Tanapon Chiwinpit[Patimachon]

Thai Polystylistic Composer

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Tanapon Chiwinpiti, a Thai-born composer, was born on 22 June 1992 in Suphanburi Province, Thailand. He began piano study at 11; studied with Mr. Nithi Kornkaewsakuldej, Mr. Jamkad San-ngamwong and Miss Pornchanan Suravichai. Tanapon graduated high school from Kannasootsuksalai School, Suphanburi. Currently, he studies Music Composition at College of Music, Mahidol University. Previously working with Dr.Roger W. Petersen (currently on faculty at Del Mar College, USA), in early 2013 he changed to study with Dr.James J. Ogburn. He also studies electronic music & incidental dance music with Dr. Dirk P. Haubrich & Dr. James J. Ogburn, Forms & analysis with Dr. Julia Lake Bozone, Counterpoint with Dr. James J. Ogburn, Orchestration, Music Theory and Harmony with Valeriy Rizayev and Conducting with Tien Ming Tang.

  • In 2011, attended for the part of participation with James Stephenson.
  • Singing Choir experience, He was a member in MU Choir (Mahidol University Choir) and performed many concerts and attended to several competition in Russia, Slovakia and Poland directed by Rit Subsomboon. besides in several choir group such as Mahidol Symphonic Choir and Mahidol Chamber Choir directed by Henri Pompidor.
  • He recently received a commission from the American violist, Michael Hall for a premiere at TICF 2012 (Thailand International Composition Festivals 2012)
  • Working a multimedia, contemporary and electronic music with Kijjasak Triyanond.
  • Attended and participated "analog synthesizer" workshop with Kijjasak Triyanond, Koichi Shimizu and Robert Piotrowicz.
  • Attended Jazz music workshop at TIJC 2013 (Thailand International Jazz Conference 2013).
  • In 2013, He received a commission for compose a couple piece to be performed in Germany. also an arrangement for piano six hands would be performed in Greece.
  • He had participated in "Silent film solo piano accompaniment" workshop with Mie Yanashita.
  • His compositions also will be performing regularly by Composition studio concert every semester.