Sammlung von Gesängen (Handel, George Frideric)

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SIBLEY1802.17392.abee-39087012010213vol. 1 Part I.pdf

Victorie Gervinus (1820-1893)

Publisher Info.:

Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d.
Plates 14739, 14785, 14867, 14890, 14929, 14993, 15007.


Public Domain [tag/del]

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General Information

Work Title Sammlung von Gesängen
Alternative Title Sammlung von Gesängen aus Händel's Opern und Oratorien
Composer Handel, George Frideric
Movements/Sections 7 volumes
  • Vol.1
  1. Alma del gran Pompeo (Giulio Cesare)
  2. Vain fluctuating state (Belshazzar)
  3. Thus saith the Lord (Messiah)
  4. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth (Messiah)
  5. Rejoice, my countymen (Belshazzar)
  6. Be comforted...Methought as on the bank (Belshazzar)
  7. Brethen, farewell! (Samson)
  8. Where shall I run? (Samson)
  9. What mean these doubtful fancies? (Jephtha)
  10. Deeper and deeper still (Jephtha)
  11. Awake, Saturnia (Semele)
  12. Thus shaped like Ino (Semele)
  13. Ah, whither is she gone (Semele)
  14. Notte cara (Floridante)
  15. Tyranny love, I feel thy cruel dart (Susanna)
  16. Ah! stigie larve (Orlando)
  17. Oh, per me lieto, avventuroso giorno (Tamerlano)
  18. Barbaro! al fin sei sazio ancor? (Tamerlano)
  19. But Simeon comes (Joseph and his Brethren)
  20. They come, and indignation in their looks (Joseph and his Brethren)
  21. Wretch that I am (Saul)
  22. Fatto inferno è il mio petto...Pastorello (Rodelinda)
  23. What scenes of horror (Athalia)
  24. O Jove! what land is this? (Hercules)
  25. Ye sons of Trachin, mourn your valiant chief (Hercules)
  26. Come and trip it (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  27. Or let the merry bells ring round (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  28. Dryads, Sylvans, with fair Flora (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  29. To song and dance we give the day (Samson)
  30. Mirth, admit me of thy crew (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  31. Let the deep bowl (Belshazzar)
  32. Bacchus, ever fair and young (Alexander’s Feast)
  33. Let festal joy triumphant reign (Belshazzar)
  34. Del mio caro baco amabile (Serse)
  35. Oh, had I Jubal’s lyre (Joshua)
  36. Ye men of Gaza (Samson)
  37. So shall the lute and harp awake (Judas Maccabaeus)
  38. Let the bright seraphim (Samson)
  39. Oh Judah, Judah, chosen seed (Athalia)
  40. Thy glorious deeds inspired my tongue (Samson)
  41. Ye sons of Israel, now lament (Samson)
  42. Oh, who can tell (Joshua)
  43. O Lord, how many are my foes (Occasional Oratorio)
  44. O Jordan, sacred tide (Esther)
  45. Jehovah, to my words give ear (Occasional Oratorio)
  46. Ah, wretched Israel (Judas Maccabaeus)
  47. O liberty, thou choicest treasue (Judas Maccabaeus)
  48. Come, ever smiling liberty (aria) (Judas Maccabaeus)
  49. ‘Tis liberty, dear liberty alone (Judas Maccabaeus)
  50. Come, ever smiling liberty (duet) (Judas Maccabaeus)
  51. The trumpet’s loud clangor (Ode for St. Cecilia)
  52. Combatti da forte (Rinaldo)
  53. Amor commanda (Floridante)
  54. Place danger around me (Joshua)
  55. Heroes, when with glory burning (Joshua)
  56. Now a different measure try (Solomon)
  57. Arm, arm, ye brave (Judas Maccabaeus)
  58. Call forth thy powers (Judas Maccabaeus)
  59. All danger disdaining (Deborah)
  60. Sound an alarm (Judas Maccabaeus)
  61. Awake the ardour of thy breast (Deborah)
  62. Haste, Israel, haste (Joshua)
  63. With redoubled rage (Joshua)
  64. In the battle fame pursuing (Deborah)
