Rotten Fugues from Thimble Themes (Besset, Julian Raoul)

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 1. Fantasia
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PDF typeset by Jurabe
Jurabe (2014/2/18)

 2. Sidesteps
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PDF typeset by Jurabe
Jurabe (2014/2/18)

 3. Spin-Offs
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Jurabe (2014/2/24)

 4. Preliminary Sketches
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PDF typeset by Jurabe
Jurabe (2014/2/26)

PMLP510923-Rotten Fugues from Thimble Themes 1.pdf
Publisher Info.:

Julian Raoul Besset


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 [tag/del]


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General Information

Work Title Rotten Fugues from Thimble Themes
Alternative Title Fragments divers sur des fugues avariées
Composer Besset, Julian Raoul
Movements/Sections 3
Year/Date of Composition 2014 (January-February)
Composer Time Period Modern
Piece Style Modern
Instrumentation Organ

Misc. Comments

These three works in the form of a Suite (the term "rotten" is not to be taken literally, but as the tongue-in-cheek equivalent of the French "avariées", itself a pun on the phrase "à varier", which corresponds to the idea of "fugal-like variations"), usually begin with Fugue-like "thimble" subjects which are almost immediately set aside (or "sidestepped") in favour of less scholastic developments, thus the title and its French version with its double pun, emphasize the same notion that fantasy can sometimes be allowed to override rigor in music. The set was composed after the second organ sonata, and is very similar in character, but progressive tonality is less apparent, except in the piece "Passing the Baton" in Sidesteps. Number 3 is composed of "left-overs", alternate or separate versions of pieces not retained for the two main parts. Number 4 presents the work in various stages of preparation : 1) full page roughs using a ball-point pen, 2) partial print-out with additions, 3) complete print-out with pencilled corrections or suggestions for interpretation.

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