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Music publishing firm that operated in Paris from 1860 until 1877. The brothers were Hippolyte and Charles Gambogi. Gambogi frères identified itself as the successor to Chabal on scores published in 1861 and 1862.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Gambogi frères or G. Gambogi frères (1860–1868)
  • Gambogi et Cie. or Ch. Gambogi et Cie. (1869–1877)


  • Paris, 15 Boulevard Montmartre, à côté de la Rue Vivienne (1860–1864)
  • Paris, 112 Rue Richelieu, à l'entrée du Boulevard Montmartre, Maison Frascati (1864–ca.1872)
  • Paris, 108 Rue Richelieu (ca.1875–1877)


  • Lyon: P. Clot et Cie. — Co-issued with Gambogi frères music by Carl Chesneau in the period 1863–1864.

Plate Numbers

Gambogi frères' plate numbers appear to have been issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion. Dates in italics are estimated. Plate numbers are in the format of G.G. ####.
Apparently, some publications of Lefébure-Wély carried their own plate prefix of L.W.P.

Plate Composer Work Year
1312 Cohen Maître Claude (vocal score) 1861
1366 Poise Le jardinier galant (vocal score) 1861
1409 Chabrier Souvenirs de Brunehaut 1862
1438 Ritter Sonata for 2 Pianos, Op.16 1862
1446 Ritter Marianne (vocal score) 1862
1494 Ketterer Espoir!, Op.119 1863
1825 Godefroid La Diane, Op.132 1866
1873 Cellot Entre l'arbre et l'ecorce 1866
1912 Cohen José-Maria (vocal score) 1866
1940 Arban Quadrille sur 'José-Maria' 1866
1944 Ketterer Fantaisie sur 'José-María', Op.201 1867
1945 Battmann José-Maria, Op.261 1867
1950 Ritter L'alcyon, Op.39 1867
1971 Godefroid Les pélerins au St. Sépulcre, Op.144 1870
2073 Weckerlin Aubade 1869
2132 Cellot Feux follets 1870
2142 Lefébure-Wély Le chant du cygne, Op.190 1870
2144 (L.W.P.) Lefébure-Wély Hop!, Op.186 1868
2161 Ketterer Bouquet de bal, Op.274 1870
2195 Weckerlin Mai 1870

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