  65. Swift inundation (Deborah)
  66. Brave Jonathan his bow never drew (Saul)
  67. The sword that’s drawn (Occasional Oratorio)
  68. See, the raging flames arise (Joshua)
  69. His mighty arm (Jephtha)
  70. The Lord is a man of war (Israel in Egypt)
  71. The enemy said (Israel in Egypt)
  72. From mighty kings (Judas Maccabaeus)
  73. So rapid thy course is (Judas Maccabaeus)
  74. Oh, God of truth (Belshazzar)
  75. Destructive war (Belshazzar)
  76. Prophetic visions (Occasional Oratorio)
  77. To God our strength (Occasional Oratorio)
  • Vol.2
  1. Sommi Dei (Radamisto)
  2. Priva son d’ogni conforta (Giulio Cesare)
  3. Troppo sofferse (Radamisto)
  4. Lascia, ch’io pianga (Rinaldo)
  5. Tiranni miei pensieri (Tolomeo)
  6. Deh, voi mi dite (Siroe)
  7. Rendi’l sereno al ciglio (Sosarme)
  8. How willing my paternal love (Samson)
  9. My father! (Hercules)
  10. Shall I in Mamre’s fertile plain (Joshua)
  11. Waft her, angels (Jephtha)
  12. Tears, such as tender fathers shed (Deborah)
  13. Peace crowned with roses (Susanna)
  14. Would you gain the tender creature (Acis and Galatea)
  15. Consider, fond shepherd (Acis and Galatea)
  16. Gentle airs, melodious strains (Athalia)
  17. Softly sweet, in Lydian measures (Alexander’s Feast)
  18. Fell rage and black despair (Saul)
  19. To fleeting pleasures (Samson)
  20. My breast with tender pity swells (Hercules)
  21. Oh, mirror of our fickle state (Samson)
  22. He sung Darius (Alexander’s Feast)
  23. Turn, hopeless lover (Semele)
  24. Comfort ye (Messiah)
  25. Behold and see (Messiah)
  26. He was despised (Messiah)
  27. Descend, kind pity (Theodora)
  28. Round thy urn (Susanna)
  29. Return, o God of hosts (Samson)
  30. The Holy One of Israel (Samson)
  31. Great God, who, yet but darkly known (Belshazzar)
  32. Bending to the throne of glory (Susanna)
  33. If guiltless blood be your intent (Susanna)
  34. Pious orgies, pious airs (Judas Maccabaeus)
  35. Powerful guardians of all nature (Alexander Balus)
  36. As with rosy steps (Theodora)
  37. With darkness deep (Theodora)
  38. Defend her heaven (Theodora)
  39. Angels, ever bright and fair (Theodora)
  40. Kind heaven, if virtue be thy care (Theodora)
  41. Guilt trembling (Susanna)
  42. Guardian angels (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  43. O Lord, whose mercies (Saul)
  44. Vouchsafe, o Lord (Dettinger Te Deum)
  45. O come, let us worship and fall down (Chandos Anthem no. 8)
  46. His sceptre is the rod of righteousness (Occasional Oratorio)
  47. Thou, God most high (Belshazzar)
  48. Lord to thee, each night and day (Theodora)
  49. Father of heaven (Judas Maccabaeus)
  50. When the sun o’er yonder hills (Solomon)
  51. Daughter of gods (Hercules)
  52. Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay (The Choice of Hercules)
  53. Faithful mirror (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  54. Ever-flowing tides of pleasure (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  55. Pleasure, my former ways (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  • Vol.3
  1. Caro voi siete all’alma (Serse)
  2. Sento la gioia (Amadigi)
  3. Pur ritorno a rimirarvi (Agrippina)
  4. Vezzi, lusinghe e brio (Ariodante)
  5. When first I saw my lovely maid (Susanna)
  6. Take the heart you fondly gave (Jephtha)
  7. Banish love from thy breast (Hercules)
  8. Di quel bel che m’innamora (Flavio)
  9. Sì, caro, ti stringo al fin (Rinaldo)
  10. Starvi a cauto (Flavio)
  11. V’adoro, pupille (Giulio Cesare)
  12. Gioje, venite in sen (Amadigi)
  13. Vedrò più liete e belle (Lotario)
  14. Se m’ami, o caro (Il pastor fido)
