il trionfo della divina giustizia
  • 6 sinfonie da camera a 3, op. 2 (1736, Londra)
  • Ouverture roiale per orchestra (1763)
  • Concerto in sol maggiore per violoncello e archi
  • Concerto per flauto e archi
  • 2 fughe per clavicembalo
  • complete violin sonatas

Porumbescu, Ciprian (1853–1883)

  • Balada for violin and piano
  • Romanian Rhapsody for orchestra
  • Reveria for violin and piano
  • Dorul for violin and piano
  • O Sara Pe Stana for piano
  • Dimineata pe Tampa (Morning on Tampa) for piano
  • Hora Detrunchiatilor for piano
  • Hora Brasovului for piano
  • Zana Dunari (Danube Fairy) for piano
  • Nocturnes for piano
  • String Quintet
  • The paraphrase on a Musical Theme for orchestra
  • The Altar of Putna Monastery for voice and piano
  • The Prisoner's Sigh for voice and piano
  • The Priests Daughter for voice and piano
  • Eu te Iubiam (I loved you) for voice and piano
  • Dormi Usor (Serenada) for choir
  • Any other chamber music or choral works

Poulenc, Francis (1899–1963)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Les biches, FP 36 (1923)
    • Suite therefrom for orchestra alone, FP 36b (1939-40)
  • Concerto for organ, strings, and timpani (1938), FP 93 (©1939)
  • Violin Sonata (No.4) (1942–43/49), FP 119 (©1944 orig.v., 1949 rev.)
    (first 3 Poulenc sonatas for violin missing, dest. or lost.)
  • Les mamelles de Tirésias (1944), FP 125 (not fully uploaded)
  • Stabat mater (1950–51), FP 148 (v.s. uploaded)
  • Sonata for 2 pianos (1953), FP 156
  • Flute Sonata (1956–57), FP 164 (©1958)
  • 7 Répons des ténèbres (1961), FP 181 – chorus parts uploaded; full score desired
  • Clarinet Sonata (1962), FP 184 (©1963)
  • Orchestral/ensemble versions of the Suite française d’après Claude Gervaise, Cocardes, Litanies à la Vierge Noire, etc.
  • Sonata for horn, trumpet and trombone, FP 33 (1922/1945) (©1951 or earlier)

Praetorius, Hieronymus (I) (1560–1629)

  • Organ and Keyboard works
  • Masses
  • Magnificat settings
  • Kyries

Praetorius, Hieronymus (II) (ca. 1620–?)

  • Any works

Praetorius, Hieronymus (III) (1614–1629)

  • Organ works
  • Sacred vocal works

Praetorius, Jacob (1586–1651)

  • Organ and Keyboard works
  • Sacred vocal works

Praetorius, Jakob (I) (1520–1586)

  • Any works

Praetorius, Johann (1595–1660)

  • Organ works

Praetorius, Michael (1571–1621)

  • Terpsichore (any dances)

Praetorius, Michael (II) (ca. 1587–1624)

  • Any works

Pratt, Silas Gamaliel (1846–1916)

  • Symphony No.1 in E minor (1870, premiered? 1871 Berlin)
  • Symphony No.2 "Prodigal Son" Op.33 in A (1875?, premiered 1876 Berlin)
  • Symphony No.3 (or Suite) "Tempest" (1885)

Prohaska, Karl (1869–1927)

  • String Quintet, Op.16 (pub.1919)

Prokofiev, Sergey (1891–1953)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Alexander Nevsky Op.78 -full score for first movement and parts available
  • Cinderella Orchestral Suites No.2 Op.108, No.3 Op.109
  • Romeo and Juliet symphonic suites No 1, 2, and 3
  • Scythian Suite - parts and score -string parts uploaded
  • Violin Sonata in F minor Op.80
  • The tale of the stone flower op. 118 - complete orchestral score


  • L'ange de feu/The Fiery Angel, Op.37 (1920-26) (opera) (-probably- in copyright for now since, it seems?, first published, aside from ms materials, in 1965 (not counting a suite, if you want to count his 3rd symphony as a suite!). Premiered 1955.)

Prout, Ebenezer (1835–1909)

  • Op.26 Clarinet Sonata in D major (For Piano and Viola. Arranged by the Composer.)/-- London : Augener & Co, [1890]
  • Op.32 Romance for the Viola with Pianoforte accompaniment. -- London : Augener & Co, [1900]
  • Op.5 . Organ concerto no.1 in one movement in E minor (1870/premiered 1872/pub. 1873)
  • Op.35. Organ concerto no.2 in E (pub. by 1909)
  • Op.4. Organ sonata (published 1872/3)

Prudent, Émile (1817–1863)

  • Concerto-symphonie, Op.34 (p.1849/50 by Brandus)
  • Piano Concerto No.2 "La prairie", Op.48 (pub.1856)
  • Les trois rêves, Op.67, for piano & orch. (1863?)
  • 6 Romances sans paroles, Op.46 or 47?

