Adagio in E major, K.261 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

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 Complete Score
#363676 - 0.92MB, 7 pp. -  10.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (1- V/V/V - 564x

PDF scanned by PL-LZu
Cypressdome (2015/2/1)

PMLP479136-WAMozart Adagio, K.261 MWS12B1N6.pdf

Ernst Rudorff (1840–1916)

Publisher Info.:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts Werke, Serie XII:
Concerte für die Violine mit Orchester, Bd.1, No.6
(pp.1-5 (145-149))
Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1881. Plate W.A.M. 261.


Public Domain [tag/del]

Misc. Notes:

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 Complete Score (EU)
#316138 - 2.15MB, 8 pp. -  8.0/10 2 4 6 8 10 (6- C*/N*/V* - 3706x

PDF scanned by Digital Mozart Ed.
Double sharp (2014/2/17)


Christoph-Hellmut Mahling

Publisher Info.:

Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, Serie V, Werkgruppe 14,
Violinkonzerte und Einzelsätze
[NMA V/14/1]
Kassel: Bärenreiter-Verlag, 1983. Plate BA 4582.

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Public Domain - Non-PD US [tag/del]


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Arrangements and Transcriptions

For Violin and Piano (Klengel)

 Piano score and violin part (EU)
#295450 - 0.78MB, 8 pp. -  4.7/10 2 4 6 8 10 (9- V/22/V - 5774x

PDF scanned by Schalltrichter
Schalltrichter (2013/9/10)

Moz Ron v p cov.jpg

Paul Klengel (1854–1935)

Publisher Info.:

Adagio und zwei Rondos für Violine und Orchester
Leipzig: Edition Peters, No.3827, 1926. Plate 10481.


Public Domain - Non-PD US [tag/del]


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General Information

Work Title Adagio in E major
Alternative Title
Composer Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Opus/Catalogue Number K.261
Key E major
Movements/Sections 1
Year/Date of Composition 1776
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation Solo: violin
Orchestra: 2 flutes, 2 horns (E), strings
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Misc. Comments

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