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Agrell, Johan

3 Symphonies (Agrell, Johan)
Sinfonia in D major, SheA D:123455 (Agrell, Johan)
Sinfonia in D major, SheA D:151515 (Agrell, Johan)
Sinfonia in E major, S.E:111233 (Agrell, Johan)
Sinfonia in E major, S.E:115153 (Agrell, Johan)

Crachelius, Tobias

Hortus Conclusus (Crachelius, Tobias)

Düben, Andreas

Miserere mei Deus (Düben, Andreas)

Frigel, Pehr

Inaugurational Music (Frigel, Pehr)

Johnsen, Hinrich Philip

Sinfonia in F major, NorJ A1 (Johnsen, Hinrich Philip)

Roman, Johan Helmich

Beati Omnes (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Bröllops Music (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Cantata in einer Taffel-music, Ro 4 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Cantata vid Ny-året 1754 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Concerto Grosso, BeRI 45 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Concerto Grosso in G minor, BeRI 47 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Festa musicale, BeRI 32 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Jubilate (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Oboe d'amore Concerto, BeRI 53 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Piante amiche, Ro 83 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Sinfonia in A major, BeRI 16 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Sinfonia in Bb major, BeRI 11 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Sinfonia in D major, BeRI 12 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Sinfonia in F-major BeRi 10 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Sinfonia in F major, BeRI 17 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Sinfonia in G major, BeRI 15 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Statt up, du trogna folck (Roman, Johan Helmich)
The Swedish Mass, Ro 63 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Te Deum, Ro 65 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Ty Herren är god (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Violin Concerto in E-flat major, BeRI 50 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Violin Concerto in E-flat major, BeRI 51 (Roman, Johan Helmich)
Vår frälserman och broder, Ro 67 (Roman, Johan Helmich)

Wesström, Anders

6 Quartets (Wesström, Anders)
Overture in B-flat major (Wesström, Anders)
Overture in D minor (Wesström, Anders)

Zander, Johan David

Symphony in B-flat major (Zander, Johan David)

Zellbell Jr., Ferdinand

5 Sinfonias à 4 (Zellbell Jr., Ferdinand)
Introduzzione à 7 (Zellbell Jr., Ferdinand)
Lamento à 8 parte (Zellbell Jr., Ferdinand)

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