Puccini, Giacomo (1858–1924)

Works first published after 1964 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Preludio sinfonico, Orchestra (expecially Strings and brasses sheets)
  • E L'uccellino, Song
  • 3 Minuetti for String Quartet
  • Chrisanthemums

Puchat, Max (1859–1919)

  • Overture on a Nordic Theme, Op.22 (pub.1890)

Pugni, Cesare (1802–1870)

  • Ondine, ou la Naiade (1843) Piano reduction
  • Pas de Six from La Vivandiere (1844) Piano reduction

Purcell, Henry (1659–1695)

  • The Fairy Queen (First edition published in 2009)
?? Please clarify: there’s been a published edition of this long before 2009 (pub. Novello). Do you want this or the new 2009 edition by Bruce Wood and Andrew Pinnock — which is unlikely to be permitted. PML
  • Come, ye Sons of Art, Z 323
See my edition over at CPDL. One day I might get around to uploading it here… PML
  • So when the glitt'ring Queen of Night, movement 9 from Yorkshire Feast Song, Z.333. Vocal and any instrumental parts.
  • "We come"(no joy like this...) from The Libertine, Z.600
  • Welcome to all the pleasures (Ode to St. Cecilia) Z.339
  • Service in B, Z.230

Quagliati, Paolo (1555–1628)

  • Recercate et canzone per sonare et cantare. Libro 1 a 4 voci. (1601)
  • Madrigali a quattro voci. 1. : Concertati per cantar con l'Instromento, con vn Libro, separato doue stà il Basso seguito... (1608)
  • Motecta Octonis et Psalmus Dixit Dn̄s : duodenis vocibus : una cum basso ad organum : cantus II chori (Romae : Apud Io: Baptistam Robletum, 1612.)

Quantz, Johann Joachim (1697–1773)

  • Flute Sonatas
  • Flute Concerti
  • Concerto For Flute In G Minor QV5:192 (Flute/Piano)
  • Flute concerti in C minor
  • Flute concerti in D minor
  • Flute concerti in E minor
  • Flute concerti in G minor
  • Flute concerti in A minor
  • Flute concerti in B minor
  • QV 6:3 - Concerto No. 59 for flute, oboe and violin in E minor
  • QV 6:4 - Pastorale in G major

Rachmaninoff, Sergei (1873–1943)

Works first published after 1964 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Solo Piano part of piano concerti
  • 1 piano version of all concerti
  • Transcriptions - Kreisler's Liebesfreud and Liebeslied (1925?)
  • Youth symphony
  • Melodie in D major for cello and piano (1890)
  • The Miserly Knight, Op. 24 (full score) - the other two operas are here
  • Prelude for Cello and Piano, Op.2 No.1 (1892)
  • Vocalise, Op.34, No.14 arranged by Jules Conus for violin, cello and piano (Breitkopf und Härtel, 1928)

These works under copyright worldwide. No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Daisies for violin and piano (transcribed by Heifetz)

Racquet, Charles (1597–1664)

  • 12 Duos for Organ

Radeck, Johann Martin (ca. 1623–1684)

  • Organ works

Radecke, Robert (1830–1911)

  • Symphony, Op.50

Radecke, Rudolf (1829–1893)

Older brother of Robert Radecke (1830–1911). See Talk:List of compositions by Robert Radecke for an ulterior motive for my interest here: worklist ambiguity, reduction of.-Schissel 14? published works with opus number (and a couple apparently without) of which

  • Psalm 23, Op.13 (pub.1877)
  • Zwei Lieder (Trinklied ; Morgenwanderung) f. vierstimm. Männerchor, Op.14 (pub.1891, Challier & Co.) seem the most interesting offhand.

Radecki, Olga von (1853–1933)

  • Piano Trio (ms? ca.1889?)

Radeglia, Vittorio (1863–1941)

  • Berceuse, Op.1 (p.1886)
  • Cello Sonata, Op.27 (p.1901) (may be lost?)
  • Suite for piano, Op.42 (©1908)

Radnai, Miklós (1892–1935)

  • Viola Sonata in D minor, pub.1919

Radziwill, Antoni (1775–1833)

(also: Antoni Henryk Radziwiłł or Anton Heinrich von Radziwill)

Raff, Joachim (1822–1882)

  • Suite de morceaux, Op.75 - [complete] (pub.1859/60)
  • Duo for Piano and Cello or Violin, Op.59 (1852) - piano score needed
  • Symphonies (1 - parts; 4 - full score and parts; 5 - parts; 6-9 - full scores and parts; 10 & 11 - parts)
  • Festmarsch, op.139 (1878) (copy at Sibley)
  • Concert-overture op.123

Ragué, Louis Charles (1760–1793)

  • Symphonies, Op.10
  • Quartet for harp, violin, cello, viola (or horn) (pub.ca.1792)
  • 3 harp sonatas with violin accompaniment, Op.18 (pub.ca.1792)

Raif, Oskar (1847–1899)

  • Violin Sonata Op.11 (p.1878)

Raison, André (1640s–1719)

  • Second livre d`Orgue sur les acclamations de la paix tant desirées … 1714
  • Offertoire du 5e ton
  • Messe du 3e ton

Ramann, Lina (1833–1912)

  • Technische Studien (2 books, 1860-61)
  • Grundriss der Technik des Klavierspiels (3 parts, 1885-85)
  • 4 Sonatinen zum Gebrauch beim Unterricht, Op.9 (Kahnt, 1872)

Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683–1764)

