Oeuvres pour le piano (Chopin, Frédéric)

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Ambox notice.pngThis edition was prepared by Klindworth/Scharwenka and published by Augener.
See also Klindworth's separate editions for Jurgenson and Bote & Bock.

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General Information

Work Title Oeuvres pour le piano
Alternative Title Soigneusement corrigées d'après les éditions originales par C. Klindworth ; revues par Xaver Scharwenka
Composer Chopin, Frédéric
Movements/Sections 16 volumes
First Publication 1882–83 – London: Augener
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation Piano (some works with Orchestra)


Klindworth's edition was revised sometime after the editor returned to Germany from Russia; the name usually associated with the revision is of the pianist and composer Franz Xaver Scharwenka (1850-1924), who was renowned for his performances of Chopin in the era. Klindworth presumably had a hand in the revision, though it is by no means clear.



Plates: 8079/8077.

Vol.1: Waltzes

62 p./65p.
Valses Op. 18 -- Op. 34, nos. 1-3 -- Op. 42 -- Op. 64, nos 1-3 -- Op. 69, nos. 1-2 -- Op. 70 nos. 1-3 -- Valse (œuvre potshume).

Vol.2: Nocturnes

Ed.6094; Plate 8081. p. 261-342 (82/84p)

Vol.3: Mazurkas

126 (63-188) p
pl 8083

Vol.4: Studies

102 p. (op 10 42p
3 nouvelles études., Trois nouvelles études., Etudes,, Douze études, op. 25

Vol.5: Preludes

Ed No 6078c
p. 633-674
24 préludes, Op. 28 -- Prélude, Op. 45.

Vol.6: Ballades

No.6095; p. 343-384 (42p)

Vol.7: Polonaises

Ed.6093; Plate 8084b

Vol.8: Rondos & scherzos

106 p. (425-530); Edition no. 6077(b); Plate no. 8071

Vol.9: Impromptus & fantaisies

p. 385-424
Premier impromptu, op. 29 -- Deuxi*eme impromptu, op. 36 -- Fantaisie, op. 49 -- Troisi*eme impromptu, op.51 -- Fantaisie-Impromptu, op. 66.

Vol.10: (Various Pieces)

Pl. no.: 8073; p. 755-820 (66 p)

Vol.11: Album

Vol.12-15: [Concertos]

p.821-1002; pl.8076
  • [v. 12]
  • [v. 13] Op. 11. Concerto in E minor
  • [v. 14] Op. 21. Concerto in F minor
  • [v. 15] Grande polonaise & andante spianato

Vol.16: Sonatas

Plate No. 8077; 84 pages (675-758)

Examples (Augener)

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