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For more details, see: Guide: Contributing Scores.
Please be sure all submissions are public domain, or your own work, and in PDF format. (ZIP files are not allowed unless, specifically, they (a) are uploaded along with a PDF, and (b) contain the source files for the typeset in that PDF.)

Quick Submission Steps

  1. Create an account so you can submit files.
  2. Find the composer page*. If one does not exist, add a new composer. - Do not add pages for any composer who died after 1964
    If you are a composer, arranger or editor who wishes to submit your own new work, see Composer Portal
  3. Check carefully for an existing work page* for the piece under the composer page. We have almost everything of the well-known composers covered by now.
    If a page does not already exist, click the 'Add a piece to this page' link on the composer's page.
  4. Check to see that your scan is not already on the page. If it is not, upload it using the 'Add Sheet Music' button in the drop-down menu under 'Add File' on the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    Note that we do not accept single-page files for pieces which are more than 1 page. Such files must be combined into a single PDF before uploading.
  5. If you are adding your own new arrangement or edition of a public domain piece without creating a composer category for yourself, you must select (Re)Typeset
    When uploading, insert your own name as "Editor" and as "Publisher". The Scanner/Typesetter field should contain only the word "editor" or "arranger" if you are also the person who created the file on a notation program.
    You must then choose one of the Creative Commons licenses. New pieces, arrangements or editions cannot be public domain under the 'moral rights' provisions of most copyright laws.
  6. Relax - a fellow member will review everything you've done to make sure it's correct!

*A composer page is the page under which all compositions by someone are listed. For instance, Johann Sebastian Bach is a composer page that includes links to virtually every one of his works. Each of those works is contained on its own work page (an example would be Erhöhtes Fleisch und Blut, BWV 173 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)), which houses all of the downloadable files. Note also that the title of the work might be in the original language in some cases, or fall under a generic title rule for pieces like Sonatas, Concertos, Symphonies and the like.

Note: If you are typesetting scores, before you create a PDF file of your typeset, you may also want to check that your work conforms to IMSLP's guidelines for typesets.

See also: Copyright Made Simple
For instructions on how to submit recordings, see Performers Portal

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