  • Pièces de clavecin en Concert (Rameau, Jean-Philippe), violon 2ieme
(The 1741 edition states in the title that one can use a second violin in stead of the bass viol, but none of the three editions on IMSLP contains this part.)
  • Les Boreades - full score or orchestral suite
  • Mémoire où l'on expose les fondemens du Système de musique théorique et pratique de M. Rameau (1749)
  • Nouvelles réflexions de M. Rameau sur sa 'Démonstration du principe de l'harmonie' (Paris, 1752)
  • Suite des erreurs sur la musique dans l'Encyclopédie (Paris, 1756)
  • Reponse de M. Rameau à MM. les editeurs de l'Encyclopédie sur leur dernier Avertissement (Paris, 1757)
  • Nouvelles réflexions sur le principe sonore (1758–9)
  • Lettre à M. Alembert sur ses opinions en musique (Paris, 1760)
  • Origine des sciences, suivie d'un controverse sur le même sujet (Paris, 1762)
  • L'Enharmonique (Rameau, Jean-Philippe)
  • Castor et Pollux (suite): conductor's score

Ramsöe, Wilhelm (1837–1895)

  • Brass Quartets 1 and 4, parts

Rangström, Ture (1884–1947)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Symphony No.2 Mitt Land (pub.1922)
  • Symphony No.1 August Strindberg in Memoriam (pub.1949, if not earlier - PD-CA, anyway)
  • Partita in B minor for violin and piano or small orchestra (pub.1935, Universal Ed. Recently republished by MPH. PD-CA, anyway)
  • Suite, no.2 "In modo barocco", for violin & piano (pub.1923) (PD-CA only most likely)
  • Symphony no.3 in D major (pub.ca.1930)
  • Divertimento elegiaco for string orchestra (pub.1918)

Ranzato, Virgilio (1883–1937)

  • Cin ci la (1925, vocal score)

Raphael, Günter (1903–1960)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

Probably all of his published works are PD-CA-only at present.

  • Kleine sonate, Op.2 (pub.1924)
  • Kammerkonzert D-moll, Op.24 (pub.1930)
  • Clarinet Quintet (serenade), Op.4 (pub.1925)
  • String Quartet No.1 in E minor, Op.5 (pub.1925)
  • Piano Quintet in C minor, Op.6 (pub.1925)
  • Cello Sonata in B minor, Op.14 (pub.1926)
  • String Quintet in F minor, Op.17 (pub.1927)

Rasse, François (1873–1955)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Symphonie romantique, Op.32 (1901)
  • String Quartet No.2 (published n.d.?) (CeBeDeM gives his 3 quartets 1896 (op.12), 1898 (no.1), 1919 (no.2) - comp dates?)
  • Piano Quartet, Quintet (composed 1920, 1914)

Ratez, Emile Pierre (1851–1934)

  • Cello Sonata in D, Op.18 (pub.1889?)
  • Piano Trio No.3? in C, Op.24 (pub.1892?)
  • Lydéric (opera, pub.1896, Leduc)
  • Piano Quartet, Op.30 (pub.1897/98, Leduc)
  • Fantaisie-Fugue, Op.56 for contrabass and orchestra (pub.1911)
  • Le dragon vert, opéra en deux actes (pub.1907)
  • Paula : tragédie lyrique en 5 tableaux (pub.190x?)
  • Viola Sonata, Op.48 (pub.190x?)
  • (Piano) Trios faciles, Opp.6, 10

Rathgeber, Valentin (1682–1750)

  • Augsburger Tafel-Confect
  • Opus I Octava musica clavium octo musicarum in Missis octo musicalibus (mass compositions)
  • Opus VI (secular instrumental works)
  • Opus VII (masses for the church year)
  • Opus VIII (requiem and Libera)
  • Opus XIII (Miserere and Tantum ergo)
  • Opus XIX (masses)

Rauscher, Julius (1859–1929)

  • Instructive sonatina in A for violin and piano (pub.1922)

Ravel, Maurice (1875–1937)

  • Piano fugues
  • Myrrha
  • Alcyone
  • Alyssa
  • Les Bayadères
  • Tout est lumière
  • La nuit
  • Matinée de Provence
  • Daphnis et Chloe (Complete Ballet) (Parts)
  • Daphnis et Chloe Suite No. 1 (Complete Score)
  • Daphnis et Chloe Suite No. 2 (Parts)


  • Bolero (parts)

Ravissa, Genovieffa (1750-1807)

  • 3 Piano Sonatas with violin ad libitum, Op.2

Rázek, Antonín (1852–1929)

  • String Quartet Frosch-Quartett, Op.33 (p.1893)

Reber, Napoléon Henri (1807–1880)

  • String Quartet No.2, Op.5 (pub.1833, André & Richault)
  • String Quartet No.3, Op.7 (pub.ca.1835, Richault)
  • String Quartet, Op.3 (pub.1833)
  • Symphonies 1-4, published in 2 bound volumes by Richault in or ca.1858 (or similar)
  • Piano Quartet, Op.29 (pub.1866, Colombier)

Reed, William Henry (1876–1942)

  • String Concertos (violin concerto now uploaded)

Reger, Max (1873–1916)

Works first published after 1964 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Piano quartets (uploaded)
  • Piano trios (uploaded)
  • Piano quintets (uploaded)
  • Cello sonatas (cello and piano) (only no.3 lacks separate cello part, I think? but all uploaded)
  • Two Sonatas for Clarinet or Viola and Piano, Op.49 (1900), for viola and piano
  • Any Organ Works
    • especially Organ Transcriptions (Toccatas, Preludes and Fugues from Well-Tempered Clavier, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Inventions and Sinfonias by Bach)
  • Any Choir Works

