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  • Bacilly, Benigne de: Les trois Livres d'Airs Regravez de nouveau en deux Volume - Première partie 1668 - scanned by a harpsichordist
  • Barrière, Jean-Baptiste: Sonata II a tre, livre 3 - score
  • Blow, John, Piggot, Francis, Clarke, Jeremiah, Barrett, John & Crofts, William: A Choice Collection of Ayres For the HARPSICHORD or SPINETT - scanned by a harpsichordist
  • Castello, Dario: Sonate Concertate in stil moderno, libro primo - parts
  • Castello, Dario: Sonate concertate in stil moderno, libro secondo - parts
  • Corelli, Arcangelo: 12 Violin Sonatas, Op.5, continuo realisation by A. Tonelli - Manuscript score, obtained through a harpsichordist
  • Corelli, Arcangelo: Opus 5, Parte prima (Estienne Roger, Amsterdam, n.d.) - score, obtained on paper through a recorder player
  • Corelli, Arcangelo: 12 Concerti Grossi, op. 6, arr. J. Chr. Schickhard for 2 flutes and BC - parts, obtained through a recorder player, I think he got it from the Royal Library in Copenhagen
  • Corkine, William: Ayres to sing and play to the lute and basse violl, with Pauin, Galliards, Almaines, and Corantos for the Lyra violl - score/parts and lyra violl tabulature
  • Corkine, William: The second booke of ayres, some to sing and play to the base-violl alone, others, to be sung to the lute and base violl with new Corantoes, Pauins, Almaines, as also diuers new descants vpon old grounds, set to the Lyra violl - score/parts and lyra violl tabulature
  • Dowland, Iohn: Lachrimæ, or seven tears - parts on one page, scanned by a harpsichordist
  • Duport, Jean-Louis: 21 etudes from Essai sur le doigté du violoncelle, et sur la conduite de l'archet - score (original 2 part version)
  • Graun, Johann Gottlieb: Sonata for Viola and Continuo [or violin, viola and continuo] in B-flat major - score, obtained on paper through a viola player (After finding my paper copies, I realised that I had only scanned half the sonata and that page 3 of the old PDF came twice, so I made a new PDF.)
  • Lindeman, Ludvig Mathias: Ældre og nyere Norske fjeldmelodier - Score, Scanned by Sibley Music Library
  • Pez, Johann Christoph: Concerto Pastorale for 2 Recorders - Score and Parts, scanned by a harpsichordist