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Viennese publisher, whose earliest publications carried the imprint Rebay & Robitschek and appeared as early as the 1860s if not earlier. (Rebay was probably Ferdinand Rebay Sr. (1851–1914, whose son Ferdinand Rebay (Jr.) (1880–1953) studied with a composer who early on chose Robitschek as his primary publisher, Robert Fuchs.) This publisher changed its name sometime during the 1890s, it seems.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
3472 Fuchs Andante grazioso and Capriccio, Op.63 (full score) 1900
3953 Fuchs Piano Trio No.2, Op.72 1903
4051 Fuchs Piano Quartet No.2, Op.75 1905
4275 Fuchs Symphony No.3, Op.79 (full score) 1907
4462–63 Fuchs 7 Intermezzi, Op.82 1908
4513 Fuchs Cello Sonata No.2, Op.83 1909
4544 Fuchs Viola Sonata, Op.86 1909
4620 Fuchs Piano Sonata No.2, Op.88 1910
4865 Fuchs 12 Waltzes for Violin and Piano, Op.92 1911
4923 Fuchs String Trio, Op.94 (parts) 1912
4983 Fuchs 3 Pieces for Double Bass and Piano, Op.96 1913
5041 Fuchs Mariae Himmelfahrt, Op.100 (v.s. red. by Rebay Jr.?) 1914
5169 Ascher Was tut man nicht alles aus liebe (vocal score) 1915
5402 Fuchs Clarinet Quintet, Op.102 (parts) 1919
5406 Fuchs String Quartet No.4, Op.106 (parts) 1925
5409 Fuchs Piano Sonata No.3, Op.109 1919
5493 Fuchs Waltzes, Op.110 1919
5758 Fuchs Tautropfen, Op.112 1924


Rebay & Robitschek (R&R)

Plate Composer Work Year
0339–340 Brüll 2 Scherzi, Op.20
0341 Brüll Sonata for 2 Pianos, Op.21 1890
0673–674 Reinhold Miniatures, Op.41 1884
0782 Mandyczewski Rumänische Lieder, Op.7 1885
0864b Perger String Quartet No.1, Op.8 (parts) 1886
0918 Mögele, Franz Die Hölle, das Fegefeuer u. der Himmel, Op.21 ( 1886
1093 Perger String Quintet, Op.10 (parts) 1887
1150 Schytte Lyriske Smaastykker, Op.55 1888
1151 Schytte Miniatures, Op.56 1888
1373 Wagner, Josef F. Gigerl-Marsch, Op.150 (Zither-arr, by Paschinger) 1889
2000 Christinus, Karl R. Rasch voran, Polka-Chor, Op.48 (piano reduction) 1893

Authority control

  • VIAF (Robitschek, Adolf)
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