Reicha, Anton (1770–1836)

  • Cello Concerto dedicated to de Jacques-Michel Hurel de Lamare (1803/1823)
  • Cello Concerto in D major (performed before 1789 or between 1812 and 1814) (possibly by Josef Reicha)
  • Cello Concerto in D-sharp major (possibly by Josef Reicha)
  • Sinfonico for 4 flutes
  • Etude de piano ou 57 variations sur un même thème suivies d'un rondeau, Op.102 (pub.Zetter, 1825)

Reicha, Joseph (1752–1795)

  • Cello Concerto in A Major Op.4/1
  • Cello Concerto in C Major Op.2/2
  • Cello Concerto in D Major
  • Cello Concerto in E Major (Cello and Strings or Quartet)
  • Cello Concerto in G Major
  • 5 other Cello Concertos
  • Duos for violin and cello, e.g. Op.4

Reichel, Adolf (1820–1896)

  • Piano Sonata No.1 in G minor, Op.4 (pub.1842)
  • Piano Sonata No.2, Op.9 (pub.1843)

Reichert, Mathieu-André (1830–1880)

  • 7 Daily Exercises, Op. 5

Reinecke, Carl (1824–1910)

  • Ballade, Op. 288 - Full Orchestral Score
  • Trio for piano, clarinet, cor (va), Op.274
  • Flute Concerto, Op. 283 - Full Orchestral Score
  • Complete symphonies in Full Orchestral Score
  • Lieder, Op.64
  • Madchenlieder, Op.88 - piano version
  • 6 pieces for piano, Op.123
  • String Quartets nos. 1, 3 (@NYPL) and 5
  • Sonata for Piano or Piano 4-Hands, Op.35 in A minor (pub. 1854 by Meyer)
  • Organ Sonata in G minor, Op.284
  • Violin Concerto, Op.141 solo violin part
  • Hakon Jarl, for soloists, chorus and orchestra (cantata, ca.1877), Op.142

Reinhold, Hugo (1854–1935)

  • String Quartet in A major, Op.18 (p.1880, Vienna: Rättig)
  • Concert overture in A minor, Op.32 (pub.1882, Gutmann) (@Harvard, UCLA & Wissenschaftliche Stadtbibliothek Mainz)
  • Symphony in C major, Op.22 (pub.1892, Kistner) (arr. is at U. Toronto)
  • Miniatures, Op. 39 (complete)

Reissiger, Carl Gottlieb (1798–1859)

  • Concertino, op. 63
  • Symphony (no.1?) in E, op.120 (published 1837 according to HMB)
  • Duo Brillant in B major, op. 130 (published in 1838 by Paul of Dresden)
  • Fantasie, op. 146
  • Adagio und Rondo alla polacca, op. 214
  • Masses (no.2 in C pub. by 1850s; no.4 in E major published in 1825, republished edited by Charles Lewis in 1884, republished in 2009; no. 9 manuscript "O. Lange, Dresden, 1885."; Missa solemnis in D minor (composed 1827 according to Reißiger Society)
  • Piano Quintet No.1?, Op.20 (ca.1822)
  • String Quartet No. 4 in F minor, Op.155 (p.1840)
  • Piano Quintet No.3, Op.209 (pub.1857) (also, pf trio version in 1858 - no. 22 1/2?)
  • String Quartet No.8, Op.211 No.3
  • Cello Sonata No.2, Op.152

Reissiger, Friedrich August (1809–1883)

  • String Quintet, Op.59 (1862?)

Reissmann, August (1825–1903)

  • Violin Concerto, Op.30 (pub.1874)
  • Symphony, Op.50 (pub.1880)

Reiter, Ernst Michael (1814–1875)

  • String Quartet No.1, Op.7 (p1847)
  • String Quartet No.2, Op.8 (p1847) (identified as by "E. Reiter" - possibly by Elisa Reiter (1821–1893).)

Renner, Joseph (1868–1934)

  • Postludium für die Orgel zu vier Händen ("Joseph Louis Renner") Op.6
  • Missa solemnis Op.30
  • Te Deum Op.50
  • Pastorale: for Organ Op.68
  • 12 Orgelstücke Op.73
  • 10 Preludes for Organ Op.78
  • Interludium (F-Dur) für Violine und Orgel Op.85
  • Zweite Fest-Messe Op.86
  • Modulationen Op.88

Rentsch, Ernst (1844–1886)

  • String Quartet, Op.12 (p.1879)

Respighi, Ottorino (1879–1936)

Works first published after 1964 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Piano Quintet in F minor, P.35 (composed 1905, pub.?)
  • Violin Concerto Gregoriano (pub.1922?)
  • Sinfonia drammatica - full orchestral score (composed 1914, pub.(c)1922 apparently by UE)
  • Piano concerto a-minor (pub. 1961 apparently by Ricordi - in copyright everywhere until next year?)
  • Pini di Roma - oboe 1 and english horn part
  • La primavera - full orchestral score (even vocal score not pub. until 1923 or so, orch. score - ?)
  • Suite P057 for organ & strings (p.1957)
  • Concerto a 5: Per oboe, tromba, violino, contrabbasso, pianoforte e orchestra d’archi, P. 174. (1933)