  15. Due bell’alme (Deidamia)
  16. Finchè pur te mi palpita (Ezio)
  17. Alma mia (Floridante)
  18. Lucide stelle (Rodrigo)
  19. Bel piacere (Agrippina)
  20. Love in her eyes sits playing (Acis and Galatea)
  21. What’s sweeter than the new-blown rose (Joseph and his Brethren)
  22. When thou art nigh (Susanna)
  23. A teneri affetti (Ottone)
  24. Sì, prode amante (Lotario)
  25. Scherzano sul tuo volto (Rinaldo)
  26. These labours past (Jephtha)
  27. Unito a un puro affetto (Teseo)
  28. Amor, nel mio penar (Flavio)
  29. Subtle love, with fancy viewing (Alexander Balus)
  30. O grati orrori...S’io dir potessi (Ottone)
  31. Ah, tu non sai (Ottone)
  32. Con rauco mormorio (Rodelinda)
  33. O rendetemi il mio bene (Amadigi)
  34. Da tanti affanni oppressa (Admeto)
  35. Solitudini amate (Alessandro)
  36. Luci care, addio (Admeto)
  37. Spero placare (Radamisto)
  38. Un caro amante (Scipione)
  39. Parto, fuggo (Scipione)
  40. Poterti dir vorrei (Partenope)
  41. S’estinto è l’idol mio (Amadigi)
  42. Ombre, piante (Rodelinda)
  43. Ah, spietato (Amadigi)
  44. Beneath the cypress’ gloomy shade (Susanna)
  45. Tanti affanni (Ottone)
  46. Sò che non è più mio (Arianna)
  47. Se possono tanto (Poro)
  48. Ho perduto il caro sposo (Rodelinda)
  49. Dimmi, crudele amore (Muzio Scevola)
  50. Pena tiranna (Amadigi)
  51. Dunque i lacci...Ah, crudel, il pianto mio (Rinaldo)
  52. Amor dà guerra e pace (Tamerlano)
  53. Ah, mio cor (Alcina)
  54. Pompe vane...Dove sei (Rodelinda)
  55. Voi dolci aurette (Tolomeo)
  56. Theurer, komm, o komm (Riccardo)
  57. Dite, che fà (Tolomeo)
  58. Cara sposa (Rinaldo)
  59. Ritorna, o dolce amore (Ottone)
  60. Come, se ti vedrò (Muzio Scevola)
  61. Con lui volate (Muzio Scevola)
  62. Oh, caro mio tesor (Amadigi)
  63. Dimmi, cara (Scipione)
  64. Dull delay, in piercing anguish (Jephtha)
  65. Io ti bacio (Admeto)
  66. Tu vuoi ch’io parta (Radamisto)
  67. Dove sei, amato bene (Ottone)
  68. Dolci aurette (Scipione)
  69. Ch’io parte? (Partenope)
  70. Tornami a vagheggiar (Alcina)
  71. Where shall I seek the charming fair (Acis and Galatea)
  72. Oh sleep, why does thou leave me? (Semele)
  73. My racking thoughts (Semele)
  74. The world, when day’s career is run (Hercules)
  75. There in myrtle shades reclining (Hercules)
  76. On fair Euphrates’ verdant side (Susanna)
  • Vol.4
  1. My strength is from the living God (Samson)
  2. Al par della mia sorte (Arminio)
  3. Quell’oggetto, ch’è caro (Berenice)
  4. Rammentati, cor mio (Lotario)
  5. Benche me sprezzi (Tamerlano)
  6. La bella mano (Berenice)
  7. Oh, filial piety...No, cruel father (Saul)
  8. Impious wretch, of race accursed (Saul)
  9. Svegliatevi nel core (Giulio Cesare)
  10. Though the honours (Theodora)
  11. Nel mondo e nell’abisso (Tamerlano)
  12. A suoi piede (Tamerlano)
  13. Cor ingrato (Rinaldo)
  14. Mà pria vedrò le stelle (Floridante)
  15. Thus to ground (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  16. Why does the God of Israel sleep? (Samson)
  17. Why do the gentiles tumult? (Occasional Oratorio)
  18. Tyrants whom no covenants bind (Occasional Oratorio)
  19. Why do the nations (Messiah)
  20. Thou shalt break them (Messiah)
  21. Morrai, si (Rodelinda)
  22. Racks, gibbets, sword and fire (Theodora)
  23. Resign thy club and lion’s spoils (Hercules)
  24. Pluck root and branch (Esther)
  25. What abject thoughts (Saul)
  26. The torrent that sweeps in its course (Susanna)
  27. My soul rejects the thought (Saul)
  28. Honor and arms (Samson)
  29. Go, baffled coward (Samson)
  30. Presuming slave (Samson)
  31. Sù, Megera (Berenice)
  32. Cease, ruler of the day, to rise (Hercules)
