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Hymnes (1623)
6/22 Ad Cænam: 1st Verset
8/24 Ad Cænam: 2nd Verset
10/26 Ad Cænam: 3rd Verset
12/28 Ad Cænam: 4th Verset
16/32 Veni Creator: 1st Verset
18/34 Veni Creator: 2nd Verset
20/36 Veni Creator: 3rd Verset (Canon in Diapason)
21/37 Veni Creator: 4th Verset
24/40 Pange Lingua: 1st Verset
26/42 Pange Lingua: 2nd Verset
28/44 Pange Lingua: 3rd Verset
32/48 Ut Queant Laxis: 1st Verset
34/50 Ut Queant Laxis: 2nd Verset
36/52 Ut Queant Laxis: 3rd Verset
38/54 Ave Maris Stella: 1st Verset
40/56 Ave Maris Stella: 2nd Verset
42/58 Ave Maris Stella: 3rd Verset (Canon in Diapente)
43/59 Ave Maris Stella: 4th Verset
46/62 Conditor Alme Siderum: 1st Verset
47/63 Conditor Alme Siderum: 2nd Verset (Canon in Diapente)
48/64 Conditor Alme Siderum: 3rd Verset
50/66 A Solis Ortus: 1st Verset
51/67 A Solis Ortus: 2nd Verset
54/70 A Solis Ortus: 3rd Verset
57/73 Exsultet Cælum: 1st Verset
58/74 Exsultet Cælum: 2nd Verset
60/76 Exsultet Cælum: 3rd Verset
63/79 Annue Christe: 1st Verset
66/82 Annue Christe: 2nd Verset
68/84 Annue Christe: Amen
70/86 Sanctorum Meritis: 1st Verset
73/89 Sanctorum Meritis: 2nd Verset
75/91 Sanctorum Meritis: 3rd Verset
78/94 Iste Confessor: 1st Verset
80/96 Iste Confessor: 2nd Verset
82/98 Iste Confessor: 3rd Verset
85/101 Urbs Jerusalem: 1st Verset
87/103 Urbs Jerusalem: 2nd Verset
89/105 Urbs Jerusalem: 3rd Verset
Le Magnificat (1626)
(Magnificat - Quia respexit - Et misericordia ejus - Deposuit potentes - Suscepit Israel - Gloria Patri et Filio)
97/113 Primi Toni
104/120 Secundi Toni
111/127 Tertii Toni
120/136 Quarti Toni
129/145 Quinti Toni
137/153 Sexti Toni
144/160 Septimi Toni
152/168 Octavi Toni

Note: The page numbers refer to the only COMPLETE score, scanned by the Sibley Library, the first number is the page in the score, the 2nd refers to the PDF doc page.

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