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also known as "Cello-Bibliothek"



  • Issued from 1894 to 1930. First published by Augener (to Piatti's death in 1901), thereafter taken over by Schott.


Chronological order




90 pieces

  1. Locatelli: Sonata in D major (Piatti)
  2. Porpora: Sonata in F major (Piatti)
  3. Simpson: 13 Divisions (Piatti)
  4. Bach: Suite in G major (Piatti)
  5. Valentini: Sonata X in E major (Piatti)
  6. Veracini F.M. Sonata in D minor (Piatti)
  7. Ariosti: Sonata in E major (Piatti)
  8. Ariosti: Sonata in A major (Piatti)
  9. Ariosti: Sonata in E minor (Piatti)
  10. Ariosti: Sonata in F major (Piatti)
  11. Ariosti: Sonata in E minor (Piatti)
  12. Ariosti: Sonata in D major (Piatti)
  13. Tricklir: Sonata in F major (de Swert)
  14. Tricklir: Sonata in B major (de Swert)
  15. Tricklir: Sonata in C major (de Swert)
  16. Loeillet J B Grande Sonate (de Swert)
  17. Bononcini: Cello Sonata in A minor (de Swert)
  18. Pasqualini [Pasqualino de Marzis]: Cello Sonata in A major (de Swert)
  19. Martini: Cello Sonata in A minor (de Swert)
  20. Bach: Sonata in G major (de Swert)
  21. Bréval J B; Sonata I C : for violoncello with accompaniment of a 2nd violoncello de Swert
  22. Marcello: Sonata in G minor (Stutschewsky)
    Marcello: Sonata in F major (Stutschewsky)
  23. Cervetto Giacobbe Sonata Bfl Carl Schroeder
    Cervetto Giacobbe Sonata C ; Carl Schroeder
  24. Boccherini Luigi; Sonate in A major; Carl Schroeder
  25. Boccherini Luigi Sonate in G major; Carl Schroeder
  26. Lœillet Jean Baptiste Sonata in G minor, Carl Schroeder
  27. Pasqualini [Pasqualino de Marzis]: Cello Sonata in A major (Schroeder)
    Martini: Cello Sonata in A minor (Schroeder)
  28. Stiasni J (Šťastný) Jan Andante Cantabile; Carl Schroeder
    Bononcini Giovanni : Sonate I Am Carl Schroeder
  29. Boccherini Luigi Rondo; Carl Schroeder;
    Marcello: Sonata in Invalid key
  30. Marcello: Sonata in G major
    Marcello: Sonata in C major
  31. Marcello: Sonate in E minorl (Schroeder)
    Grazioli G B Sonata in F, Carl Schroeder
  32. Lœillet J. B. Suite G minor,; Carl Schroeder
  33. Guerini Sonata G; Carl Schroeder
  34. Gasparini: Cello Sonata in D minor (Schroeder)
  35. Gasparini: Cello Sonata in B-flat major (Schroeder)
  36. Pianelli Sonata in D
  37. Pianelli Sonata in F
  38. Bach:
  39. Guerini Sonata in D
  40. Lanzetti: Cello Sonata No.1 in A major (Schroeder)
  41. Lanzetti: Cello Sonata No.2 in G major (Schroeder)
  42. Caix d'Hervelois: Suite No.1 in A major (Schroeder)
  43. Caix d'Hervelois: Suite No.2 in D major (Schroeder)
  44. Marais Sonata in C major Carl Schroeder
  45. Forqueray Jean Baptiste Suite I ; Carl Schroeder
  46. Forqueray Jean Baptiste Suite II ; Carl Schroeder
  47. Bertau Martin: Sonate; Schroeder
    Tillière: Joseph Bonaventure Sonate. Schroeder
  48. Vandini Antonio Sonata in G Stutschewsky
    Vandini Antonio Sonata in F Stutschewsky
  49. Galeoni Sonata
  50. Galuppi B Sonata in D
  51. Antoniotti Sonata in F
  52. Galliard (Gaillard)John Ernest Sonate (E moll) Moffat
  53. Boni, P,G, Sonate C (Moffat)
  54. De Fesch Willem Sonata in d minor(Moffat)
  55. Sammartini; Giovanni Battista Sonate (G dur) (Moffat)
  56. Marcello: Sonata in D major (Moffat)
  57. Handel Sonate Am (orig. oboe)(Moffat)
  58. Handel Sonate G (orig. oboe)(Moffat)
  59. Handel Sonate F (orig. oboe)(Moffat)
  60. Marcello: Cello Sonata in A minor, Op.19 (Moffat)
  61. Marcello: Cello Sonata in E minor (Moffat)
  62. Marcello: Sonata in C major
  63. Marcello: Sonata in G major
  64. Marcello: Cello Sonata in F major (Moffat)
  65. Marcello: Cello Sonata in G minor (Moffat)
  66. Eccles: Violin Sonata in G minor (Cahnbley)
  67. Bréval: Cello Sonata in G major (Cahnbley)
  68. Abel, K.F. Sonata in emoll Döbereiner
  69. Kuhnel Sonata in G Döbereiner
  70. Kuhnel Sonata in D Döbereiner
  71. Gaillard (Galliard) John Ernest Sonate (F) Pearce
  72. Handel Sonate Gm Slatter
  73. Tessarini Sonate F Trowell
  74. Francoeur Sonate E Trowell
  75. Caporale: Cello Sonata in D minor (Cahnbley)
  76. Gabrielli: Cello Sonata No.1 (Landshoff)
  77. Gabrielli: Cello Sonata in A major (Landshoff)
  78. Kuhnel G Sonate A Döbereiner
  79. Marais M Suite dmoll Döbereiner
  80. Hammer, F.X. Sonate D dur Döbereiner
  81. Ortiz D Ricercare no 2 Döbereiner
    Simpson Chr Variationen Döbereiner


