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Sheet Music

Scores and Parts

 Complete Score (color)
#284212 - 4.98MB, 50 pp. -  3.5/10 2 4 6 8 10 (4- V/V/V - 3372x

PDF scanned by D-DS
Boccaccio (2013/6/11)

 Complete Score (mono)
#330768 - 1.17MB, 49 pp. -  2.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (1- V/V/V - 1085x

PDF scanned by D-DS
Irishmaestro (2014/6/23)


Second edition

Publisher Info.:

[Hamburg?]: [Telemann?], n.d. [1728?]


Public Domain [tag/del]

Misc. Notes:

600dpi monochrome conversion.


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 Complete Score and Parts
#15783 - 3.88MB, 79 pp. -  6.2/10 2 4 6 8 10 (9- C*/V*/V* - 16710x

PDF scanned by Unknown
Daphnis (2007/11/5)

Telemann - Partitas.pdf

Waldemar Woehl (1902-1976)

Publisher Info.:

Hortus Musicus, No.47
Kassel: Bärenreiter Verlag, 1949. Plate 920.

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Public Domain [tag/del]

Misc. Notes:

This edition lists violin first and, on the cover page, follows this with "(oder andere melodie-insrumente) und basso continuo". On the solo part, violin is still listed first, but with transverse flute/oboe specified as alternates. See below (Comments) for the original specifications.


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 Complete score
#307017 - 0.41MB, 50 pp. -  0.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (0- !N/!N/!N - 2653x

PDF typeset by editor
Csakan-2011 (2013/12/16)

PMLP38125-Die kleine Kammermusik.pdf

Hans-Thomas Müller-Schmidt

Publisher Info.:

Hans-Thomas Müller-Schmidt


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 [tag/del]


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General Information

Work Title Kleine Cammer-Music
Alternative Title Die kleine Kammermusik: 6 Partiten
Composer Telemann, Georg Philipp
Movements/Sections 6 partitas
Partita No.1, TWV 41:B1
Partita No.2, TWV 41:G2
Partita No.3, TWV 41:c1
Partita No.4, TWV 41:g2
Partita No.5, TWV 41:e1
Partita No.6, TWV 41:Es1
Year/Date of Composition 1716
First Publication 1716
Composer Time Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation Oboe/Violin/Flute, Continuo; or Keyboard solo (see Comments, below, and Misc. Comments for the specific editions)

Misc. Comments

  • Title of the first edition (Frankfurt 1716): "Kleine Cammermusic, bestehend aus VI Partien, welche vor die Violine, Flûte traverse, wie auch vors Clavier besonders aber vor die Hautbois nach einer leichten singenden Art also dass sich so wohl ein Anfänger darinnen üben als auch ein Virtuose darmit hören lassen kann [...]" (quoted after the edition by Willy Hess (Amadeus 1979)).
  • Title of the second edition (Hamburg, 1728, see file above): "La / PETITE MUSIQUE / de / CHAMBRE; / Die kleine / Cammer=Music; / von / Telemann." On fol. 2: "Hautbois, ou Violon, ou Flute traverse, / ou Clavessin, / avec la / basse chiffrée."
  • Both editions give the instruments in the order oboe, violin, flute (with basso continuo), keyboard ("clavier") resp. harpsichord ("clavessin"). The Frankfurt title emphasizes the oboe ("especially oboe"). "Keyboard" means that the solo-(oboe-)part is played with the right, the bass with the left hand. So these pieces are mainly for oboe; but they are also a cycle of keyboard music.
  • The pieces are dedicated to the most famous oboist of that time, for example Richter and LeRiche from Dresden.
Sonatas for Solo Violin and Continuo by Georg Philipp Telemann (in some cases flute/violin or oboe/violin or recorder/violin)
An explanation of TWV numbers is on the Telemann page.
TWV Catalog solo sonata section, in key order (in French)
 12 Solos à Violon ou Traversiere avec la Basse chiffrée
  1. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:F3
  2. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:e4
  3. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:A5
  4. TWV 41:C4
  5. TWV 41:g7
  6. TWV 41:D8
  7. TWV 41:d3
  8. TWV 41:G8
  9. TWV 41:h5
  10. TWV 41:E6
  11. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:a5
  12. TWV 41:fis1

 12 Sonate Metodiche

  1. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:g3
  2. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:A3
  3. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:e2
  4. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:D3
  5. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:a2
  6. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:G4
  7. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:h3
  8. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:c3
  9. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:E5
  10. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:B5
  11. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:d2
  12. Methodical Sonata, TWV 41:C3

 6 Suonatine per violino e cembalo

  1. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:A2
  2. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:B2
  3. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:D2
  4. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:G3
  5. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:E1
  6. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:F1

 16 Sonaten à Violino e Continuo
  1. TWV 41:D1
  2. TWV 41:G1
  3. TWV 41:g1
  4. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:C6
  5. TWV 41:
  6. TWV 41:G10
  7. TWV 41:e8
  8. TWV 41:c5
  9. TWV 41:g11
  10. TWV 41:d6
  11. TWV 41:E7
  12. TWV 41:B8
  13. TWV 41:A8
  14. TWV 41:c4
  15. TWV 41:d7
  16. TWV 41:A9

 Solos for a Violin with a Thorough Bass

  1. TWV41:d5
  2. TWV41:e7
  3. TWV41:F5
  4. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:g8
  5. TWV41:B7
  6. TWV41:a7

 Kleine Kammermusik

Partita No.1, TWV 41:B1
Partita No.2, TWV 41:G2
Partita No.3, TWV 41:c1
Partita No.4, TWV 41:g2
Partita No.5, TWV 41:e1
Partita No.6, TWV 41:Es1

 6 Sonates à violon seul accompagné par le clavessin

  1. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:g1
  2. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:D1
  3. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:h1
  4. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:G1
  5. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:a1
  6. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:A1
 Neue Sonatinen
  1. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:e3
  2. Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:c2
  3. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:D7
  4. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:G7
  5. Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:a4
  6. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:E4

 Essercizii musici (Part A)

  1. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:F4
  2. Flute Sonata, TWV 41:D9
  3. Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:d4
  4. Oboe Sonata, TWV 41:B6
  5. Violin Sonata, TWV 41:A6
  6. Flute Sonata, TWV 41:G9
  7. Recorder Sonata, TWV 41:C5
  8. Oboe Sonata, TWV 41:e6


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