Album d'Andrucha, Op.133 (Grechaninov, Aleksandr)

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Sheet Music


 Incomplete Score (No.6 is missing) (CA)
#270506 - 0.53MB, 12 pp. -  2.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (1- V/27/27

PDF scanned by Unknown
Lisztrachmanino... (2013/2/20)

Publisher Info.:

Paris: Max Eschig, 1933, n.p.


Paris: Éditions Durand, n.d. Plate DF 15763


Public Domain - Non-PD US, Non-PD EU [tag/del]


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General Information

Work Title Album d'Andrucha
Alternative Title Andrusha's Album ; Andruchas Album ; 10 Easy Pieces for Piano ; 10 pièces faciles pour piano
Composer Grechaninov, Aleksandr
Opus/Catalogue Number Op.133
Movements/Sections 10 pieces:
  1. Ancienne chansonnette enfantine (bouquetin gris) —
    Old Children's Song — Altes Kinderlied (F major)
  2. Le Petit Rêveur — Little Dreamer — Der kleine Traümer (C major)
  3. La Polissonne — Naughty Girl — Kleine Schelmin (A minor)
  4. Le Petit Élégant — Little Elegant — Der kleine Elegant Herr (E major)
  5. Danse des poissons d'or — The Dance of the Gold Fishes — Tanz der Goldfische (D major)
  6. Le Saltimbanque — The Mountebank — Der Gaukler (?)
  7. Cavalier galant — Gallant Cavalier — Galanter Kavalier (F major)
  8. Mon petit chien Joujou — My Little Dog Joujou — Mein kleiner Hund Joujou (C major)
  9. Invitation à la promenade — Invitation to a Walk — Aufforderung zur Promenade (D major)
  10. Tout le monde danse — Children's Dance — Kinderreigen (A major)
Year/Date of Composition 1933
First Publication 1933 (Durand)
Composer Time Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation Piano
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