  33. All’orror d’un duolo eterno (Ottone)
  34. Falsa imagine (Ottone)
  35. Hence, Iris, hence, away (Semele)
  36. Above measure is the pleasure (Semele)
  37. Oppress’d with never-ceasing grief (Belshazzar)
  38. Your charms to ruin led the way (Samson
  39. Se fiera belva (Rodelinda)
  40. With rage I shall burst (Saul)
  41. First perish thou (Jephtha)
  42. The oak that for a thousand years (Susanna)
  43. Stà nell’ Ircana (Alcina)
  44. Revenge, Timotheus cries (Alexander’s Feast)
  45. The princes applaud (Alexander’s Feast)
  46. Thais led the way (Alexander’s Feast)
  • Vol.5
  1. Come, thou goddess fair and free (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  2. Come, rather, goddess (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  3. Come, pensive nun (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  4. Pleasure’s gentle zephyrs playing (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  5. O Mithra, with thy brightest beams (Alexander Balus)
  6. Endless pleasure (Semele)
  7. In mille dolci modi (Sosarme)
  8. Cangiò d’aspetto (Admeto)
  9. Begone, my fears (Hercules)
  10. No more complaining (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  11. Come, come, live with pleasure (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  12. After long storms (Occasional Oratorio)
  13. Par che mi nasca in seno (Tamerlano)
  14. Kind hope, thou universal friend (Alexander Balus)
  15. The smiling hours (Hercules)
  16. The smiling dawn of happy days (Jephtha)
  17. Qual mave smarrita (Radamisto)
  18. Come to my arms, my lovely fair (Semele)
  19. The parent bird in search of food (Susanna)
  20. Tossed from thought to thought (Alexander Balus)
  21. Tutta racolta ancor (Scipione)
  22. Alternate hopes and fears (Belshazzar)
  23. Scenes of horror, scenes of woe (Jephtha)
  24. Ah, non son io che parlo (Ezio)
  25. Deggio morire (Siroe)
  26. Se’l mio duol non è si forte (Rodelinda)
  27. Vi sento, sì (Lotario)
  28. Like clouds, stormy winds them impelling (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  29. Open thy marble jaws (Jephtha)
  30. Where shall I fly? (Hercules)
  31. With thee, the unsheltered moor I’d tread (Solomon)
  32. Chi si trova tra procella (Silla)
  33. Sweet rose and lily (Theodora)
  34. The righteous Lord (Chandos anthem no.2)
  35. Jehovah is my shield (Occasional Oratorio)
  36. The raptured soul defies the sword (Theodora)
  37. Who fears the Lord (Susanna)
  38. I know that my redeemer liveth (Messiah)
  39. Com’onda incalza (Scipione)
  40. Non disperi peregrino (Lotario)
  41. Affanni del pensier (Ottone)
  42. Tal’or d’oscuro (Arianna)
  43. Sorrow darkens every feature (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  44. Nel tuo seno, amico sasso (Giulio Cesare)
  45. Schauet, mein Jesus (St. John Passion) (formerly attrib. Handel, actually by Georg Böhm)
  46. Torments, alas (Samson)
  47. Total eclipse (Samson)
  48. To vanity and earthly pride (Joshua)
  49. Wise men flattering (Judas Maccabaeus)
  50. O sacred oracles of truth (Belshazzar)
  51. How great and many perils (Occasional Oratorio)
  52. Nasce al bosco (Ezio)
  53. Strange reverse of human fate (Alexander Balus)
  54. Scherza in mar (Lotario)
  55. L’armellin vita non cura (Flavio)
  56. Se talor miri un fior (Tolomeo)
  57. As cheers the sun (Joshua)
  58. Quel gelsomino (Riccardo)
  59. Without the swain’s assiduous care (Susanna)
  60. Each action will derive new grace (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  61. As steals the morn (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  62. La bocca vaga (Alcina)
