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Sean Michael Salamon is a 22-year-old composer and singer studying at Carnegie Mellon University. Salamon's music has been performed by ensembles, both professional and amateur, throughout his native United States, as well as in Canada, Chile, Spain, England, Scotland, Iceland, Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

This fall, Salamon will begin studying for a master's degree at London's Royal Academy of Music. He is a recent graduate of the Carnegie Mellon School of Music in Pittsburgh. While studying there, he was the music director for the CMU Originals, an award-winning all-male a cappella group, and founded Ping, a professional early music/new music ensemble. He was also the composer-in-residence and baritone choral scholar at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Pittsburgh, and sung extensively in the Carnegie Mellon Concert Choir.

In 2014, Salamon won both of Carnegie Mellon's Harry G. Archer Awards for undergraduate composition: orchestral writing and string quartet writing. In 2013, the CMU School of Music awarded him the Presser Scholarship, and In 2012, the Harry G. Archer Award for Outstanding Sophomore.

Salamon is also passionate about the stage. In 2013, he directed Scotch'n'Soda Theatre Theatre's 75th anniversary production, Assassins by Sondheim, and music directed The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for them this spring. He has played leading roles in Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, Falsettos, The Rocky Horror Show, Rent, and Les Misèrables. Additionally, he is an Eagle Scout.

Salamon is published by Selah Publishing. Many of Salamon's scores and recordings are available at, and soundcloud.

Salamon is delighted when musicians perform his pieces and requests that you email him if you plan to do so.


