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Your submissions

Hi Ludwig, and thanks for your interest in contributing. Unfortunately, the two files you uploaded earlier were never actually added to the work page you tried to submit them to. This could have happened for several reasons, but most likely you did not completely fill out the upload form. After pressing the 'Submit' button, it should ask you for your signature; once you enter that, a page should come up that reads 'Success'. In the future, please make sure you get to that page - if you do not, something has gone wrong, and the upload form will reload so that you can correct the information you entered and complete the process. Thanks! KGill talk email 15:01, 30 October 2010 (UTC)

Beethoven Symphony No.10 sketches

Dear Ludwig B,

As KGill mentioned above, you are not uploading files properly here. Please do not use the "upload file" link in the left sidebar, but add the files to a work page. At any rate, the file you just uploaded appears to be a recent typeset. Is this your own work, or do you have permission from the typesetter/editor to post here? If not, this file will be deleted as a possible copyright violation since new editions are subject to copyright protection in many places - even if they are simply new editions of sketches by long-dead composers like Beethoven. UPDATE: I see you've done everything as it should be now! I'll go ahead and tag your upload for approval. Thanks, Carolus 06:48, 2 April 2011 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)