Réti, Rudolph (1885-1957)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Sechs Liebesgesänge nach Texten von Ricarda Huch; für eine hohe Singstimme und Klavier, op. 5 (pub. 1922)
  • Träume, Liebe, Tänze : 3 Stücke für Pianoforte : Op. 4 (pub. 1923)

Reuchsel, Amédée (1875–1931)

  • Organ Sonatas

Reuss, August (1871–1935)

  • Gotenzug, Op.5 for mens' chorus (1900)
  • Symphonischer Prolog für grosses Orchester zu Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Der Thor und der Tod, Op.10 (ca.1901)
  • Piano Quintet in F minor, Op.12 (©1902)
  • Johannisnacht, Tondichtung für Orchester, op.19 (Kistner, 1903)
  • Judith, Tone poem after Hebbel, op.20 (Kahnt, ©1905)
  • String Quartet in D minor, Op.25 (ca.1906)
  • Sonata in C minor for piano, Op.27 (1912 by HMB)
  • Piano trio op.30 (ca.1913)
  • String Quartet "Frühlings-Quartett" op.31 in E major
  • Romantische Sonata in D minor (for violin and piano), Op.35 (ca.1918)
  • Wind octet in B major (H-dur), Op.37 (©1919 (arr. pub.1920))
  • Sommer-Idylle (2 pieces for small orchestra), Op.39 (ca.1920)
  • Fantasy in A minor for 2 pianos op.42 (Tischer and Jagenberg. 1920s.)

Reuss, Heinrich (1855–1910)

  • Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 10 (pub by Bartholff Senff, 1892. at Free Library of Philadelphia. )
  • Symphony No. 2 in A major (hopefully published)
  • Symphony No. 3 in E minor, Op. 28 (pub. by Carl Giesel, 1907. at Free Library of Philadelphia.)
  • Symphony No. 4 in A major, Op. 30 (date ? - opus numbers not a good indication with Reuss. will check)
  • Symphony no.5, op.34 (pub.1907)
  • Symphony no.6 in E major, Op.36 (pub.1909)
  • String Quartet No.1 in D minor, Op.1 (ca.1881)
  • String Quartet No.2 in F major, Op.11 (ca.1911 by Eulenburg) (at Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden)

Reutter der Ältere, Georg (1656–1738)

  • Church music
  • Masses
  • Oratorios
  • Organ and Keyboard music
  • Versetteln (short Organ Preludes)
  • Toccatas
  • Orchestral music

Reutter, Georg (1708–1772)

  • 80 Masses
  • 6 Requiems
  • Oratorios
  • Organ and Keyboard music
  • 2 Symphonies
  • 2 Keyboard concerti
  • 2 Clarino concerti

Revueltas, Silvestre (1899–1940)

All works of this composer are likely under copyright in the USA. Works published before 1963 are public domain in Canada.

  • First and Second Little Serious Piece (pub. 1957)
  • La Noche de los Mayas (pub. 1959)
  • String Quartet No.1 (pub. 1952)
  • String Quartet No.2 (pub. 1953)
  • Toccata Without a Fugue (pub. 1959)
  • Homenaje a Federico Garcia Lorca (pub. 1958)
  • El Tecolote (pub. 1956)
  • Ocho por Radio (pub. 1951)
  • Ranas (pub. 1956)
  • 3 Pieces for Violin and Piano (pub. 1951)

The following works under copyright worldwide:

  • Redes (pub. 1971)
  • String Quartet No.3 (pub. 1995)
  • String Quartet No.4 'Musica de Feria' (pub. 1967)
  • Danza geometrica (pub. 1964)
  • Planos (pub. 1963)
  • Janitzio (pub. 1966)
  • Ventanas (pub. 1970)
  • Alcancías (pub. 1971)
  • Batik (pub. 1996)
  • Dos canciones (pub. 1946) - No.2 'Caminando' (Nicolás Guillén d.1989)
  • Colorines (pub. 1966)
  • Caminos (pub. 1971)
  • 3 Sonetos (pub. 1974)

Reyer, Ernest (1823–1909)

  • La statue - full orchestral score (any version)
  • Le selam, oriental symphony on text by Theophile Gautier - Paino vocal score and full orchestral score.

Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel (1839–1901)

  • Sonata, Op.178 for Horn and Piano(score and parts) (pub. 1894, but parts may need extraction) (ms score uploaded.)
  • 6 pieces for organ and violin, Op. 150 (no.5 has been uploaded so far)
    • score
    • violin part -- these are both scanned in from the Carus Complete Edition with title pages. They seem to be copies of earlier editions mostly, that said. If Carus has made any changes to the scores we may not be able to use them - it's uncertain. We do have to remove the Carus title pages as these are their property afaik. (Schissel)
  • 9 Advent-Motetten, Op.176 (pub. Leuckart 1894?)
  • Symphony No.2 in F major, Op.87 (pub. by André, 1876) (Princeton U Library, Boston Pub. Library)
  • operas - as available...
  • 3 Requiems
  • 2 Stabat maters
  • 3 Overtures
  • Organ Concerto in G minor Op. 177 (organ solo and violins II parts only so far)
  • Preludes, Trios, Fughettas, Character pieces, Meditations for Organ
  • „Der Stern von Bethlehem“ op. 164
  • Other Cantatas
  • Piano works
  • Organ part of Missa Misericordias Domini, Op.192