  63. Sì, m’appaga (Deidemia)
  64. Un cenno leggiadretto (Serse)
  65. Semplicetto! a donna credi? (Alcina)
  66. Che colpa è la mia (Flavio)
  67. Che vive amante (Poro)
  68. Sempre dolce ed amorose (Berenice)
  69. Diedi il core al altra Ninfa (Atalanta)
  70. Tutto può donna vezzosa (Giulio Cesare)
  71. I’ll to the well-trod stage (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  • Vol.6
  1. Beneath the vine (Solomon)
  2. The peasant tastes the sweets of life (Joseph and his Brethren)
  3. Quanto mai felice (Ezio)
  4. Lascia ch’io parto solo (Atalanta)
  5. How blessed the maid (Hercules)
  6. Quanto diletto avea (Orlando)
  7. Edele Sinnen (Almira)
  8. O lovely peace (Judas Maccabaeus)
  9. Bane of virtue (Theodora)
  10. Fond flattering world (Theodora)
  11. Can I see my infant gored (Solomon)
  12. Convey me to some peaceful shore (Alexander Balus)
  13. Farewell, ye limpid springs and floods (Jephtha)
  14. Sì, tornerò a morir (Faramondo)
  15. Chiudetevi, miei lumi (Admeto)
  16. Dolce vita del mio petto (Amadigi)
  17. Stille amare (Tolomeo)
  18. Faith displays her rosy wing (Susanna)
  19. Soll mein Kind, mein Leben sterben (Brockes Passion)
  20. Streams of pleasure (Theodora)
  21. Thither our hearts aspire (Theodora)
  22. O king, your favours with delight (Saul)
  23. Would custom bid the melting fair (Susanna)
  24. What though I trace each herb (Solomon)
  25. Awful, pleasing being (Joshua)
  26. Happy Beauty (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  27. Charming Beauty (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  28. Come, blooming boy (The Choice of Hercules)
  29. False destructive ways of pleasure (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  30. Like the shadow (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  31. Loathsome urns (The Triumph of Time and Truth)
  32. Just are the ways of God to man (Samson)
  • Vol.7
  1. Se risolvi abbandonarmi (Floridante)
  2. Lamentandomi corro a volo (Scipione)
  3. As when the dove (Acis and Galatea)
  4. In gentle murmurs will I mourn (Jephtha)
  5. With plaintive notes (Samson)
  6. Tortorella, che rimira (Berenice)
  7. Come alla tortorella (Atalanta)
  8. Se nel bosco resta solo (Arianna)
  9. Augelletti garruletti (Giustino)
  10. Il volo così fido (Riccardo)
  11. Scacciata dal suo nido (Rodelinda)
  12. Hush, ye pretty warbling choir (Acis and Galatea)
  13. Mirth, admit me of thy crew (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  14. Sweet bird (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  15. In these blest scenes (Joshua)
  16. Hark! ‘tis the linnet and the thrush (Joshua)
  17. Hide me from day’s garish eye (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  18. Straight mine eye (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  19. Let me wander (L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato)
  20. Crystal streams in murmurs flowing (Susanna)
  21. Verdi prati (Alcina)
  22. How green our fertile pastures look (Solomon)
  23. Where’er you walk (Semele)
  24. Our limpid streams with freedom flow (Joshua)
  25. What passion cannot music raise (Ode for St. Cecilia)
  26. The soft complaining flute (Ode for St. Cecilia)
  27. But oh! what art can teach (Ode for St. Cecilia)
  28. Thus long ago...At last divine Cecilia came (Alexander’s Feast)
  29. Look down, harmonious saint (Praise of Harmony)
  30. But hark! the heavenly sphere...Prepare then (Semele)
First Publication 1878 ?
Language German
Composer Time Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation Voice, piano
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