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This list is manually maintained, therefore some of the available pieces may not yet be linked from this page. For an automatically generated alphabetical list of all available pieces, please see Category:Romberg, Bernhard.
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Works with Opus number

  • Op.1, 3 String Quartets (Quartets Nos.1-3)
    • String Quartet No. 1 in E major
    • String Quartet No. 2 in B major
    • String Quartet No. 3 in D major
  • Op.2, Cello Concerto No.1 in B major
  • Op.3, Cello Concerto No.2 in D major
  • Op.4, Potpourris in G major for cello and string quartet (Also transcribed as Three Duos for violin and cello)
  • Op.5, 3 Grand Sonatas for Harp (sonatas for cello, or violin, and harp or piano)
  • Op.6, Cello Concerto No.3 in G major (also reduced as Three Grand Sonatas, for piano with accompaniment of violin)
  • Op.7, Cello Concerto No.4 in E minor (premiered ca.1812?)
  • Op.8, Grand Trio for Cello, Violin and Viola in F major
  • Op.9, 3 Cello Duos (also transcribed for violin and cello)
    • No.1, Duet in D major
    • No.2, Duet in F major
    • No.3, Duet in E minor
  • Op.10, Fantaisie for Cello in D major
  • Op.11, Overture for orchestra (pub. by Breitkopf und Härtel by Sept.1805)
  • Op.12, String Quartet No.4
  • Op.13, Rondeau Espagnol (Variations in A minor for cello and orchestra)
  • Op.14, Airs Russes for cello and orchestra
  • Op.17, Flute concerto in B minor (Also published as Op.30)
  • Op.18, Variations and Rondo in E major for harp (or piano) and string trio
  • Op.19, Trois Airs Russes Pour le Violoncelle avec Accompagnement de deux Violons, Flûte, Triangle, Tambour, Piatti, Alto & Basse
  • Op.20, Variations sur deux airs russes in D minor for cello and strings
  • Op.21, Rondoletto per violoncello principale con strings in A major
    • also - Divertimento for violoncello solo, accompanied by 2 violins, viola and contrabass (published by Carli in 1813, and by Érard)
  • Op.22, Piano Quartet
  • Op.23, Trauer-Symphonie (ca.1810) in C minor
  • Op.24, Pater Noster (see Danish Library)
  • Op.25, 3 String Quartets (Quartets 5-7)
    • String Quartet No.5 in G minor
    • String Quartet No.6 in C minor
    • String Quartet No.7 in G major
  • Op.26, overture to the Opera: Ulysses und Circe
  • Op.27, Divertimento on a Finnish Theme for flute and string quartet
  • Op.28, Capriccio über schwedische Volkslieder for cello and orchestra (also Symphony in E major)
  • Op.30, Cello Concerto No.5 in F minor
  • Op.31, Cello Concerto No.6 in F major
  • Op.32, Andante and Polonaises for Violin and Orchestra
  • Op.33, 3 Cello Duos
  • Op.34, Concert Overture
  • Op.35, Élégie sur la mort d'un objet chéri, for cello and string orchestra
  • Op.36, Duos for 2 cellos
  • Op.37, String Quartet No 8 in A major
  • Op.38, 3 Trios d'une difficulté progressive for viola and two cellos. (The famous "cello sonatas Op.38" by Romberg are arrangements of these, by Friedrich Jansen (or perhaps made earlier still). The page has both.)
    • No.1, Trio in E minor
    • No.2, Trio in G major
    • No.3, Trio in B-flat major
  • Op.39, String Quartet No 9 in D minor
  • Op.40, Divertimento for Flute and String Trio (pub. 1826 ca.?, Peters)
  • Op.41, Concertino in E minor for cello and orchestra
  • Op.42, Divertimento on Swedish Themes for Cello and Piano
  • Op.43, 3 Cello Sonatas (Also played as trios for viola, cello and bass). (and as duos for 2 cellos)
    • No.1, Cello Sonata in B major
    • No.2, Cello Sonata in C major
    • No.3, Cello Sonata in G major
  • Op.44, Cello Concerto No.7 in C major (Suisse)
  • Op.45, Caprice pour violoncelle sur des airs moldaves et valaques (with string quartet accompaniment, published 1827 by Richault)
  • Op.46, Divertimento on Austrian Folksongs for string quintet (pub.1829)
  • Op.47, Capriccio sur des Airs et Danses polonaises for Cello and Orchestra (published 1829)
  • Op.48, Cello Concerto No.8 in A major Brillant for cello and orchestra (published 1829)
  • Op.49, Souvenir de Vienne, grosses rondo brillant, for cello and piano (originally with orchestra)
  • Op.50, Theme and Variations for cello and piano
  • Op.51, Concertino for cello and orchestra in D minor
  • Op.52, Airs Russes for cello and piano
  • Op.53, Symphony (No.3 in C)
  • Op.54, La cantilena, Fantaisie for Cello and String Quartet (pub. Haslinger, 1836)
  • Op.55, Fantaisie sur des airs norvégiens in D minor for cello and piano
  • Op.56, Cello Concerto No.9 in B minor (Grand) (premiered ca.1824, pub. 1836 or earlier)
  • Op.57, Concertino for cello and orchestra
  • Op.58, Fantaisie sur des airs norvégiens pour violoncelle et piano
  • Op.59, String Quartet No. 10 in A minor (pub.1836, Kistner)
  • Op.60, String Quartet No. 11 in E major (pub.1836, Kistner)
  • Op.61, Theme with Variations and Rondo for cello and piano
  • Op.62, Symphonie burlesque (Toy symphony)
  • Op.65, Divertimento on Westphalian National Themes for cello and string quartet
  • Op.66 - Andante et rondo pour le violoncelle avec accompagnement de deux violons, alto, basse (contre-basse ad libitum)
  • Op.67, Introduzione e rondo alla mazurka
  • Op.68 - ?
  • Op.69 - Rondo capriccioso (pub.1841 by Peters)
  • Op.70, La Buona Maniera, Grande Fantaisie for cello accompanied by string quartet or piano (
  • Op.71, Divertissement for piano trio (pub. 1842, Breitkopf & Härtel)
  • Op.72, Concertino for 2 Cellos in A major for 2 cellos (or violin and cello) and orchestra (pub.1842)
  • Op.75, Cello Concerto No.10 in E major
  • Op.76, Introduction et Polonaise for cello and piano

Works by Bernhard and Andreas Romberg

Works without Opus number

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