Brè brè (Cottrau, Teodoro)

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 Synthesized performance
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MID file (audio/video)
Sergio De Liso (2013/12/26)



Publisher Info.:

Sergio De Liso, 2013


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 [tag/del]


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Sheet Music


 complete score
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PDF scanned by Bibl. Dig. Hispánica
Sergio De Liso (2014/2/19)

PMLP511132-Brè brè.pdf
Publisher Info.:

Naples: T. Cottrau, No.16317, n.d.


Public Domain [tag/del]


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General Information

Work Title Brè brè
Alternative Title Ritornello popolare
Composer Cottrau, Teodoro
Key B major
Movements/Sections 1
Language Italian
Average Duration 2 minutes
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation voice, piano
Related Works "A la guerra!", included in the collection Eco di Napoli - No.44 - by Vincenzo de Meglio (listed as Anonymous, with Neapolitan lyrics and a bit different piano part).

Misc. Comments

Though a "ritournelle" is a 17th century dance, it was in quick triple time. This song is in a fast 6/8, which would have a triple feel, and although a century or two later than the dance form, it could be argued that this is a descendant of it.

Probably the key in the score is wrong: it should be B -

no, not really! It is arguably in E-flat but ends on the dominant (see e.g. 2nd movement of Beethoven sym.8). (That, or is in B-flat with a heavy 7th-tone influence. I'll hum it soon and see which interpretation makes more sense. Please use the K template, though, not the Key, when doing that- Key should only be used once, for the "decided" key of a work, K for interim keys or for keys being discussed in, well, a discussion- because K formats while Key also adds the page to a category (e.g. all pages in the collection of pages in E-flat/B-flat major)...
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