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This series was assembled over a period of 70 years, but the name seems to have been coined in 1919. Several collections of Baroque sonatas by four main editors, which had been published between 1860 and 1900, were brought together in one, with a total of over 60 works.

Piatti's arrangements were initially published separately, starting with a Boccherini sonata in 1865(Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1865), p.201). The complete list is here. They were collected as Oeuvres Classiques from 1894.

de Swert's arrangements appeared between 1874 and 1881, and finally were collected as 12 suites with the title Collection de Morceaux Choisis des Maîtres Classiques. As with Piatti, some of the suites consisted of movements from various composers. The complete list can be seen above. However the last 8 suites (Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1880), p.144)were complete authentic sonatas, and only they were included in the Cello Library. In addition he published 22 short Baroque pieces in Alte Violoncellmusik (1871-2) listed in Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1871), p.133,and Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1871), p.141

The next set of arrangements to appear was that of Alfred Moffat, the youngest arranger at that time. Schott published his arrangements of Marcello (4 sonatas, later CL 60 and 61) as Moffat Op.18 (the practice of the time) in 1890, and then Handel, (3 sonatas originally for oboe, later CL 57-59) as Op.19 the following year.
These were combined in one volume entitled Bearbeitungen Klassischer Werke fur Violoncello mit Pianoforte. The title page is attached to the Handel G maj sonata, shown below. Soon the publisher combined these seven pieces with Piatti's (excluding his Ariosti works CL 7-11)and de Swert's in a series entitled Sonates Classiques pour Violoncelle. This included the items later numbered CL1 to 6 by Piatti, 13 to 21 by de Swert and 57 to 64 by Moffat, along with some other arrangements. 14 of Moffat's arrangements were finally included in CL.

At this point the collection contained about 25 pieces, and was rather unfocussed, including some classical pieces (Boccherini, Beethoven). Carl Schröder was a contemporary of de Swert but lived 40 years longer. He was a very productive composer in many genres, but apart from an early Duport arrangement (1872) waited until the 1890s to produce two collections of Baroque pieces, published by Augener of London.

Schröder's collections were both on a large scale. First there was a ten-volume collection of 59 short pieces, covering over 230 pages in piano score, entitled Vortragsstudien. Eine Sammlung hervorragender u. beliebter Tonstücke alter Meister( Old Masters or Studies in Style in English (1894)). The second collection, was even more ambitious, larger than Piatti's and Moffat's combined, entitled Klassische Violoncell-Musik berühmter Meister des 17. u. 18. Jahrhunderts known as Classical Cello Music in English (1894-95). This collection grew to 31 pieces (see cover and extract from the Augener catalog ca.1900 below.) which were later incorporated into CL as items 20-50.

Soon Moffat arranged for other publishers, in the course of the 1890s, including Augener, Breitkopf and then many series for Simrock. He started a rival cello collection, slightly smaller than Schroder's (18 pieces compared with Schroder's 31) : Meister-Schule der alten Zeit: Sammlung klassischer Violoncell-Sonaten berühmter Componisten des 17ten und 18ten Jahrhundert. published by Simrock in 1904. This followed the success of his 30-item similarly-named violin series (1899~).

The last item, number 81, was issued in the early 1930s. The latest date of those on IMSLP is 1930, according to the plate number 32701 on the Gabrielli sonata arr Lanthoff (no 76 out of 81 items). However the series continued, encompassing all the cello repertoire.

A similar series of arrangements for both violin and cello entitled Oeuvres d'Auteurs Anciens was published in 1918-21 by Joseph Salmon (1864-1943) by the Paris branch of Ricordi. See List of works by Joseph Salmon.

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