Modern Russian Piano Music (Sternberg, Constantin von)

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Carolus (2014/4/2)

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Carolus (2014/4/2)

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Carolus (2014/4/2)

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Boston: Oliver Ditson Co., 1915. Plate ML-2632 to ML-2733


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General Information

Work Title Modern Russian Piano Music
Alternative Title
Composer Sternberg, Constantin von
Movements/Sections 2 volumes
  • Volume 1
1. Akimenko: A Child's Dream, Op.23 No.3
2. Akimenko: Reverie, Op.28 No.2
3. Alenev: Arabesque, Op.9 No.1
4. Alenev: Burlesque, Op.9 No.4
5. Alferaki: Valse in E-flat major, Op.27 No.3
6. Alferaki: Scherzo in F minor, Op.29 No.2
7. Amani: Distant memories, Op.7 No.1
8. Amani: Orientale, Op.7 No.2
9. Amani: Elegy, Op.7 No.3
10. Antipov: Romance, Op.5 No.1
11. Antipov: Burlesque, Op.5 No.3
12. Antipov: Prelude in E majo, Op.8 No.1
13. Antipov: Prelude in F major, Op.10
14. Arensky: The cuckoo, Op.34 No.2
15. Arensky: Little ballad, Op.36 No.4
16. Arensky: In the fields, Op.36 No.24
17. Arensky: At the forest spring, Op.46 No.1
18. Arensky: Etude in F major, Op.53 No.6
19. Balakirev: Lament
20. Barmotin: Pastorale, Op.5 No.1
21. Barmotin: Berceuse, Op.5 No.3
22. Barmotin: Prelude in F-sharp major, Op.6 No.8
23. Barmotin: Valse-scherzo, Op.6 No.10
24. Blumenfeld: Impromptu in G-flat major, Op.13 No.2
25. Blumenfeld: Prelude in G major, Op.17 No.3
26. Blumenfeld: Prelude in B-flat major, Op.17 No. 21
27. Blumenfeld: Moment lyrique in E-flat minor, Op.27 No.1
28. Blumenfeld: Moment lyrique in E minor, Op.27 No.4
29. Blumenfeld: Etude in D minor, Op.29 No.1
30. Cui: Album leaf, Op.39 No.2
31. Cui: Prelude in A-flat major
32. Glazunov: Pastorale, Op.42 No.1
33. Glazunov: Valse in D major, Op.42 No.3
34. Glazunov: Prelude in D-flat major, Op.49 No.1
35. Glazunov: Impromptu in D-flat major, Op.54 No.1
36. Glière: Prelude in C minor, Op.16 No.1
37. Glinka: Barcarolle
38. Glinka: Valse-fantaisie
39. Grechaninov: Song of autumn, Op.3 No.3
40. Grodzky: Valse capricieuse, Op.47
41. Ilyinsky: Mazurka in G major, Op.7 No.3
42. Kalafati: Miniature, Op.7 No.1
43. Kalafati: Prelude in A major, Op.7 No.4
44. Kalafati: Prelude in B-flat minor, Op.7 No.5
45. Karagichev: Ballata, Op.3 No.3
45. Karagichev: Exaltation, Op.3 No.4
46. Karpoff: Prelude in C-sharp minor, Op.1 No.1
47. Kopylov: Playing horse, Op.20 No.4
48. Kopylov: Child's dream, Op.No.5
49. Kopylov: Album leaf, Op.26 No.3
50. Koreshchenko: Impromptu, Op.40 No.7
First Publication 1915
Composer Time Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation Piano solo
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