Max Hinrichsen (1901-65)

Typical cover, in the Peters tradition


This firm was founded in 1938 by Max Hinrichsen (1901-1965), one of three sons of Henri Hinrichsen (1868-1942), the manager of Peters ed Leipzig 1900-1938.
After his death it was managed by his widow 1965-75, but then renamed Peters Edition London.

His brothers also worked in the music publishing business. Henri (b.1909) stayed in Germany and died in 1940. Walter (1901-69) emigrated to New York and founded C.F.Peters New York.

For a full biography of Max Hinrichsen by his daughter, Irene, see:

Hinrichsen published organ music, brass band music and contemporary composers. It was involved in a famous lawsuit (1950-51) with Novello and Co over the copyright of Sinding's "Rustle of Spring".

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Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
620 Rowley 4 Seasonal Improvisations 1948
772 Klemperer, Otto Symphony in 2 movements (f.s.) 1962