  • Sacred Songs for Spacefarers (in progress) for mixed choir. Settings of spiritual texts from Eastern religions interspersed with quotes of Carl Sagan.
  • Words in the Mist (2015) for soprano, violin, cello, clarinet, and percussion. A cycle of vocalises and poems by Alfred Starr Hamilton. Written for soprano Adrienne Lotto.
  • Sanctus-Elegy (2014) for trombone choir. Written for Lee Allen and the Oberlin Trombone Choir.
  • In the Event of an Emergency (2014) for solo piano. Written for Junior Royal Academy student Octavia Rooks.
  • Mille Regretz (2014) for mixed choir and solo violin. A fantasia on the original tune by Josquin.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains (2014) for baritone voice, oboe, and harp, with words by Sara Teasdale. Commissioned by the Carnegie Mellon School of Music for performance by Joel Goodloe, Andrew Dotterer, and Sage Po.
  • Enter Lady Macbeth (2014) for soprano and trombone, with words by Shakespeare.
  • Mass for Trinity (in progress) for Trinity Cathedral, in downtown Pittsburgh.
  • Kyrie (2014), written for David Schaap and the choir of Trinity Cathedral.
  • Psalm 47 (2014) for mezzo-soprano and piano (or organ), written for Maggie Callahan.
  • My Heart Is Like a Singing Bird (2014), a madrigal for mixed choir, commissioned by the Carnegie Mellon School of Music.
  • Fugue, Waltz, Canon (2014) for orchestra.
    • Premiered March 5, 2014 by Daniel Curtis and the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Ecce advenit (2013), a motet for Epiphany.
  • The American on His First Honeymoon (2013), a blues piece for soprano voice, cello, and percussion; words by Rita Mae Reese.
    • Premiered November 2013 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
  • O Sacrum Convivium (2013), a motet for mixed chorus. Written for the choral scholars of Trinity Cathedral.
    • Performed pre-concert at Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh, October 2013.
    • Performed at Trinity Cathedral, Pittsburgh, October 2013.
    • Premiered August 2013 in part, by the Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble.
  • Variations in Memoriam Alan Turing for orchestra (2013).
    • Read July 2013 by the Atlantic Music Festival Orchestra, Waterville, Maine.
    • Premiered October 2013, by the Open University Orchestra, Milton Keynes, England.
    • Recorded March 2014 by students of Oberlin Conservatory, Ohio.
  • Prelude and Fugue for Brass Trio (2013).
    • Premiered July 2013 in Waterville, Maine.
    • Performed December 2013 by the New York Chamber Brass in White Plains, NY.
  • For Henry (2013), a piano prelude.
    • Premiered February 2013 in Oberlin, Ohio.
  • Fugue on B-A-C-H for String Quartet (2013).
  • The Heart of the Matter: Three Dana Gioia Songs for baritone and piano (2013). A song cycle of poetry by Dana Gioia (b. 1950) for Scott Cuva.
    • Premiered March 2013 at the CMU School of Music, Pittsburgh.
    • Performed May 2013 at the CMU School of Music, Pittsburgh.
    • Performed May 2013 in Oakland, Pittsburgh.
    • Performed November 2013 at the CMU School of Music, Pittsburgh.
  • Two Chorale Preludes with Canons (2012) for pipe organ ("Old 113th" and "Picardy"). Written for Henry Van Engen.
  • Ubi Caritas (2012) for mixed choir. Written for David Schaap and the choir of Trinity Cathedral, Pittsburgh.
    • Premiered February 2013 at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Pittsburgh.
  • Piano Sonata no. 1 "Neo-Baroque" (2012). For pianist Brian Gilling and containing an homage to Alan Turing.
    • Premiered March 2013 at the CMU School of Music, Pittsburgh.
  • Kaddish (2012) for tenor, clarinet, piano and percussion. Commissioned by clarinetist Jere Douglas.
    • Premiered March 2013 at the CMU School of Music, Pittsburgh.
    • Performed May 2013 at the CMU School of Music, Pittsburgh.
    • Performed May 2013 in Oakland, Pittsburgh.
  • Hard Times (2012), a ballet for narrators, clarinet and piano. An expansion and re-working of the piece previously written. Directed by Andrea Beschel, choreographed by Mitch Marois, and premiered at the CMU School of Drama, February 2012.
  • The Sky Calls to Us (2011). A setting of two Carl Sagan quotations for unaccompanied mixed choir.
    • Premiered March 2012 in Pittsburgh.
  • That Was Then, This Is Now (2011). Organ suite written for Joey Fala (
  • June Dances (2011) for flute, oboe, clarinet, and piano. Celebrates and depicts the events of June 2011 in New York City.
    • Premiered November 2011 in Pittsburgh.
    • Performed March 2012 in Pittsburgh.
    • Performed May 2012 at the Yong Siew Tow Conservatory of Music, Singapore.
    • Performed September 2012, Thailand.
    • To be performed in Baia Mare, Romania (postponed due to illness).
    • Performed July 2013 in Essex, England.
    • Performed September 2013 in Sussex, England.
    • Performed November 2013 in Pittsburgh.
  • Three Millay Songs (2011) for soprano and piano. Words by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
    • Premiered May 2011 in Pittsburgh.
    • Performed March 2012 in Pittsburgh.
    • Performed April 2012 in Pittsburgh.
  • Four Portraits of My Friends (2011) for clarinet, bass clarinet, cello, piano and xylophone.
    • Premiered March 2012 in Pittsburgh.
  • Sonata for Solo Flute (2010). Integrates extended techniques for the flute.
    • Premiered March 2011 at the CMU School of Music, Pittsburgh.
  • Hard Times: Two Women's Lives During the Great Depression (2010), written with Andrea Beschel and Mitch Marois. An interpretive dance piece based on the interviews of Studs Terkel. For clarinet and piano.
    • Premiered October 2010 at the CMU School of Drama, Pittsburgh.
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  • "Me and My Piano" (2009), a song for voice and piano with lyrics by Caroline Zee.
  • Hymntune Prelude on "Puer Nobis Nascitur" (2009) for organ.
    • Premiered September 2009 in New Jersey.
  • Cold Mist (2009) for oboe and piano.
  • Landscape: Mont Saint-Michel (2008) for chamber orchestra.
  • Variations on the Russian National Anthem (2008) for solo piano.
  • Trio for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano (2008).
    • Performed May 2009 at the Wetzlar Music School, Wetzlar, Germany.
    • Performed August 2009 at the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington.
    • Performed May 2010 in Houston, Texas.
    • Performed April 2011 in Baia Mare, Romania.
    • Performed April 2011 in Montreal, Canada.
    • Performed May 2011 at the University of California at Berkeley.
    • Performed March 2012 at the University of Tennessee at Martin.
    • Performed April 2012 at Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania.
    • Performed May 2012 in Hackensack, New Jersey.
    • Performed June 2012 in Stockton, California.
    • Performed August 2012 at the 92nd Street Y, New York, New York.
    • Performed September 2012 at Gruodis Consveratorium, Kaunas, Lithuania.
    • Performed November 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.
    • Performed December 2012 at Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, Scotland.
    • Performed June 2013 in Sabah, Malaysia.
    • Performed June 2013 in Bethlehem, New Zealand
    • Performed June 2013 in Taoyuan, Taiwan
    • Performed July 2013 in Königsberg (Bavaria), Germany.
    • Performed October 2013 in Erlangen, Germany.
    • Performed Autumn 2013 in Gent, Belgium.
    • Performed December 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Scherzo for Octet (2007), clarinet, horn, bassoon and string quintet.
  • Suite of Possible Incidental Music for "Robinson Crusoe" (2006) for chamber orchestra.
  • Scenes from the Open Ocean (2006) for orchestra.
  • Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Suite [Nihoa, Gardner Pinnacles, and Kure Atoll] (2005) for concert band.

