List of Intermediate Piano Repertoire

Note: this list includes intermediate-level piano repertoire that may be used in teaching piano. Pieces are listed alphabetically by composer. Due to the subjective nature of categorizing by difficulty, no attempt has been made to do so. Please note that this list is manually updated and may not include all pieces of the standard teaching repertoire. Consult the Schirmer Piano Teacher's Guide for an exhaustive listing of pedagogical piano repertoire that is in the public domain.

Bach, Carl Phillip Emanuel (1714–1788)

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750)

Bartók, Béla (1881–1945)

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770–1827)

Benda, Georg (1722–1795)

Burgmüller, Friderich (1806–1874)

Chopin, Frédéric (1810–1849)

Cimarosa, Domenico (1749–1801)

Clark, Jeremiah (1674–1707)

Clementi, Muzio (1752–1832)

Corelli, Arcangelo (1653–1713)

Czerny, Carl (1791–1857)

Debussy, Claude (1862–1918)

Diabelli, Anton (1781–1858)

Dieupart, Charles (1670–1740)

Duncombe, William (1736–1818)

Gade, Niels (1817–1890)

Gurlitt, Cornelius (1820–1901)

Handel, George Frideric (1685–1759)

Haydn, Joseph (1732–1809)

Heller, Stephen (1813–1888)

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778–1837)

Kirnberger, Johann Philipp (1721–1783)

Kirchner, Theodor (1823–1903)

Kölling, Carl (1831–1914)

Kuhlau, Friedrich (1786–1832)

Kuhnau, Johann (1660–1722)

Lichner, Heinrich (1829–1898)

MacDowell, Edward (1860–1908)

Martinů, Bohuslav (1890–1959)

Mendelssohn, Felix (1809–1847)

Mozart, Leopold (1719–1787)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756–1791)

Nielson, Carl (1865–1931)

Purcell, Henry (1659–1695)

Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683–1764)

Scarlatti, Domenico (1685–1757)

Schubert, Franz (1797–1828)

Schumann, Robert (1810–1856)

Spindler, Fritz (1817–1905)

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr (1840–1893)

Telemann, Georg, Phillip (1681–1767)

Türk, Daniel Gottlob (1750–1813)