V. Durdilly & Cie.

Standard cover 1890s
Decorative cover ca. 1900
V. Durdilly-Ch. Hayet cover 1920



Fanny and Louis Verger-Durdilly founded this Parisian publishing, engraving and printing firm in 1878. It was taken over by Ch. Hayet in 1908 and closed in 1922.

Sometimes known as just Durdilly (in e.g. the Bibliographie de la France, library catalogs,...)

V. here might stand for Vve. as in Veuve (Widow of). (This was not unusual when a widow took over a company any more than "et fils" or "et frères" was for English "and son" or "and brothers".)


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Durdilly
  • F. Durdilly
  • V. Durdilly
  • V. Durdilly et Cie
  • V. Durdilly-Ch. Hayet 1908-21


  • Paris

Plate Numbers

V. Durdilly

Standard (V.D. & Cie.) plates.)

Plate Composer Work Year
1166 Beliczay Feuillet d'album, Op.44 1889

Ch. Hayet

Hayet's plate numbers appear in the following formats: C. #### H. Date in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
6125 Fairchild Piano Quintet, Op.20 (sc&pts) 1909
6579 Ganaye Noël!, Op.6 1921

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