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Francesco Lucca (1802-1872) was an apprentice under G. Ricordi for 6 years; when he returned to Italy after travelling from 1822-1825, he started an engraving workshop in Milan in 1825. The earliest samples were much admired for their clarity and accuracy. Near the end of 1841, he returned to Ricordi to work opposite La Scala; in January of that year he had announced that he had the reproduction and transfer rights to Donizetti's Adelia and La favorita. He then took over a part of the agency for Nabucco with Ricordi. Lucca brought out several subsequent operas of Verdi, including Il corsaro, Attila, and I masnadieri, but Verdi moved to Ricordi after a quarrel, which generated tension between the two firms. in 1840, Lucca had gotten Der Freischutz, and had it translated under the title "Il magico bersagliere." Lucca had success with operas by Mercadante, Pacini, and others. Lucca printed these using treble and bass clefs only, for the first time.

His wife Giovannina Strazza (1814?-1894) joined the business around 1850, and acquired the rights for Italy of Gounod's Faust, and other major works. In 1868, she purchased the exclusive Italian rights for the entirety of Wagner's works. After Francesco's death, she took over the firm entirely. Major expansions caused Verdi to advise Ricordi to acquire Lucca, which they did in 1888, at a price of 1,000,000 Lire. This expanded Ricordi much, giving them around 47,800 new titles.

Important acquisitions

  • 1871 and 1875: Berletti
  • 1874: De Giorgi
  • 1878: Canti
  • 1886: Vismara


Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
04097 Labitzky Lucian-Walzer, Op.75 (for piano solo) (1842)
04169 Labitzky Springsfeld-Galopps, Op.4 (for piano solo) (1840)
05252 Labitzky Das morgenland, Op.109 (for piano solo) (1845)
05254 Labitzky Bedford-Walzer, Op.108 (for piano solo) (1845)
12796 Brida Sinfonia religiosa (1861)
12839 Ravina Romance sans Paroles, Op.27 (1850)
14957 Brida Due canzoni
15732 Bassi Divertimento sopra motivi dell’opera La favorita di Donizetti (1852)
16759 Brida Povero fiore!!
18584 Brida Io di te non so che far
19299 Brida La ricordi?
20303 Meglio Piano Trio, Op.140 (sc&pts) (1860?)
21050 Gariboldi Capriccio sull'opera 'Ruy Blas' di F. Marchetti (1860)
24763 Perosi Versetti brillanti e fugati per Organo (?)
26083 Bottagisio Carezze del pensiero (1880)
26084 Bottagisio Alba e crepuscolo (sc/pt) 1880
38336 Itiberê Sérénade pour piano, Op.34 (1882)
34775 Bottagisio Fanciulla, che cosa è Dio? per Mezzo-Soprano e Pianoforte (1879)
34862 Bottagisio Una marina in sull'alba per Pianoforte (?)
35404 Bottagisio Tu m'amerai così? Canzone per Soprano o Mezzo-Soprano e Pianoforte (1880)
35417 Bottagisio Marcia Funebre per Pianoforte (?)
36362 Bottagisio Un saluto dalle nubi Preludio per Pianoforte (1882)
36791 Bottagisio Fiori del prato per Pianoforte (?)
37368 Bottagisio Sorriso d'amore Mazurka per Pianoforte (1883)
38942 Scognamiglio T'arrienne o no?...
46819 Goldmark Merlin (1886)

Sources Consulted

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New York and London: Macmillan Publications, 1980.
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Authority control

VIAF (Stabilimento musicale di F. Lucca)

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