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Typical cover (1857)
Typical cover (ca. 1870)



The firm was founded in 1842 by the brothers Escudier, Marie-Pierre-Yves (1819-1880) and Léon (1821-1881). Having founded La France musicale in 1837, the publishing firm developed as a natural outgrowth; before founding their own firm, the periodical included issues from Troupenas and Richault as "bonus" material. Around May 1842, the Escudiers switched to their own issues; by October, they had passed plate #100. By 1853, Marie dropped out of the business, and the imprint used from then on was the name of Léon exclusively. In 1860, Marie formally split, taking La France musicale with him. Léon started L'art musical in the meantime. It was eventually sold to Girod, but stopped publication in 1894, having been sold again to Leduc.

The Escudier firm, like their journal, was mainly concerned with publications of operas, including the first edition of Don Pasquale in 1843. In 1844, piano works of Alkan, Liszt and Franck were added to the catalogue, as well as a vocal score of I Lombardi. The firm eventually published 20 operas in full score, no mean feat in that time. All of Verdi's works were included in the catalogue, at least supposedly. The plate numbers extended to over 3600. Verdi and the journals were its most significant contributions. They helped crown Verdi as the king of Italian opera in Europe.

The brothers Escudier were well-educated and knew a great deal about music; in 1844, they published a Dictionnaire de la Musique which was of great usefulness, accomplishing a function not examined since Brossard and Rousseau. Other books included a biography of Rossini. In 1882, after Léon died, the firm was sold to Heugel.


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses

  • La France musicale, 1837-1843
    • 38, Rue Lafitte, 1837-March 4, 1838
    • 14, Rue de Provence, March 4, 1838-November 20, 1838
    • 20, Rue de la Victoire, November 20, 1838-July 15, 1839
    • 6, Rue Neuve St. Marc, July 15, 1839-October 5, 1843
  • Magasin de Musique, May 1843-October 1843
  • Bureau Central de la Musique, 1843-1853
    • 29, Place de la Bourse, October 5, 1843-[March 1848-January 1849]
    • 8, Rue Favart, [March 1848-January 1849]-November 27, 1853
  • Léon Escudier, 1853-1882
    • 21, Rue Choiseul, November 27, 1853-February 5, 1882

Plate Numbers

Plate F.M.

Plate Composer Work Year
260 Donizetti Don Pasquale 1843

Plate B.C.

Plate Composer Work Year
501 Donizetti Dom Sébastien (parts) 1843
502 Donizetti Dom Sébastien (vocal score) 1843
544 Adam Cagliostro (complete score)
641 Artôt Grande fantaisie sur l'hymne national russe
648 Alkan Grande fantaisie sur Don Juan, Op.26 1845
675 Artôt Grande Fantaisie de Concert, Op.16
694 David Le désert (vocal score) 1845
729-740 David Les quatre saisons (parts)
758 Kontski Les Reflets de mon pays, Op.85 1845
768 Adam Le diable à quatre (Mazurka arr. by J. Herz) 1845
811 Verdi Ernani (arr. for piano solo by composer)
891 Prudent Séguidille, Op.25 1846
913 Rosellen Fantaisie sur le ballet Paquita, Op.84
1001 Clapisson Gibby la cornemuse (vocal score)
1026 Verdi I due Foscari (vocal score)
1027 Verdi Macbeth (vocal score)
1040 Costa Alma (Deux quadrilles arr.)
1108 Thomas Le caïd (vocal score) 1849
1112 Gottschalk Bamboula, Op.2
1137 Gottschalk Ossian, Op.4 1850
1145 Gottschalk Le Songe d’une nuit d’été, Op.9
1224 Thomas Raymond (vocal score)
1225 Thomas Raymond (overture full score)
1256 Verdi Jérusalem (vocal score)
1266 Forgues Grande tarentelle de concert, Op.6 1852
1299 Gounod Ulysse (vocal score) 1852
1370 Thomas La Tonelli 1853

Plate L.E.

Plate Composer Work Year
1790 Prudent Quatuor de Rigoletto arr., Op.61 1861
1863 Prudent Chant du lac tranquille, Op.58 1860
1920 Cohen Prière a la Madone 1861
1959 Prudent Etudes-Lieder, Op.60 [1860]
2239–44 Arban 14 Fantaisies sur les opéras de Verdi (1-6) 1863
2248 Prudent Les trois rêves, Op.67 (arr. solo piano) 1863
2250 Rummel Préludes mélodiques 1863
2253 Sivori Fantaisie sur 'Un ballo in maschera', Op.19 1863
2408 Ketterer Nuit d'Orient, Op.161 1865
2447 Ketterer Valse fantastique sur 'Macbeth', Op.168 (1865)
2542 Ketterer Marche arménienne, Op.183 (1865)
2754 Marmontel 3 Rêveries, Op.95 1867
2806-2809 Rummel 6 Récréations faciles sur des motifs de 'Don Carlos' (Nos.1-4) 1868
2813-2814 Rummel 6 Récréations faciles sur des motifs de 'Don Carlos' (Nos.5 & 6) 1868
2830 Godefroid Illustration sur 'La traviata', Op.145 1868
2944 Cohen 2 Romances sans paroles 1869
2971 Lhuillier Le cotillon 1869
3116 Poise Les deux billets (vocal score) 1870
3122 Lamotte Quadrille sur 'Les brigands', Op.740 1870
3175 Bazzoni Farfalla 1872
3219 Cœdès Une drôle de soirée 1872
3236 Wolff Les diablotines 1872
3340 Wolff Souvenir d'Auvergne, Op.316 1874
3373 Gouzien La jonque des amants 1874
3451 Lhuillier Le discret 1875
3524 Leybach Luisa Miller Fantaisie brillante, Op.201 1877
3596 Wolff Dernier soupir, Op.325 1876
5398 Verdi Requiem (Selections, arr. Adolphe Herman) 1874

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