50 Beethoven Studies (Pauer, Ernst)

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Timtin (2012/3/7)

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Publisher Info.:

London: Augener, Ed.8285, n.d. Plate 10473.


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General Information

Work Title 50 Beethoven Studies
Alternative Title 50 Special and Preparatory Studies for the pianoforte intended as an assistance to a thoroughly artistic performance of Beethoven's Sonatas
Composer Pauer, Ernst
Movements/Sections 50 pieces
  1. Sonata No.1 (Op.2, No.1)
  2. Sonata No.1 (Op.2, No.1)
  3. Sonata No.2 (Op.2, No.2)
  4. Sonata No.2 (Op.2, No.2)
  5. Sonata No.2 (Op.2, No.2)
  6. Sonata No.3 (Op.2, No.3)
  7. Sonata No.3 (Op.2, No.3)
  8. Sonata No.3 (Op.2, No.3)
  9. Sonata No.4 (Op.7)
  10. Sonata No.4 (Op.7)
  11. Sonata No.5 (Op.10, No.1)
  12. Sonata No.5 (Op.10, No.1)
  13. Sonata No.5 (Op.10, No.1)
  14. Sonata No.6 (Op.10, No.2)
  15. Sonata No.6 (Op.10, No.2)
  16. Sonata No.7 (Op.10, No.3)
  17. Sonata No.7 (Op.10, No.3)
  18. Sonata No.8 (Op.13)
  19. Sonata No.8 (Op.13)
  20. Sonata No.9 (Op.14, No.1)
  21. Sonata No.10 (Op.14, No.2)
  22. Sonata No.10 (Op.14, No.2)
  23. Sonata No.11 (Op.22)
  24. Sonata No.11 (Op.22)
  25. Sonata No.11 (Op.22)
  26. Sonata No.12 (Op.26)
  27. Sonata No.13 (Op.27, No.1)
  28. Sonata No.13 (Op.27, No.1)
  29. Sonata No.14 (Op.27, No.2)
  30. Sonata No.15 (Op.28)
  31. Sonata No.15 (Op.28)
  32. Sonata No.16 (Op.31, No.1)
  33. Sonata No.16 (Op.31, No.1)
  34. Sonata No.16 (Op.31, No.1)
  35. Sonata No.17 (Op.31, No.2)
  36. Sonata No.17 (Op.31, No.2)
  37. Sonata No.18 (Op.31, No.3)
  38. Sonata No.18 (Op.31, No.3)
  39. Sonata No.18 (Op.31, No.3)
  40. Sonata No.21 (Op.53)
  41. Sonata No.21 (Op.53)
  42. Sonata No.22 (Op.54)
  43. Sonata No.22 (Op.54)
  44. Sonata No.23 (Op.57)
  45. Sonata No.23 (Op.57)
  46. Sonata No.24 (Op.78)
  47. Sonata No.24 (Op.78)
  48. Sonata No.26 (Op.81a)
  49. Sonata No.26 (Op.81a)
  50. Sonata No.27 (Op.90)
Composer Time Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation Piano
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