Richomme, Jean Thomas (b.1780)

  • Leçons sur la manière de graver la musique (1829)

Rieding, Oskar (1840–1918)

Ries, Ferdinand (1784–1838)

  • Concertos for piano (full score)
  • Oratorios (Die Könige in Israel and Der Sieg des Glaubens)
  • Symphonies and Overtures
  • Double Horn Concerto in E-flat, WoO 19
  • Introduction & Rondo, op. 113 no. 2 for Horn and Piano
  • Piano Quartets op. 13, op. 17
  • String Quartets (incl.op. 166 n1&2 (p.1832))
  • String Quintets (incl. op.37 (p.ca.1810?), op.171 (pub.1833), op.183 "Souvenir d'Italie" (pub.1836))
  • Violin Concerto, Op. 24 (Either Violin & Piano Version or Full Parts/Score) (vn/pf vers. pub.1891)
  • Requiem in F major (Full Parts/Full Score)
  • Requiem in E major (Full Parts/Full Score)
  • Requiem in C minor (Full Parts/Full Score)
  • Flute quartets complete WoO35 & op.145
  • Piano Concertos, full parts
  • Clarinet sonata Op.29

Ries, Franz (1846–1932)

  • Suite No.2 for Violin and Piano, Op.27 (in F major)
  • Perpetuum Mobile, Op.34

Rieti, Vittorio (1898–1994)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

Works PD in the US:

  • Arabesca for piano - pub. 1922 by Edizioni Bongiovanni
  • Briciole for piano - pub. 1922 by Edizioni Bongiovanni
  • 3 Marcie per le Bestie for piano - pub. 1922 by Pizzi
  • Pastorale for piano - pub. 1922 by Edizioni Bongiovanni
  • Poema Fiesolano for piano - pub. 1922 by Universal-Edition
  • Preludio Notturno for piano - pub. 1922 by Pizzi
  • Sonatina for flute and piano - pub. 1922 by Edizioni Bongiovanni

Rietsch, Heinrich (1860–1927)

  • String Quartet no.2(?) (mentioned in Baker/Remy)
  • Tauferer Serenade, Op.25 (©1905, Senff)
  • Piano Quintet in D (pub.1930, Doblinger)
  • Scherzo (nach älterer Art), Op.29 (Kahnt, ©1925)

Rietz, Julius (1812–1877)

  • Concert-Ouverture für das Niederrheinische Musikfest 1839 in A major, Op.7 (pub. 1840s?)
  • Clarinet Concerto in G minor, Op.29
  • Jery und Bätely, Singspiel, Op.10 (pub.ca.1841?)
  • Lustspiel-Ouverture für Orchester, Op.18 (pub. 1854 by Kistner)
  • Symphony No.1 in G minor, Op.13
  • Symphony No.3 in E major, Op.31 (pub.1855 or 1856 - opening of February 1856 HMB)

Rigatti, Giovanni Antonio (ca.1613–1648)

  • 4 collections of Vespers, in particular the Messa e Salmi of 1640

Rigel, Henri-Jean (1770–1852)

  • String Quintet (with 2nd cello or double bass), Op.49 (pub.1838/39)
  • Piano Quartet, Op.50 (pub.1841)

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay (1844–1908)

  • Mlada (complete opera full score)
  • The Tale of Tsar Saltan (full score, complete opera)
  • The Invisible City of Kitezh (complete opera full orchestral score, prelude, and suite)
  • The flight of the bumble bee for violin and piano
  • Servilia (Complete Opera) piano reduction.
  • The Stone Guest (Complete Opera)--Full Score (Collaboration with César Cui, completion of unfinished original by Alexander Dargomyzhsky).
  • The Song of Oleg the Wise cantata (orchestral score and vocal score)
  • Sadko (complete opera full orchestral score)
  • Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 22 has so far only Dutch/Latin adaptations of No. 7 (out of 8 mvts.)

Rinck, Christian Heinrich (1770–1846)

  • Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman -- 9 Variations and Finale, Op. 90 (for Organ)

Ritter, August Gottfried (1811–1885)

  • Organ Sonatas
  • other Organ Works

Ritter, Christian (1645–1717)

(Approximate dates used above to simplify link.)

  • Sonatina for Organ

Ritter, Théodore (1841–1886)

  • Sonata for 2 pianos, Op.16 (pub. Gambogi, 1862)
  • Le Paradis perdu (Paradise Lost) (dramatic scene) (pub.ca.1858)

Robyn, Alfred George (1860–1935)

  • Symphony in D minor
  • Concerto for piano and orchestra
  • Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra (C minor, ca.1900?)

Roeder, Martin (1851–1895)

  • Clarinet Sonata in D minor, Op.66 (poss. still in ms.)
  • Cantata "Hymn of Pan", Op.90 (pub.1890)
  • Piano Trio in E minor, Op.14 (pub.1878)

Rohde, Eduard (1828–1883)

  • Cello sonata, Op.170 (p.1883)

Rolle, Johann Heinrich (1716–1785)

  • Oratorium auf Weihnachten
  • Passionsoratorium
  • Der leidende Jesus

Romberg, Bernhard (1767–1841)

  • Concertino in E minor, Op.41
  • Double Concerto, for violin, cello, and orchestra
  • Violoncello studies, three books
  • Flute Concerto, Op.17

Romberg, Heinrich Maria (1802–1859)

  • String Sextet in E minor (1830s ms.)
  • Intermezzo concertant, Op.7 (flute, violin, cello) (pub.ca.1830)
  • String Quintet, Op.10

Röntgen, Julius (1855–1932)

Works first published after 1964 are copyright in Canada. Those first published after 1922 are possibly copyright in the USA.

