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Ernesto Dotesio Paynter founded a music store and small publishing firm in Bilbao in the 1890s. In 1898, he purchased Casa Romero of Madrid, the largest music publisher in Spain. On March 14, 1900, the combined business, now headquartered in Barcelona, was renamed Casa Dotesio. Dotesio's expansion was rapid, with the acquisition of the Spanish publishers Zozaya, Fuentes y Asenjo and Casa Eslava in the first year of Casa Dotesio's operation. Dotesio continued to acquire additional Spanish publishers and renamed the now vastly expanded enterprise Unión Musical Española on May 26, 1914, with the main office in Madrid. Branch offices operated in other Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.

Union Musical Española was the dominant Spanish publisher for many decades thereafter. In the early 1990s, it was absorbed by the Music Sales Group, who also controls G. Schirmer, Hansen/Chester/Novello, Sikorski, and numerous other imprints.

Imprints, Agencies, Addresses

  • Ernesto Dotesio Paynter (1890s-1900)
  • Casa Dotesio (1900-1914)
Casa Romero (before 1898)
Zozaya (before 1902)
Fuentes y Asenjo (before 1902)
Casa Eslava (before 1902)
  • Unión Musical Española (1914-present)

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
6288 Albéniz Rapsodia Española, Op.70 1922
15488 Albéniz Recuerdos de Viaje, Op.71 (1925)
15844 Turina La Leyenda de la Giralda, Op.40 1926
17344 Turina Círculo, Op.91 1936
18256 Turina Por las Calles de Sevilla, Op.96 1946
18352 Albéniz Azulejos 1947
Plate Composer Work Year
U.M.F.E. 1021-23 Turina Danzas fantásticas, Op.22 1921

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