Selected Arrangements

For inquiries regarding these arrangements, contact Sean at

  • Five-Hundred Miles Away from Home by Hedy West for SSATB (2015).
  • Ordinary People by John Legend for SSATB (tenor solo) (2015).
  • Wave by Antônio Carlos Jobim for SSATB (2015).
  • American Tune by Paul Simon for SSATB (2014).
  • Theme from The Magic School Bus for SSATB (2014).
  • Ferry Me Across the Water by Ned Rorem for SSATB (2014).
  • Early in the Morning by Ned Rorem, for SATB (2014).
  • Three Songs from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for SSATB or SATB (2014).
  • I Remember by Stephen Sondheim, for SATB (2014).
  • It Don't Mean a Thing by Duke Ellington, SATB or SSATB (2014).
  • Ding Dong Merrily on High for SATB, harp, and cello (2013).
  • The Christmas Song by Mel Tormé, for alto soloist, SATB, harp, and cello (2013).
  • Lo, how a rose e'er blooming, traditional carol, for SATB, harp, and cello (2013).
  • Ding Dong Merrily on High, traditional carol, for SSATB, harp, and cello (2013).
  • Double Trouble by John Williams, for SSATB or SATB (2013).
  • Gorilla by Bruno Mars, for TTBBB and soloist (2013).
  • Clarity by Zedd, for TTBBB and soloists (2013).
  • You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone (The Cup Song) from Pitch Perfect for SATB with soloist (2013).
  • The Star-Spangled Banner for TTBB (2013).
  • Into the West by Annie Lennox, et al. for TTBB (2013).
  • Lights by Ellie Goulding, for TTBB and soloist (2012).
  • What Can You Lose? by Stephen Sondheim, for baritone and piano (2012).
  • I Just Had Sex by The Lonely Island (feat. Akon), TTBB with six soloists. (2012, arranged with Stephen Murphy).
  • I Remember by Stephen Sondheim, TTBB (2011).
  • I Remember by Stephen Sondheim, for baritone and piano (2011).
  • Fragile by Sting, TTBB and soloist (2011).
  • Rolling in the Deep by Adele, SATB and soloist (2011).
  • Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, TTBB and soloist (2011).
  • Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik, TTBB and soloist (2011).
  • Losing My Mind by Stephen Sondheim, for baritone and piano (2011).
  • Not a Day Goes By by Stephen Sondheim, for baritone and piano (2010).
  • Shower the People by James Taylor, for TTBBB and piano (2010).
  • Papa, Can You Hear Me? by Legrand, Bergman and Bergman, for baritone voice, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones, piano and double bass (2010).
  • Poker Face by Lady Gaga, TTBB (2010).
  • The General by Dispatch, TTBB (2009).
  • Viva La Vida by Coldplay, SATB (2009).
  • Time After Time by Cahn and Styne, for baritone and piano (2009).
  • Mystery by Hugh Laurie, [a transcription] for baritone and piano (2009).
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside by Frank Loesser, SATB (2008).
  • Your Smiling Face by James Taylor, TTBB (2008).