L. Jouve

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Music publishing firm operating in Paris in the 1870s and 1880s, possibly founded by Louis Jouve (1814-1896).


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • L. L. Jouve, Éditeur
  • L. Jouve, Éditeur (by 1878)


  • Paris, 48 Rue Lafitte
  • Paris, 60 Rue Taitbout (by 1878)

Plate Numbers

Jouve's plate numbers were issued in chronological order in two formats, either L.L.J. ### or L.J. ###. Some editions were also given special plate numbers based on the composer's initials. Dates in italics are estimated.

Regular Plates

Plate Composer Work Year
002 Lamothe Exposition-valse 1878
003 Dihau L'appel 1878
005 Dihau Orchestre-valse (arr. piano) 1878
009 Lamothe En palanquin, Op.206 1878
017 Vasseur Pavane-Conti, Op.19 1879
018 Hitz Lise et Thomas, Op.299 1879
022 Villain Sérénade vénitienne 1879
053 Bachmann Fleur d'avril 1880
054 Bachmann Valse des rêves 1880
056 Bachmann Vieille chanson 1880

Special Plates

Plate Composer Work Year
A.F.24 Flégier Puisque Mai tout en fleurs 1879