List of works by Mily Balakirev

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Orchestral Works

Symphony or Orchestra


Chamber Music

Piano Works

Piano 2-Hands

Piano 4-Hands

Vocal Works

Choir and Orchestra


  1. Thou Art So Captivating [Ты пленительной неги полна]
  2. The Link [Звено]
  3. Spanish Song [Испанская песня]
  1. Песня разбойника (Koltsov)
  2. Embrace, Kiss [Обойми, поцелуй] (Koltsov)
  3. Barcarolle [Баркарола] (А. Арсепьев из Гейне)
  4. Колыбельная песня (А. Арсепьев)
  5. The Bright Moon [Взошел на небо месяц ясный] (М. Япенич)
  6. When Thou Playest, Carefree Child [Когда беззаботно, дитя, ты резвишься] (К. Вильде)
  7. The Knight [Рыцарь] (К. Вильде)
  8. I'm a Fine Fellow [Мне ли, молодцу разудалому] (Koltsov)
  9. My Heart is Torn [Так и рвется душа] (Koltsov)
  10. Come to Me [Приди ко мне] (Koltsov)
  11. Song of Selim [Песня Селима] (Lermontov)
  12. Введи меня, о, ночь (А. Майков)
  13. Hebrew Melody [Еврейская мелодия] (Lermontov, after Byron)
  14. Rapture [Исступление] (Koltsov)
  15. Why [Отчего] (Lermontov)
  16. Song of the Goldfish [Песня золотой рыбки] (Lermontov)
  17. Old Man's Song [Песня старика] (Koltsov)
  18. Слышу ли голос твой (Lermontov)
  19. Georgian Song [Грузинская песня]
  20. The Dream [Сон] (М. Михайлов из Гейне)
  1. Over the Lake [Над озером] (А. Голенищев-Кутузов)
  2. The Wilderness [Пустыня] (А. Жемчужников)
  3. The Sea Does Not Foam [Не пенится море] (Tolstoy)
  4. When the Yellow Cornfield Waves [Когда волнуется желтеющая нива] (Lermontov)
  5. I Loved Him [Я любила его] (Koltsov)
  6. The Pine Tree [Сосна] ((Lermontov) из Гейне)
  7. Nocturne [Nachtstiick] (Khomyakov)
  8. Как наладили (Mey)
  9. Среди цветов поры осенней (Aksakov)
  10. The Rosy Sunset Fades [Догорает румяный закат] (В. Кульчинский)
  1. Prologue [Запевка] (Mey)
  2. Dream [Сон] (Lermontov)
  3. I Came to Thee With Greeting [Я пришёл к тебе с приветом] (Fet)
  4. Look, My Friend [Взгляни, мой друг] (В. Красов)
  5. A Whisper, a Timid Breath [Шепот, робкое дыханье] (Fet)
  6. Song [Песня] (Lermontov)
  7. Under the Mysterious Cold Half-Mask [Из-под таинственной холодной полумаски] (Lermontov)
  8. Sleep! [Спи] (Khomyakov)
  1. Dawn [Заря] (Khomyakov)
  2. The Rock [Утес] (Lermontov)
  • Беззвездная полночь дышала прохладой (А. Хомяков)
  • 7th November [7-е ноября] (А. Хомяков)

"The Clear Moon has Risen" (1858) "The Pine Tree" (1895–1896) (10 Songs, No. 6) "Nocturne" (1895–1896) (10 Songs, No. 7) "Vision" ("Son") (10 Songs, No. 2) (1903–04) "7th November" (10 Songs, No. 4) (1903–04) "The yellow leaf trembles" ("Pesnya: Zholty list") (10 Songs, No. 8) (1903–04) "Look, my Friend" ("Vzglyani, moy drug") (20 Songs, No. 6) (1903–04) "The Dream" ("Son") (20 songs, No. 20) (1903–04)

Other Vocal Works

  • 6 Antiphone (1880-1890)
  • Christ is risen (1887, 1906)
  • Hymn in Honor of the Grand Duke Georgi Vsevolodovich (1889)
  • The Golden Time has Flown Away (1891)
  • Hymn in Honor of the Polotsky Girls' College (1898)
  • Beneath the Shadow of Thy Overflowing Mercy (1899)
  • The Prayer of the Russians - Hymn for female Choir after Pushkin (1899)
  • Praise to Almighty God (1902)
  • We are singing a Hymn, our School, Hymn for female and children's choir after Lebedinski (1902)
  • Farewell Forever, Our Unforgettable Heaven (1908)

Transcriptions & Orchestrations

Own Works

  • 2 Legends for mixed Choir a cappella after No.6 and No.8 of the 30 Russian Folk Songs (1902)
  1. Nikita Romanowitsch
  2. The King's Sons from Krakow
  • Oh my Heart - for mixed Choir a cappella after No.27 of the 30 Russian Folk Songs (1902)
  • Grande Fantasie, Op.4 for 2 Pianos
  • Piano Concerto No.1, Op.1 for 2 Pianos
  • Ouverture on 3 Russian Themes for Piano 4-Hands
  • Symphony No.1 for 2 Pianos
  • Symphony No.2 for 2 Pianos

Works of other Composers



  • Introduction to The Flight into Egypt, for Piano Solo (1864)
  • Harold in Italy, for 2 Pianos (1876)



  • Paladin, for Voice & Orchestra (1870-72)
  • 2 Excerpts from opera "Rogdana", for Voice & Piano (1908)


  • Oh, my beautiful Maiden, Bolero (1840), for Voice & Orchestra
  • Nächtliche Heerschau, for Voice & Orchestra (1860)
  • Kamarinskaja, for Piano 4-Hands (1863)
  • Souvenirs of a Summer Night in Madrid, for Piano 4-Hands (1864)
  • Jota aragonesa, for Piano 2-Hands (1864)
  • Jota aragonesa, for Piano 4-Hands (1864)
  • Prince Holmski, for Piano 4-Hands (1864)
  • Oriental Dances from Ruslan and Ludmilla, for Orchestra (1868)
  • String Quartet in F Major, for Piano 4-Hands (1877)
  • Venetian Night, for Choir a cappela (1887)
  • Tschernomor's March from Ruslan and Ludmilla, for Piano Solo (1890)
  • Kamarinskaja, for Piano Solo (1902)
  • Do Not Speak, for Piano Solo (1903)



  • Violin Caprice Op.1 No.3 for Piano Solo (1872)



Fragments & Unfinished Works

  • Septet (1852)
  • String Quartet Op.2, Russian Original Quartet (1854-55)
  • Piano Sonata No.1 in Bb minor, Op.5 (1856-57)
  • Polonaise-Fantasie, for Orchestra (1857)
  • The Yellow Leaf trembles - for Choir à 3 Voices after Lermontow (1860-70), for Voice & Piano (1903-04)
  • Piano Concerto No.2 in Eb Major (1861-62, 1906-1909 - Finished by Lyapunov)
  • The Firebird, Opera (1864)
  • Suite in B minor (1901-08 - Finished by Lyapunov)