The Musical Times



This British series of sacred and secular choral works started in 1844, published every month in the eponymous journal, and then reprinted. The title was originally The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular, but the last four words were dropped in 1903. It was in Novello & Co.'s well-known octavo (small) format, and economically printed without a cover. The number of items reached 600 in 1896 and 1200 in 1940.

Arrangers and Editors




58. The Lord is my Strength (Novello, Vincent)
60. Nymphs of the Forest (Horsley, William) .
78. Awake, Aeolian Lyre (Danby, John).
98. In Jewry is God Known (Clarke-Whitfeld, John).
114 Let Us Now Go Even Unto Bethlehem (Hopkins, Edward John)
188 I will Lift up Mine Eyes (Clarke-Whitfeld, John)...
239. Five Times by the Taper's Light (Storace, Stephen)
250. The Last Night of the Year (Sullivan, Arthur)
321. It Is High Time to Awake out of Sleep (Barnby, Joseph)
468. Break Forth Into Joy (Barnby, Joseph)
602. Great is our Lord (Foster, Myles Birket)
614. Lord, I call upon Thee (Culley, Arnold Duncan)
644. Be glad and rejoice (Foster, Myles Birket)
645. Sing, O Heavens (Gaul, Alfred Robert)
669. See amid the Winter's Snow (West, John Ebenezer)
678. The sacrifice of God (Wareing, Herbert Walter)
714. Unto Thee, o Lord (Wolstenholme, William)
744. Christ was Delivered for Our Offences (Lloyd, Charles Harford)


Typical secular work: Sullivan's The Last Night of the Year (No.250, published in 1868)