  • Cello Concerto No. 1 in E minor (1893/1894)
  • Cello Concerto No. 2 in G minor (1909)
  • Serenade in A major op.14 (has been recorded. Pub. B&H 1878.)
  • Violin Sonata No.2 in F minor Op.20 (pub. B&H 1883). (Juilliard School library has.)
  • Violin Sonata No.4 in E major Op.40 (recorded).
  • Symphonie c-moll (full score)
  • Symphonie Der Schnitter Tod mit Schlusschor voor gemengd koor en orkest (Alt-Englische Hymne)--full score
  • Symphonie a-moll full score
  • Symphonie Rijck God, wie sal ic claghen in c kl.t. voor gemengd koor en orkest (oorspronkelijk voor vrouwenkoor a capella, 1917) full score
  • Symphonie f-moll (Doctor) full score
  • Symphonie cis-moll (met sopraan solo) full score
  • Bitonale Symphonie full score
  • Symphonie fis-moll full score
  • Symphonie The Tempest (Shakespeare)full score
  • Symphonie a-moll full score
  • Symphonie über Bach c-moll full score
  • Symphonie c-moll mit Schlusschor über Goethe's Prooemion für Männerchor und Orchester full score
  • Symphonie c-moll full score

Rössler, Richard (1880–1962)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Piano Trio (pub.1905, Ries & Erler)

Rootham, Cyril Bradley (1875–1938)

  • String Quartet in C major (1914, published 1924)

Ropartz, Guy (1864–1955)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

Chamber music

  • String quartet n°2 in d minor (1912). (pub.ca.1913) Scanned in by Google here.
  • String quartet n°3 in G major (1925). (pub.ca.1926?)
  • String quartet n°4 in E major (1934, pub.ca.1936).
  • String quartet n°5 "quasi una fantasia" in D major (1940, pub.ca. 1947).
  • String quartet n°6 in F major (1948, pub.ca.1951).
  • "Fantaisie brève sur un thème unique sur le nom d'Albéric Magnard" for string quartet (1892, unpublished)

Works for orchestra

  • "Pêcheur d'Islande" (Suite, 1891)
  • "La cloche des morts" (1887)


  • La batte (incidental music or just libretto?) (1891)

Rore, Cipriano de (1515 or 1516–1565)

  • Requiem
  • Passio secundum Joannem

Roseingrave, Thomas (1690–1766)

  • Roseingrave "Glory to the Father" (not clear that -any- work of this name was published prior to 1966. possibly (depending on relevant law) manuscript could be uploaded.- Schissel)

Rosellen, Henri (1811–1876)

  • Trio concertant No.1, Op.82 (pub.1846 from BdlF)

Rosenfeld, Isidor (1834–fl.1876?)

(MusicSack entry gives obit year as 1975, which may apply to the other Isidor Rosenfeld listed in VIAF, who was born in 1881. Also published as Jsidor, according to HMB.)

  • Symphony in F major, Op.20 (published in 1870 by Bote & Bock)
  • Richard III: Overture, Op.26 (composed 1860, published in 1873. Mentioned by German Shakespeare-Gesellschaft Jahrbuch der Deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, Volume 37, 1901)
  • Die Braut von Messina: Overture, Op.25 (pub.1874)
  • Piano Trio, Op.27 (published 1873) (later works in HMB anyway after op.33 in 1876 seem to be arrangements perhaps by other hands etc., so fl.1876?)

Rosenhain, Edouard (1818–1861)

Brother of Jacob Rosenhain.

  • Sonata for Piano, Op.12
  • Serenade for Cello and Piano, Op.20 (pub.1861)

Rosenhain, Jacob (1813–1894)

  • Piano Quartet No.1, Op.1 (pub.1831)
  • Piano Trio No.1, Op.11 (p.1834)
  • Symphony No.2, Op.43 (1846?, pub.1883 or earlier)
  • Piano Trio No.3, Op.50 (p.1856)
  • Cello Sonata No.2, Op.53 (p.1857)
  • String Quartet No.1, Op.55 (p.1864?)
  • String Quartet No.2, Op.57 (pub.1864?)
  • Sonate (n.2) Symphonique in F minor (f. piano), Op.70 (pub.1887)
  • Piano Sonata (no.3?), Op.74 (pub.1886)
  • Cello Sonata No.3, Op.98 (pub. 1886)
  • Piano Concerto in D minor, Op.73 (pub.1865)

Rosetti, Antonio (1750–1792)

Any of his Horn Concerti, for instance :

  • Horn Concerto in D minor, Op.38

Concerto for Viola G major Requiem Mass

Roslavets, Nikolay (1881–1944)

Violin & Piano music

  • Violin Sonata No.1
  • Poem

Rossi, Luigi (c1597–1653)

