List of works by Léon Boëllmann

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This list is manually maintained, therefore some of the available pieces may not yet be linked from this page. For an automatically generated alphabetical list of all available pieces, please see Category:Boëllmann, Léon.


Works with Opus number

Works without Opus number

  • Prière for Violin or cello
  • Offertoire sur des Noëls pour orgue (won 1st prize in 1882)
  • Monstra te esse Matrem, 1882 (pub. 1887)
  • Marche Nuptiale, 1882
  • Communion et Élévation for organ or harmonium (won 1st prize in 1884)
  • Ave verum, solo with organ accompaniment (won 2nd prize in 1884)
  • Ave Maria, with solo violin, harp and organ (won 1st prize in 1884)
  • 6 Characteristic Pieces, a compilation by Alec Rowley of pieces from Heures mystiques op. 29 & 30.
  • Fantaisie for organ
  • 4 Recital Pieces, a selection by Alec Rowley of pieces from Douze Pièces op. 16
  • Soft Voluntaries for organ, excerpts from Heures mystiques op. 29 & 30
  • Verset de Procession extrait de l'op. 16.
  • Carnival Rhapsody in E flat major, for piano four-hands
  • Herod - An operatic stage with orchestra (unfinished)
  • The Second Anthem delphique to Apollo (1897), an essay
  • Twenty-six verses for organ (posthumous)
  • Five Verses (on one theme) for the Magnificat on the fifth tone
  • Intermezzo for orchestra
  • Ma bien aimée for voice and orchestra
  • Rondel for small orchestra
  • Scènes du Moyen-Age for orchestra
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