List of works by Max Bruch

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Works with Opus number

Works without Opus number

  • 3 Hebrew Chants (1888)
  • Piano Quintet in g minor (1886) (manuscript digitized at SB Berlin)
  • Schottische Volkslieder, 12 Songs (ca.1863)
  • Septet for Wind players and Strings (1849)
  • Serenade nach schwedischen Melodien
  • String Octet in B flat major - 4 Vln, 2 Vla, Vc, Cb - (1920)
  • String Quintet No.1 in a minor (ca.1918)
  • String Quintet No.2 in E major (ca.1920?)
  • 6 Songs for male Voices (ca.1908)
  • Wiegenlied der Hirten