  • Orfeo (manuscript or first edition, opera premiered 1647)
  • Oratorio for Holy Week (attr. to Luigi Rossi)
  • CANZONS, caprices, etc., composed by Giovanni de Macque, Francesco Lambardo and other Italian composers, 1617 (British Library)

Rossini, Gioacchino (1792–1868)

Roters, Ernst (1892–1961)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Nachtstück for string quartet, Op.5 (pub.1919)

Rott, Hans (1858–1884)

  • Symphony in E major (was this published before 2002? if not, may not be usable at all in any form, since not performed during Rott's lifetime - premiered in 1989. The information here along with a Worldcat search do not settle the matter but also do not find any earlier publications.)
  • String Quartet in C Minor
  • Pastoral Prelude for Orchestra in F major, Score
  • Suite in E-Dur, Score
  • Suite for Orchestra in B flat major, Score
  • A Prelude to "Julius Caesar" in B major, Score
  • Overture to "Hamlet" in a minor, Score
  • Orchestral Prelude in E major, Score
  • March of the Scharwache in c-sharp minor for orchestra, Score
  • Symphony Finale in F major, Score
  • Symphony for String Orchestra in A-flat major, Score

Roussel, Paul (d.1916)

(little information known- died @ Verdun June 1916)

  • String Quartet (incomplete) in B minor (pub. Boston Music, ©1920)

Rousselot, Scipion (1804–1880)

  • Symphony No.1 "Dramatique", Op.27 (pub.1838)
  • String Quartet No.4, Op.25 (BdlF)/23 (BNF) (pub.1834)
  • String Quartets Nos. 1-3, Op.10 (pub. 1828 ca.?, by Heu)
  • String Quintet No.5, Op.26 (pub.ca.1838? by Heu)

Różycki, Ludomir (1884–1953)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Op.2 - Preludes for piano (1904)
  • Op.3 - Two Preludes and Two Nocturnes for piano (1904)
  • Op.4 - Gra fal for piano (1904)
  • Op.6 - Four Impromptus for piano (1904)
  • Op.18 - Ballad for piano and orchestra (1904) Full Orchestral Score
  • Op.35 - Piano Quintet (1913-1915?16??) in C minor (pub.1915 acc.to HMB; Schott. at a half-dozen libraries or so.)
  • Op.39 - Neuf Esquisses for piano (1915)
  • Op.42 - Four Intermezzi four piano (1915-1918)
  • Op.43 - Piano Concerto No.1 in G minor (1917-1918, published 1921) Full Orchestral Score
  • Piano Concerto No. 2 Full Orchestral Score

Rubinstein, Anton (1829–1894)

  • Soirees Musicales, Op.109 (piano solo)
  • Reve Angelique Op.10/22 - Transcription for organ
  • Op.91 - Lied und Requiem an Mignon for Voices, Chorus and Pianoforte
  • Romance "The Wish" (1850, published in 1857, Russian title: «Желанье», lyrics by Lermontov wikisource:ru:Желанье (Лермонтов))
  • Cello Concerto No.1 in A minor, Op. 65 (Full Score & Parts/Piano Reduction)
  • Cello Concerto No.2 in D minor, Op. 96 (Full Score & Parts/Piano Reduction)

Rudhyar, Dane (1895–1985)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Cortege funebre (pub. 1914) (as Daniel Chenneviere)
  • Lamento (pub. 1914) (as Daniel Chenneviere)
  • Priere de l'enfant triste (pub. 1914) (as Daniel Chenneviere)

Rudolph, Erzherzog (1788–1832)

  • Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano (1814)

Rudorff, Ernst (1840–1916)

  • Sextet for 3vn/va/2vc, Op.5 (performed 1864 (in ms), pub.1865)
  • Symphony No.1 in B, Op.31 (pub.ca.1882)
  • 3 Romances for piano, Op.48 (pub.1903/4, Stahl)

Rüdinger, Gottfried (1886–1946)

While works first published before 1965 are PD in Canada, the works of this composer are copyright in the EU.
Only works published before 1923 are PD in the USA.

  • Symphony for Cello and Orchestra, Op.11 (pub.1915)

Rüfer, Philipp (1844–1919)

  • Violin Sonata, Op.1 (p.1868/69)
  • Piano Trio, Op.34 (p.1882)

Rung, Frederik (1854–1914)

  • Symphony in D minor, Op.25 (August 1881-1882 August 27 full score @ DKB.)
  • String Quartet No.2 in F, Op.38 (p.1893) (1892 August 11 ms @ DKB) (FLP has pub.score)
  • Symphony No.2 in E minor, Op.41 (ms reduction is at DKB, scan may have to be requested - if possible)
  • Quartetto "Villa Monte" per due Violini, Viola e bello, Op.30 (1887 ms @ DKB) (bello?)
  • Symphony (No. 0?), Op.3 (or 8) in E (June 1873, ms reduction @ DKB)

Ryelandt, Joseph Victor Marie (1870–1965)

Under copyright worldwide, apart from earlier works (published before 1923) which are PD in the USA.
No posting without written permission from the copyright owner.

  • Cello sonata, Op.22 (pub.1899)
  • Sonatas Opp.50, 51 for piano (pub.1913)
  • Suite "En Ardenne" Op.43 for piano (pub.1913)
  • Violin Sonata No.3 in A, Op.53 (")

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